A New Look For An Sionnach Fionn

An Idirlíon

You may have noticed a few changes in the layout of An Sionnach Fionn today though hopefully they are not too dramatic. Why the changes? Simply a case of trying to meet reader demands. Since the start of the year the number of visitors to ASF has shot up with around 30% of those coming … Continue reading

Vote An Sionnach Fionn

Reynard the Fox

Nice to hear that An Sionnach Fionn has been nominated for three separate categories in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 (the same number as last year, so I must be doing something right!). The categories are “Best Political/Current Affairs/News”, “Best Mobile Compatible” and “Best Blog Post” (for the article “Chief Superintendent Harry Breen, What You … Continue reading


  On the list of occasional workplace chores that HR departments and managerial teams feel the need to inflict upon their employees surely the two worse offenders are the team-building day (an oxymoron if ever there was one) and those buy-in training courses that confine you to an anodyne hotel conference room with people you probably … Continue reading

Ní Neart Go Cur Le Chéile

Have an opinion? Passionate about politics or current affairs? What to let others know about it? An Sionnach Fionn is a grain of sand on the shifting beach that is the world wide web. However all things are relative and this particular grain has accumulated quite a following over the last three years. So if … Continue reading

Tá Brón Orm

Apologies to all those who have contacted me in the last couple of weeks and who are still waiting for a reply. You are not being ignored, I am simply flat-out in my non-ASF job (the one that keeps the wolf from the door). I will try and reply when I can. Lots to say, … Continue reading

Nollaig Shona Daoibh, A Chairde

A very happy Christmas to all my readers, both near and far.

Drool Cars

As I face up to the troubling fact that wanting a certain type of car is not the same as being able to afford a certain type of car, along comes Digital D-Tour with these Californian specimens of automotive beauty. Sigh…

An Sionnach Fionn – 400,000 And Rising

A quick post to note that after two-and-a-half years of existence An Sionnach Fionn has now passed 400,000 views, the majority achieved in the last eighteen months. For a website expressing progressive Republican views on an island nation where such opinions are regarded as strictly verboten by much of the media establishment I am quite … Continue reading

Blog Awards Ireland 2013 Nominee

Just to let you know that An Sionnach Fionn has been nominated for two categories in this year’s Blog Awards Ireland 2013: “Best Politics Blog” and “Best Personal Blog”. Thanks to all those who nominated me and to everyone who reads, comments and links to An Sionnach Fionn. Go raibh maith agat, a charide.

Discussing Irish Politics – Or The Lack Thereof

Some interesting views expressed underneath a post by WorldByStorm over on the Cedar Lounge Revolution: Do Irish people instinctively understand that Irish unity, independence and sovereignty is in their vital interest? The answer of course is how could they when so much of the Dublin media establishment actively promotes a disdain for all of the … Continue reading

Two Years Of An Sionnach Fionn

An Sionnach Fionn, “The White Fox”, was set up on the first of May 2011 as a personal blog where I hoped to express my various interests online. I intended it to record my years of study into Irish and Celtic literature, mythology and folklore. My interlinked passions for history, archaeology, architecture, art, photography, technology, … Continue reading

Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise Daoibh Go Léir

Well another year has all but passed for An Sionnach Fionn, which has now seen some 20 months of existence. My very first post went up on the 15th of May, 2011, and there have been 644 posts and articles since then, not to mention 121 permanent pages of reviews, studies and other resources. I have had 1239 Comments … Continue reading

  • blog awards ireland Nominated 2013: Best Politics, Personal Blog Categories; Best Blog Post
  • blog awards ireland

    Nominated 2014: Best News, Current Affairs, Politics, Mobile Blog Categories; Best Blog Post


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