The Real World Value Of Ireland’s Indigenous Language And Culture

Numerous experts in the area of language tourism have pointed to the failure of the Irish state to promote and exploit Ireland’s indigenous language and culture to encourage would-be Irish learners from Europe, North America and elsewhere to visit the country. Instead it has been left to a host of ad hoc, mostly voluntary groups … Continue reading

No 11% Has The Right To Fix The Boundary Of A Nation

According to the Irish Examiner the North’s deputy Joint First Minister, Martin McGuinness, has called for a northern referendum on the reunification of Ireland to take place sometime between 2016 and 2021, as Sinn Féin stages a series of conferences on the political and economic benefits of unification. “In the party’s most explicit outlining of a vote … Continue reading

Less The Bomb And Bullet, More The Pound And Pence

Vote Independence, get the dole? That seems to be the message from the Scottish entrepreneur Michelle Mone who’s threatened to close her businesses in Scotland and move southward to England if a majority in the country vote to reassert their nation’s sovereignty. According to an article in the Scotsman newspaper: “SCOTTISH entrepreneur Michelle Mone has said she will … Continue reading

Latest Poll: 51% Favour Scottish Independence

According to a Sunday Express poll 51% of the voters in Scotland now support independence, the first time this percentage has been reached in a survey conducted on behalf of a national newspaper in the UK. “A CLEAR majority of people in Scotland now back independence, according to an exclusive poll for the Sunday Express. In the … Continue reading

Enda “My Oirish Brings All The Paddies To The Yard” Kenny Strikes Yet Again!

An Taoiseach na nOirish, Enda “Paddy Wants To Know” Kenny, strikes again. A man who personifies everything that is “Oirland”, a pathetic Anglo-American wannabe nation. So stick your Ireland, I’ll take Éire.

Let Us Never Forget – World Holocaust Memorial Day

Today is World Holocaust Memorial Day, and it would be wrong to let it pass without comment. Though human history has witnessed many atrocious events in its time few equal the industrialised mass murder of millions of men, women and children that took place in the centre and eastern fringes of Europe in the mid-20th century. Here is a link to an article from … Continue reading

Plaid Cymru On The Up

Plaid Cymru has reported a 23% increase in membership over the last four months as the party’s leadership contest has stirred up new interest in the future direction of the Welsh nationalist movement. The possibility that it may move away from its traditional regionalist policy towards a more progressive form of nationalism, influenced by the electoral successes of the SNP in Scotland, seems to be a … Continue reading

Cornwall Awakening

To my shame I’ve written relatively little about the nationalist movement in Cornwall, in some ways the almost forgotten nation of the modern Celtic world, but an article in the Guardian thankfully highlights some of the more recent political developments there: “When Loveday Jenkin was growing up, the Cornish flag was rarely seen. Now the white cross on a … Continue reading

From Königsberg To Kaliningrad – The Mutable Nature Of European Borders

  A fascinating article from Der Spiegel on the visit of the veteran 81 year old German and Hollywood actor Armin Mueller-Stahl to the city of his birth in what was once the German territory of East Prussia but is now the Russian region of Kaliningrad. His former hometown of Tilsit has been called Sovetsk for the last six … Continue reading

Scottish Troubles?

Two weeks ago I reported on calls by some politicians from the British (Unionist) minority in Ireland, notably former senior UUP leader John Taylor, for any future independent Scotland to be “partitioned” in order to ensure that those regions with a significant pro-British voting population were retained in the “United Kingdom”. Taylor’s exact words were: “Northern Ireland is not … Continue reading

Irish Rights Are Equals Rights – So Fight Back!

Over the last several months I have regularly highlighted the alarm felt by many in Ireland and beyond over the Fine Gael-Labour government’s attitudes to the Irish language and the Irish-speaking population of Ireland (and those who identify with both). It has become clear that the discriminatory policies adopted by Fine Gael in opposition have been carried over into government and with the connivance of … Continue reading

Native America, Native Ireland And The Culture Of Anti-Colonial Conflict

Interesting article by Native American activist Lawrence Sampson on Ireland, the United States and the culture of anti-colonial conflict – and the influences it leaves behind. “Most American Indians can tell you first hand of the litany of violent campaigns conducted on Indian land over the course of the last generation. While mainstream America and the … Continue reading

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