Joan Burton Burns Rubber

An officer of the Garda Public Order Unit or riot squad, An Garda Síochána, Ireland

Talking of unfinished revolutions we learn this evening that Joan Burton, Tánaiste, minster for social protection and Labour Party leader, was trapped in a Garda jeep during a visit to Tallaght with dozens of Gardaí – including members of the Public Order Unit or riot squad – standing between her and several hundred anti-water tax protesters. After two … Continue reading

Liberal Unionist Anna Lo Supports A Reunited Ireland

When a senior politician from a party representing the moderate British Unionist or pro-Union vote in the north-east of the country publicly acknowledges the colonial origins of “Northern Ireland” and the logic of Irish reunification then you know that we are truly progressing towards a better future. From the Irish Times: “Unionist parties moved quickly … Continue reading


On the streets of Droichead Átha, the very definition of flannbhuí. And a beautiful example it is.

Barrel Bombs, The Terror From Above

Over on the Brown Moses blog Richard M. Lloyd has a lengthy examination of the technology behind the so-called barrel bombs as used by the al-Assad forces in Syria’s civil war. He makes some crucial points about the primitive nature of these munitions: “The Syrian government over the last year has supplemented it’s traditional conventional … Continue reading

Drool Cars

As I face up to the troubling fact that wanting a certain type of car is not the same as being able to afford a certain type of car, along comes Digital D-Tour with these Californian specimens of automotive beauty. Sigh…

Back With A Bang, Not A Whimper

A busy few days occupied with the internal workings of PCs and TVs (not to mention some hill-walking thrown in for good measure) so apologies to the many (many!) people who noted my absence. For now just a quick post to note an excellent piece by Bangordub on “We In Coming Days” touching upon an … Continue reading

Vintage American Cars. Good Golly Miss Molly!

Since I’ve gone the personal route today some more revelations. I love cars: fast cars and old cars (unfortunately the two don’t always go together – unless one earns considerably more money than I do). Combine that with photography and you have the perfect blog posting, as aptly illustrated over on CR Cooper Photography. Enjoy…     Related articles … Continue reading

Some More Classic Cars

A little break from the usual mix of politics and culture. Urban Speed Car Meet, a reposting from Red Stripe Adventure, for all you classic car lovers out there. Okay, me!

Classic Cars – Stateside…

Classic cars… DROOL… . .. Hmmm…Memorial Day weekend & very ominous skies don’t make the most inviting scenario to drive your classic. But I must say, we had a great turn out if not in sheer numbers, but in the breadth of quality classics. Even Mitra left her post at Café Aroma to admire the … Continue reading

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