That Pre-Vote Pledge By The British Party Leaders

Saor Alba - Free Scotland

Taking about broken promises the above image is taken from today’s edition of Britain’s right-leaning Times newspaper. So much for all-party pledges in the wake of Scotland’s “No” vote. However in related news, via Newsweek: “The Scottish National Party (SNP) has doubled its membership since its independence campaign ended in a narrow defeat last Thursday, overtaking … Continue reading

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Promises Broken Are Votes Negated

British-state militias in Ireland the UDR or RIR and the RUC

  Sixteen years after the signing of the Belfast Agreement, thirteen years after the “reform” of policing, seven years after Sinn Féin took the office of deputy first minister and here we are in 2014 with the revelation that former members of the infamous Royal Ulster Constabulary are being employed by the British state to … Continue reading

Playing With The Big Boys

Merkava IV Main Battle Tank, Israeli Defence Forces

The things the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation encourages its aspirant member states to do in order to play with the big boys. In the case of Latvia, with its tiny, largely part-time military, its the purchase of second-hand armoured vehicles from Britain, the first to be delivered by 2016. Why? Well ostensibly so the Latvians can … Continue reading

Bend Over And Spread Your Cheeks

Enda Kenny, the great leader of the Irish nation

Not only does Irish Water want to fuck you up the ass, they want to tell others that they have fucked you up the ass just in case they too would be interested in fucking you up the ass while making you pay for the privilege of being fucked up the ass. However unwillingly! From Gene Kerrigan in the Irish … Continue reading

British Nationalism, Sorry, Unionism

British Unionist or Neo-Fascist


The Night Of The Union Jacks

The British presence in Ireland - a faded and tattered thing

@alextomo 75,000 sign petition for re vote amid vote rigging scandal — deborah butler (@IWILLNOTGOAWAY) September 20, 2014 CCTV confirms an arson attack last might on a generator at the rear of the pro-independence Sunday Herald building in Glasgow #indyref — alex thomson (@alextomo) September 20, 2014 #British #Unionists #Nazi salutes, flares + mounted … Continue reading

Nazi-Saluting British Thugs Take To Streets Of Glasgow

British soldiers in Afghanistan give the Neo-Nazi-Red-Hand salute of the British terror factions in Ireland

Nazi-saluting British unionist and nationalist “No” supporters staging a rally in Glasgow this evening. Reports of violence and arrests already as “Yes” voters warned to stay away. The reality of Scotland rejecting Independence?

A Referendum Ten Years Too Early?

Alba Gu Brath - Scotland Forever. Thousands attend Scottish independence rally, Edinbugh, Scotland, 2012 (Photo: Wings Over Scotland)

Probably way too early for this, and I know many Scots are genuinely heart-broken at the moment, but above is a breakdown of how people voted in Scotland’s referendum on independence. It comes with several caveats given the British nationalist and Tory-leaning source but it provides a useful overview of what might have happened until … Continue reading

Woe To The Vanquished

Saor Albain - Saor Alba - Free Scotland

Well I’ve waited half the morning to write this post and I’m still unsure of what to say. The feeling of sadness is genuinely overwhelming if only because I have so many Scottish friends and correspondents whose emotional investment in seeing true self-governance and sovereignty for their ancient nation has consumed so much of the last … Continue reading

#VoteYes Dominates Scottish And Irish Twitterspheres

An Idirlíon

From Trends Map an incredible graphic displaying early morning tweets supporting the “Yes” and “No” sides in the Scottish referendum. Note the pulsating levels of support from Ireland for an independent Scotland. Fascinating when one considers the age demographic of most Twitter users in both nations. Talk about Gaelic solidarity!

Tweeting For #VoteYes In The #IndyRef #Scotland

Scotland's First Minister and SNP leader Alex Salmond adresses independence rally, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2012 (Photo: Wings Over Scotland)

Some recent tweets by @ansionnachfionn on the #IndyRef #BritNats so desperate they referencing #DadsArmy in #IndyRef so #VoteYes for #Scottish FUTURE not #British PAST — An Sionnach Fionn (@AnSionnachFionn) September 17, 2014 If #UK is a “family” of nations #Ireland was the kidnapped girl chained in the basement! We escaped + so can #Scotland … Continue reading

Medieval Solutions For Modern Conflicts

Troops from the United States Army on patrol in Iraq

  Captain Lauren F. Serrano is an intelligence officer with the United States Marine Corp and this is from her much-lauded essay titled “Why Women Do Not Belong In The U.S. Infantry”: “Having women in an infantry unit will disrupt the infantry’s identity, motivational tactics, and camaraderie. The average infantryman is in his late teens … Continue reading

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