Binn Éadair – Lúghnasa, 2011

In celebration of the Féile Lúghnasa, a climb to the summit of Binn Éadair (Howth) ‘The Summit of Éadar’, and the Suí Finn ‘Seat of Fionn’, one of the elevated sites where Fionn mac Cumhaill and Na Fianna kept watch in days of yore (if you believe the Fiannaíocht and Dinnsheanchas). A ritual climb to a hill or mountain … Continue reading

Féile Lúghnasa

  Well its that time of the year again and the important Celtic Irish holiday of Lúghnasa, the Feast of Lúgh, is upon us. Beginning from sunset today until sunset tomorrow it is the ancient harvest celebration in the native Irish calendar, and this year RTÉ is miraculously (!) marking it with a series of TV programmes, headlined by Lúghnasa Live: … Continue reading

David Norris And A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Well it would seem that David Norris has more or less destroyed his own Presidential chances after a series of revelations over his private views, and private actions, have left supporters dropping away left, right and centre. As RTÉ reports: ‘Senator David Norris has said he will continue to seek a Presidential nomination, but has admitted his … Continue reading

Imre Makovecz And The Wonders of Organic Architecture

One of my favourite architects is also one of Europe’s least known, Hungary’s Imre Makovecz, a proponent of organic architecture who has created some of the most distinctive, beautiful and humanistic buildings to be found anywhere in the world. An article in the Guardian from 2004 gives an excellent summation: ‘Makovecz, born in 1935 and educated in Budapest, was himself imprisoned at the time of … Continue reading

Scottish And British, Like Swedish And Scandinavian?

For some intellectualising on the SNP MP Pete Wishart and his what ‘Britishness’ could mean in an independent Scotland there’s none better than the Lallands Peat Worrier to supply it.

An Bhreatain Bheag – Little Britain

WalesHome carries an interesting article on language apartheid in the nation (which originally appeared here): ‘WE OFTEN hear that Wales is too divided as a country. This could be said to be true – The Gogs, the Hwntws, the Cardis and the Valleys folk – but are we truly divided on language? Many often purposely … Continue reading

Gaelic Scotland And Anglo Ireland

Some good news from Scotland for our fellow Gaels as the Scottish government announces further funding for Scottish language film production: ‘First Minister Alex Salmond has announced funding of almost £40,000 to help train entrants to the 12-to-17-year-old category in this year’s FilmG competition. FilmG is MG ALBA’s short film competition, which aims to uncover … Continue reading

Bertie Ahern: Grotesque, Unbelievable, Bizarre, Unprecedented

News from the Irish Independent on former An Taoiseach na Chófra, Bertie Ahern, and his flourishing new career out of office (and Ireland): ‘FORMER Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is charging American companies a fortune to present a new lecture — about how he transformed our economy in the Celtic Tiger boom. The man targeted by many as the architect of our crippling recession, … Continue reading

Splintered Hari

Occasional, but always excellent, Irish blogger Splintered Sunrise (whose real identity is known to many) tackles the thorny subject of disgraced British journalist Johann Hari again, and in his usual inimitable style: ‘To summarise, what Johann Hari has admitted to, and apologised for, is that in a handful of his long-form interviews, he’s occasionally used a quote … Continue reading

Alan Moore And The League In 1969

The Guardian holds an excellent Q&A with comics’ writer Alan Moore, one of the modern doyens of the genre, focusing in particular on his series of comics and graphic novels beginning with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and how he views the third volume in the saga: ‘When we started the third volume of League, we got a vague idea … Continue reading

The Defence Forces of Scotland

A good article over on Better Nation discussing the security (for which read, military) future of an independent Scotland: ‘One of the few strong attractions of independence for me is the chance to backpedal on our island’s collective delusions of grandeur and to better reflect Scottish thinking in our policies – that we don’t rule … Continue reading

An IKEA Britain?

Interesting article in the Scotsman on the electoral troubles of the Liberal Democrats in Scotland (that I previously discussed here) and one possible solution from journalist Brian Monteith: ‘I wrote before the May election that the Liberal Democrats should launch their manifesto using the name Liberal Party so that they could call upon their fine tradition as a … Continue reading

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