The Politics Of Brutal Bruton

John Redmond The British Ventriloquist

Former Fine Gael leader and arch Euro-federalist John Bruton is generally regarded as the most economically right-wing Taoiseach Ireland has had in living memory. His term of office in the mid-1990s was pretty poor even by the mediocre standards of Irish politics, not helped by his obvious pro-British sympathies and antipathy to the emerging détente in … Continue reading

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The Big Bang Theory

Like lambs to the slaughter Seán and Síle Citizen trots forward eager to taste the sweet green grass of domestic recovery, attracted by the repeated cries of the establishment: the good times are coming back! However don’t raise your heads from engorging your bellies or you might see those thunderclouds on the horizon and feel the first … Continue reading

Ireland Spends More Money On Non-Irish Translations

In case you missed it (because you know the newspapers aren’t going to report this one), from RTÉ: “New figures show that Government departments spent more than €1m on translation costs last year. However, less than half of this was spent on translating documents into the Irish language. The figures show that the Department of … Continue reading

The Mafiaization Of Ireland

Every journalist in the world is influenced one way or another by his or her personal beliefs and values. Simple common sense tells us that and to be frank would we want news reporters who serve as little more than conveyor-belts of information? However the line between “influence” and “acting in accordance with” is a … Continue reading

Let Them Eat Cake!

Given the dominance of Ireland’s news media by an incestuous group of like-minded individuals espousing a right-wing, moral-free ideology is anyone really surprised by this? From Julien Mercille at the Social Europe Journal: “A study of Irish press coverage of austerity between 2008 and 2012 conducted at University College Dublin confirms that the media have … Continue reading

Enda Kenny – Mister Ten Percent

From his state o’ chassis address, Enda Kenny TD, leader of Fine Gael and Taoiseach na hÉireann: “Two years ago, the Irish people gave Fine Gael and the Labour Party a clear mandate to take the necessary decisions to achieve economic recovery and get Ireland working again. Our plan is working. People’s hard work and … Continue reading

No Irish-Speakers

Following the news yesterday that several hundred jobs are to be lost as three companies reduce or cease their operations in Ireland (one of which will have a major impact in the local economy of north Dublin) one might imagine that the potential for up to 200 new jobs for Irish citizens would be greeted … Continue reading

The Daily Lucinda

When the journalists and editors of a right-wing media cartel start campaigning for the creation of a political party to reflect their “values” one should take note. Even more so when it is done under the guise of “reformist” rhetoric designed to cover a far more sinister, socially Darwinist agenda. From the Irish Independent newspaper: … Continue reading

An Island Nation Once Called Ireland

Following on from my post here on the government plans to demolish uninhabited housing estates left behind by the evaporation of the economic mirage that was the so-called Celtic Tiger comes this news from the Irish Times newspaper: “Ireland has gone from having the highest net immigration levels in Europe to the highest net emigration … Continue reading

Socio-Economic Cleansing – The Irish Way Of Doing Things

So the Fine Oibre government is considering demolishing forty of the ”worse” ghost estates in the country. From the Journal: “The vast majority of the estates being considered are in rural areas and would not be suitable for either sale or for social housing as there are no local facilities or employment prospects.” Read that … Continue reading

Ireland’s Realpolitik

From the Irish Independent newspaper an example of how the establishment in Ireland, political, media, business and judicial, differentiates between the revolutionaries it approves of or co-opts (the good “terrorists”) while rejecting as anathema the revolutionaries its disapproves of (the bad “terrorists”): “OFFICIAL IRA members went on a top-secret training mission to North Korea, where … Continue reading

Eat The Old

Back in September the, an online Irish news and current affairs website, held a poll asking its readers if they believed in global warming. Leaving aside the idiocy of asking the question in the first place (where have these people been for the last decade?) only 44% of those who took part in the … Continue reading

End Times In The United States

While some in the United States believe their nation is perched on the cusp of a very literal biblical apocalypse (step forward congresswoman Michelle “End Times” Bachmann) others seem intent on recreating an old struggle in a new century. From David Sirota’s article on Salon: “Thanks to a confluence of three events, the S-word — … Continue reading

Ireland’s Economy Or The Story Of The Lying Liars Who Lied

Ireland is officially out of its economic recession. Well, that is the somewhat tendentious claim made by the majority of the Irish news media over the last 48 hours in one of the more bizarre PR spins we’ve seen in recent times. The reports are based upon a statement from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) detailing … Continue reading

New Monument Discovered At Brú Na Bóinne

Ireland’s Brú na Bóinne (“Palace of the Bóinn”) is generally regarded as holding north-western Europe’s greatest concentration of intact prehistoric monuments with the main burial mound of Sí an Bhrú (“Otherworld Residence of the Palace”) dating to 3200 CE. It has been poured over by antiquarians, historians and archaeologists for centuries so it is a bit of … Continue reading

Let Them Eat Cake!

In relation to the controversial government legislation covering personal bankruptcy (the Personal Insolvency Act 2012), the transcript of the following radio interview by RTÉ journalist Mary Wilson with Jim Stafford, a Personal Insolvency Practitioner or PIP, is astonishing (via CLR): “Mary Wilson reads an email sent by a listener asking: What happens to my home … Continue reading

Ireland’s Export-Based Economy – Emigration, Emigration, Emigration

From Middle Class Political Economist: “July 31 saw the latest release of European Union unemployment numbers, and Monday’s gross domestic product figures brought no joy, especially for Greece. As Think Progress reports, Greek unemployment hit a new record of 27.6 % in May, while Spain’s June unemployment figure was 26.3%, according to Eurostat. But, wait! you say. What … Continue reading

Facing Down The Randinistas

Here is a statement I suspect a significant number of Ireland’s citizenry would agree with. Most Irish economists are capitalist ideologues. Or rather, most Irish economists are right-wing ultra-capitalist ideologues zealously adhering to a form of unregulated, unaccountable Anglo-American free market thinking that has had a disastrous impact across the globe. Of course there are exceptions, … Continue reading

Ireland’s United Political Culture

There is something definitely a bit iffy about Irish politics of late, both at a national and a regional level. Well, when one says “of late” the whiff of something rotten has been detectable since the 1970s (as many investigative issues of the old Magill Magazine can testify to). However the death of the Celtic … Continue reading

Banging The Far Right Drum

Go bhfóire Dia orainn! Only the Irish Independent newspaper, with its fanatical free market fetishism, could argue that Fine Gael is a party of the “political” centre and that Irish politics requires a new right-wing political movement. And who should lead it? Why, none other than FG Eurocrat par excellence, Lucinda Creighton, she that is the … Continue reading

Game Over Man, Game Over!

Michael Taft’s view on yesterday’s confirmation that Ireland is pretty much in a perpetual recession: “A good friend of mine took one look at the CSO’s National Quarterly Accounts released today and described it in two words:  ‘f****** awful’.  As this is a family-friendly blog I’ll just content myself with ‘bloody disaster’. Ireland’s recession is … Continue reading

The Double Bono

Forget about the sense of aristocratic entitlement that apparently pervaded the membership of Ireland’s financial corporations. The heads of the Anglo-Irish Bank laughed at the indentured servitude they had so craftily bestowed on the Irish people? So what. Here is what the real sense of entitlement cultivated by Ireland’s 1% sounds like. Gay Byrne interviewing … Continue reading

A Fake Economy In A Fake State

The benefits of Britain’s continued colonial rule over the north-east of Ireland? Fake shops for a fake economy. From the BBC: “Fermanagh is having a £1m makeover as it prepares to host the G8 summit and the world’s media in June. For the last month shoppers have had to dodge ladders and scaffolding as dozens … Continue reading

Austerity – Basque Fight Versus Irish Flight

There is an interesting if understandably angry article by author James Petras at the Dissident Voice comparing the different reactions in Ireland and the Basque Country to the austerity policies being implemented in both nations. Where the Irish have adopted a poise of dejected servility the Basques have become ever more rebellious, with a rise … Continue reading

NAMA Wine Lake Closes – Irish Elites Breathe Easier

NAMA Wine Lake is no more. And so goes another keen observer of government and establishment misdoings while the craven media continues to serve up its diet of bread and circuses. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

The Hedge Fund Barons – Mr Tepper

A video and song by Mick Blake dedicated to David Tepper, the American hedge fund manager and founder of Appaloosa Management whose involvement in Ireland’s economic downfall has only reached wider public scrutiny in the last few months. And mainly down to his own boasting. Via Uathachas in Éirinn. Related articles David Tepper: Meet the top hedge fund manager who made 2.2billion last … Continue reading

Ain’t Nothing Change But The Weather

One definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result each time. So take the words of Robin McAlpine in the Scotsman newspaper on the SNP’s policies for an independent Scotland and more importantly the example of Ireland’s calamitous slide into cowboy capitalism during the 1990s and 2000s. “Currently, the SNP exists in … Continue reading

No Taxation Without Representation!

So the documentation for the latest state-sponsored extortion racket has arrived in the post under the guise of the Local Property Tax. However the information is entirely in the English language. I’m sorry, but where is the Irish language text? What happened to the regulations in force under the Official Languages Act of 2003? Where is the bilingual Irish and … Continue reading

Global Corruption Index For 2012 – Ireland Falls Six Places

Back in February of this year I discussed the media independence rating for Ireland from Reporters Without Borders, the international organisation affiliated to the UN that advocates freedom of the press. According to their 2011 Press Freedom Index Ireland had dropped five places from its number 10 position on the global ranking to number 15. Now we have another international survey and another fall in standing … Continue reading

Some Political Musings

As a Gaelic Republican I suppose my politics lie somewhere on the social-democratic centre-left. Sometimes my opinions veer towards the centre-ground, sometimes towards the far left. In the days of my (callow) youth I used to vote Fianna Fáil and Labour. Yes, that’s right, I was one of those fabled left-wing FF types. We did … Continue reading

Enda “The Paddy” Kenny

Enough said…

From Bruton To Yates – Or How The Irish Do Business

I saw this delightful cover story from the Business and Finance magazine in my local (British-owned, British-stocked) shopping centre. John “F*****g Peace Process” Bruton, former Fine Gael leader and one-term Taoiseach, offering Ireland a 25 year journey to “anchor” it’s recovery. And it doesn’t get any better on the inside. When Europeans scoff out the … Continue reading

TG4 And RnaG – Time For A Single Irish Public Broadcasting Service

The Oirish Independent newspaper carries a report announcing “major reforms at RTÉ”, especially in relation to its, er, Irish language output (no sniggering!): “A consolidation of the Irish language assets of RTE, with an amalgamation of Radio na Gaeltachta, TG4 and the Nuacht news service, is planned as part of the national broadcaster’s cost-cutting drive. … Continue reading

Keeping Paddy In His Place

A short but very sobering post from WorldByStorm over at the Cedar Lounge Revolution: “Reading that the unemployment rate is still increasing and is currently just shy of 15 per cent, at 14.8 per cent… …in 1986 it peaked at 17 per cent [ASF: an all-time high]. Disturbing to think we’re just two points less … Continue reading

In Europe No One Can Hear You Scream…

Great article over on the Cedar Lounge Revolution on the autocratic instincts of the European Union elites now being played out in Greece: “One has to wonder at the logic of an EU approach which argues for austerity as a path to growth. But one has to wonder further at an EU approach which seems to … Continue reading

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