Feed The Rich, Eat The Poor

As many of you will be aware the would-be Democratic Party candidate for the US presidency, Bernie Sanders, has been hammering down in recent months on the corrupt practices of Wall Street and the soaring levels of income and wealth inequality in the United States. Now the millionaire business executive, Lloyd Blankfein, has emerged from the boardroom shadows to play the victim card… Read More Feed The Rich, Eat The Poor

The Banking Inquiry Whitewash, Covering Up For The Party Tigers

With the death of Ireland’s so-called “Celtic Tiger” economy in 2008-2010 the country entered a period of severe recession, made worse by the erratic, panic-driven policies of the then Fianna Fáil – Green Party coalition government and its successor in the present Fine Gael – Labour Party administration. By 2012 the nation was firmly under the financial diktat… Read More The Banking Inquiry Whitewash, Covering Up For The Party Tigers

Celtic-Speaking Communities Of Britain Denied Funding

While most eyes and ears were focused on the headline-grabbing announcements in the November budgetary review by the UK’s aristocratic finance minister, George Osborne, more seasoned observers were analysing the lesser discussed passages in the chancellor’s financial plans for 2016. Thanks to the diligence of Plaid Cyrmu and other interested parties it quickly emerged that the hereditary indifference or antipathy amongst Britain’s metropolitan elites… Read More Celtic-Speaking Communities Of Britain Denied Funding

Reunited Ireland Could Generate €35.6 Billion Boost For National GDP

Don’t expect the rest of the national or regional news media in Ireland to highlight this study on the positive economic implications of Irish reunification given that it runs against the consensus agreed by the petty-partitionists of the Dublin establishment and their ideological “frenemies” in political unionism. From the Irish Times: “Political and economic unification of Ireland could potentially… Read More Reunited Ireland Could Generate €35.6 Billion Boost For National GDP

Peter Robinson To ‘Fine Fáil’ To A South-County Dublin Housewife

Interesting times in Irish politics. The north-east is to see the departure of veteran DUP leader Peter Robinson, the first minister in the dysfunctional power-sharing administration at Stormont and former poster-boy of the violent Ulster Resistance, following a controversial career that in recent times has been beset with ill-health and potential scandal. SKY News presents a good overview of the… Read More Peter Robinson To ‘Fine Fáil’ To A South-County Dublin Housewife

Stormont’s Fresh Start Repackages Stale Goods

So the governments of Ireland and Britain, in consultation with the members of the cross-party regional administration in Belfast, have announced the rather optimistically titled “A Fresh Start: Stormont Agreement and Implementation Plan“, as a way through the current political impasse in the north-east. Over two months of messy negotiations have bequeathed to us a sixty-seven page document outlining a number… Read More Stormont’s Fresh Start Repackages Stale Goods

No Taxation Without Representation

In recent weeks the right-wing Fine Oibre coalition and much of the equally right-wing press have confidentially asserted that the protests against water-charges and other forms of punitive taxation have largely dissipated in the face of government determination to pursue its programme of state-sanctioned “austerity”. The visible back-slapping of Fine Gael and Labour ministers and TDanna, not to mention the praise of sycophantic… Read More No Taxation Without Representation

Denis O’Brien, Putting The Boot In

In relation to the controversial entrepreneur Denis O’Brien , the “Donald Trump” of the Irish business world, and his seeming determination to litigate his critics into submission (yet again!) the academic writer Julien Mercille makes this cogent point over on the legally-besieged broadsheet.ie: “Ireland’s mass media landscape is among the most concentrated in developed countries. Notably, we don’t have a single left-of-centre outlet.… Read More Denis O’Brien, Putting The Boot In

Putting The Éire In Ireland

For the last four or five years of An Sionnach Fionn I have been promoting the potential benefits of “language tourism” for Ireland’s economy. The indigenous culture of this island nation represents a largely untapped source of prosperity for the national economy, and not just the education sector or the Gaeltachtaí. As I stated in the second month of ASF’s existence, way back… Read More Putting The Éire In Ireland

Water Charges And A Coalition Of The Doomed

Water charges. The political Sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of Labour Party TDanna in constituencies across the country, whose blade may be long enough to cast a shadow over a number of Fine Gael deputies too. Judging by the current polling trends FG will survive the electoral purge of 2016 (or 2015 if bullish Kenny forces timorous… Read More Water Charges And A Coalition Of The Doomed

Up To 80,000 Protest Imposition Of Water Charges

In light of recent improved polling members and supporters of the governing Fine Gael and Labour Party coalition were predicting a poor turn-out for yesterday’s mass demonstration in the capital against the imposition of so-called water charges, while the right-wing press insinuated that the general public was weary of protests and the march would be a flop.… Read More Up To 80,000 Protest Imposition Of Water Charges

Oil Troubles

If you don’t follow the blog “Tom’s Dispatch” by the American journalist and editor Tom Engelhardt you are missing out on some of the best news and current affairs commentary around. From the introduction to the Michael T Klare’s examination of the failed business model of “big oil” in the United States: “Welcome to the asylum! I’m… Read More Oil Troubles

Bog-Standard Houses And The Neo-Ascendancy

Fitzjames Horse casts a cold eye over the so-called New Land League and it’s risible championing of the property-rights of millionaire business people, bankers, accountants, lawyers and doctors; rights which seem to exceed those of Seán and Síle Citizen. In particular he focuses on the controversial stand-off surrounding the palatial residence known as Gorse Hill, situated on the Vico… Read More Bog-Standard Houses And The Neo-Ascendancy

Ireland Third Most Deprived Nation On EU 15 List

The Irish news media has spent much of the last week focusing on the issue of homelessness following the dreadfully sad passing of Jonathan Corrie, a forty-three year man found dead in a doorway just meters away from Leinster House, the building housing Oireachtas na hÉireann. Unfortunately much of the reporting has been at the shallow end of the analytical… Read More Ireland Third Most Deprived Nation On EU 15 List


In response to some comments yesterday I thought this business report from the BBC on the preference-through-necessity in Irish medium schools for technology-based education tools, including etexts and ebooks, might be of some interest: “Technology and education have a long, complicated and sometimes exaggerated relationship. Digital technology is associated with the classroom of the future.… Read More iGaeilge

Irish Native Reservations

Another great analysis from Diaga Language on the growing challenges facing the Irish-speaking population of Ireland, particularly as they relate to the slow destruction of the Gaeltachtaí. These are regions of the country officially recognised by various governments in the 1920s and ‘30s as majority Irish-speaking and pretty much ignored thereafter. The frequent jibe that… Read More Irish Native Reservations

Princes And Princesses Of The Continuity State

100,000 marchers on the streets of our capital city, gangs of Gardaí shuttling contractors for Uisce Éireann around suburban housing estates to deter would-be protesters, the dominant political parties being hammered in by-elections as voters turn to avowedly anti-establishment candidates, the Taoiseach being hemmed into a sports-centre by crowds of angry citizens while his minders push men… Read More Princes And Princesses Of The Continuity State