Black Provos – The ANC And The IRA

One of the more famous descriptions to have emerged in the last thirty years for the former ANC leader and South African president Nelson Mandela came from Frank Miller, a senior Ulster Unionist Party politician in the north-east of Ireland, who dismissed Mandela as a ‘black Provo‘ (in other words a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army or … Continue reading

The Independent Newspaper – Defending The Indefensible

Two weeks ago I was amongst the first online bloggers and commentators to highlight a book review by the British journalist Roger Lewis in the right wing Daily Mail newspaper where he described the Welsh language as a ‘monkey language’ and claimed that Welsh speakers were turning Wales into a ‘foreign country’. The controversy that blew up … Continue reading

Sitting At The Back Of The Bus – But Not For Much Longer…

The Irish language on TV3? Well not quiet. Ever since TV3 snatched away the exclusive broadcast rights to the GAA’s All-Ireland Minor Championship finals in hurling and football there has been considerable controversy over the British-owned television channel’s ambiguous responses on whether or not it would continue to broadcast the games in Irish, following on … Continue reading

Scottish – A Modern Language For A Modern Nation

In the Scotsman newspaper John Campbell challenges the Scottish Government to build on the high level of acceptance and support for the native Scottish language displayed in a recent public survey after many decades of indifference or hostility within the general populace: ‘The news that Gaelic enjoys considerable public support will enrage some detractors whose hostility has polarised discussion … Continue reading

Jamie Bevan, Welsh Rights Activist, Jailed By British Authorities

News from Wales that Jamie Bevan, a Welsh rights activist with Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society), is to be imprisoned by the British authorities for seven days. According to Wales Online: ‘A WELSH language campaigner has been sent to jail for refusing to comply with his sentence for breaking into an MP’s office to protest … Continue reading

Welcome To An Irish Ireland?

In Ireland we have the insane situation where a nation with its own native language has named the features of its landscape in that native language yet in our daily lives we are frequently forced to use the often bizarre Anglicised versions of those native names to suit the prejudices of some vociferous bigots in the Anglophone … Continue reading

The Irish And Scottish Languages – A Union Of Hearts And Minds

For all you fellow Gaelic Republicans out there, some more good news, this time via the Belfast Telegraph: ‘A cultural centre renowned for promoting the Irish language in Belfast has started classes in Scottish Gaelic. The Ormeau Road venue An Droichead, which is Irish for The Bridge, has formed links between nationalists, unionists and diverse … Continue reading

The Labour Party And The Official IRA – They Haven’t Gone Away, You Know

The hijacking of the leadership of the Irish Labour Party by Official Sinn Féin / Official IRA Sinn Féin the Workers Party / Official IRA the Workers Party / Official IRA / Group B Democratic Left in the 1990s is one of the great putsches of Irish political history. The sequence of events are clear enough. In the late 1960s the higher echelons … Continue reading

Banking With Menaces

I really don’t know what Resistance Republicans have against Spanish banks in Ireland. Maybe its some feeling of solidarity with the people of the Spanish-ruled Basque Country? But the Basques are politically on the up-and-up at the moment, so maybe not. It could be that they’re thinking of moving into the finance business and are using more, um, direct methods to take out … Continue reading

Alba – The Early Days Of A Better Nation

I have written many times before about the exceptional resurgence in Scotland of the Scottish language, especially amongst young Scots and urban dwellers, from a period when indifference or hostility towards the language was general throughout the population. With the SNP promoting Scottish as Scotland’s national language after decades of the party paying little heed to it (a sea-change in no small part down to the strategic vision of Alex Salmond and his … Continue reading

At Home Amongst The Bretons

So far I’ve carried little news on our Celtic cousins in Breizh (Brittany) and I’ve been taken to task for it by a number of you. The difficulties faced by the Breton people in the struggle to assert their national identity and culture in the face of a hostile French state means relatively little news of a Celtic Nationalist … Continue reading

The SNP – The Trouble With Christians

I recently examined the tabling of a motion in the Scottish parliament by the SNP’s John Mason essentially opposing legislation for same-sex marriages in Scotland. It stirred up quiet a hornets’ nest and the trouble is still simmering away over yonder. The Lalland Peat Worrier, blogger par excellence, examines the latest rumblings in his inimical style: ‘Most of you won’t … Continue reading

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