A’ Seinn An Aghaidh Na Balbhachd

A quick thank you to regular contributor Marconatrix for an email reminder of this 2012 video-documentary from Michael Newton, A’ Seinn an aghaidh na Balbhachd “Singing against the Silence”, examining the Scottish (Scottish Gaelic) language in Nova Scotia and Canada. It’s well worth half an hour of your time.  

Germany’s Ultra Left – Getting It Wrong Again

An update for you on the controversy surrounding the banning of the bilingual Scottish punk band Oi Polloi from a music festival in eastern Germany organised by a Left-Wing socio-cultural collective. The reason for the ban? Because Oi Polloi performs songs with lyrics in Scottish Gaelic as well as English and for some on the… Read More Germany’s Ultra Left – Getting It Wrong Again

Celtic Europe, Battling Bigotry From Left And Right

There is an influential theory held by an extremist minority on the Far Left of European politics which opposes a plurality of languages and cultures in Europe because it impedes (as they would claim) the development of a common group identity amongst the working classes on the continent, an identity that that would transcend historic… Read More Celtic Europe, Battling Bigotry From Left And Right

German Music Festival Bans Gaelic-Punk Group?

Some surprising news from Scotland’s well-known anarcho-punk band Oi Polloi, a bilingual group who produce songs with both English and Scottish Gaelic lyrics. They have issued a statement on their Facebook Page claiming that the organisers of a music festival in Germany have objected to the band playing Scottish language songs and cancelled their planned gig.… Read More German Music Festival Bans Gaelic-Punk Group?

Raven, Swordmistress Of Chaos, Chris Achilléos

Chris Achilléos is a Cypriot-born British artist who came to prominence in the 1970s and ‘80s with illustrations for a large number of books and magazines in the Fantasy and Sword ‘n’ Sorcery genres. Instantly recognisable for his exquisitely rendered female figures, invariably beautiful, frequently belligerent, he became widely known amongst fans through several best-selling… Read More Raven, Swordmistress Of Chaos, Chris Achilléos

June Summer Solstice Session At Séamus Ennis Cultural Centre

Another quick post, this time on behalf of the Séamus Ennis Cultural Centre which is holding a Summer Solstice Session in June from Friday 21st to Sunday the 23rd as part of the so-called Gathering (I’ll maintain a diplomatic silence on the latter event). The Cultural Centre in An Aill (the Naul, Fingal) is a great venue and well… Read More June Summer Solstice Session At Séamus Ennis Cultural Centre

Some Quick Posts

First up a review in the Irish Times of the new TG4/BBC co-production, the comedy-drama “Scúp”, penned by Irish author and screenwriter Colin Bateman (the man behind the mid-2000s BBC hit “Murphy’s Law”): “From reporters having to beg for their salaries to the canny deployment of question marks in headlines to see off libel accusations,… Read More Some Quick Posts

Ceol Ar An Imeall

Ceol ar an Imeall, TG4’s indie music show, is back tonight at 23.00 on TG4. Lots of Irish bands performing live in studio plus interviews with a host of international acts. A whole gaggle of performances for Ceol ar an Imeall are available to watch for free here. Enjoy! Follow Ceol ar an Imeall on Facebook or Twitter.

Gráinne Holland – Teanga na nGael

In a shameless rip-off of the Cedar Lounge Revolution here is my own “Something For The Weekend“. Belfast’s Gráinne Holland is one of Ireland’s most talented new musical artists. Her innovative 2011 album Teanga na nGael (“Language of the Gael”) combines traditional Irish music with a European sound that echoes elements of pop, jazz and several other influences. It say’s much… Read More Gráinne Holland – Teanga na nGael


Scottish blogger Tocasaid has an excellent article on Scotland’s punk rock scene and the group Dùisg (“Rise, awake”): “Compared to the Basque Country or even our Celtic cousins in Cymru, Scotland has a paucity of bands composing new material in her own language. Fortunately though, one of them is a well kent face on the international stage.… Read More Dùisg!

So What’cha What’cha What Ya Want

Genuinely saddened to hear of the passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch, certainly one of the voices of my generation. From the Guardian: “Rapper Adam Yauch, a third of the trailblazing hip-hop act the Beastie Boys, has died aged 47. Yauch, who performed as MCA, had been in treatment for cancer since 2009 after discovering a tumor in his parotid gland. The band’s management posted… Read More So What’cha What’cha What Ya Want

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru – Oireachtas Náisiúnta na Breataine Bige

The people of Wales have been marking the celebration of their native language and culture in this year’s Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru or the National Eisteddfod of Wales. For the last week festivities focusing on literature, poetry, art and music have been held in Wrecsam (Wrexham) with nearly 150,000 people in attendance. As the BBC reports: ‘Organisers of the National Eisteddfod… Read More Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru – Oireachtas Náisiúnta na Breataine Bige