Swimming To Cambodia

Many years ago, discouraged by the need to go to school the next day, and unable to read, let alone sleep, I spent much of the night flicking through the television channels on the second-hand TV in my bedroom desperate for something to watch, anything to distract me from the black moods which characterized much of my teenage years. If I were to sum up that entire decade… Read More Swimming To Cambodia

Masters Of The Force Awakens

A magnificent mash-up of 1987’s big-screen turkey, “Masters of the Universe”, and 2015’s winner of Most-Grating-British-Accent-Ever, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, which manages to do what no other trailer (or indeed movie) has managed to do – make the live-action adventures of “He-Man” look interesting!

The Glass Ceiling In The Star Wars Triology

Here’s something to annoy the Sad Puppies crowd, a super-cut of all the spoken dialogue from women other than Princess Leia in the original “Star Wars” trilogy of movies. Or rather the lack thereof. Okay, admittedly Leia Organa, played by Carrie Fisher, was one of the main characters in the initial sequence of films (Episodes IV to VI). And I suppose they do… Read More The Glass Ceiling In The Star Wars Triology

ASF-TFIF Brings You Dancing Predators With Danny Glover

Following a purgatory week of meetings and teleconferences of questionable merit – slidey-widey PowerPoint presentations being a poor substitute for empirical evidence, no matter how razzle-dazzle their set-up – all I can say is this: thank fuck it’s Friday! Another twelve hours to go and I’ll be liberated from this capitalist-born serfdom, free to roam hither and thither like Mel Gibson… Read More ASF-TFIF Brings You Dancing Predators With Danny Glover

Exploring The Genre Frontier In Joss Whedon’s 2005 Movie Serenity

I have a great deal of affection for Joss Whedon’s prematurely ended science-fiction series, “Firefly”, which aired on Fox Television in the United States in late 2002, and was viewable in Ireland via the old Sci Fi Channel in 2003. It was an odd but effective “space western” which initially baffled most audiences and critics,… Read More Exploring The Genre Frontier In Joss Whedon’s 2005 Movie Serenity

¡Viva Irlanda! I’m Irish – Speak Spanish!

In recent weeks the TG4 period drama, An Klondike, has garnered favourable reviews from across the Anglophone press and media in Ireland, gaining plaudits from even the most cynical critics of Irish language broadcasting. For a channel that has been underfunded and pilloried since its establishment, the Conamara-based television station has built up an enviable reputation for producing well-crafted dramas, comedies and documentaries that… Read More ¡Viva Irlanda! I’m Irish – Speak Spanish!

Oíche Sheanchais, The First Irish Language Sound Film

From a report by the Galway Advertiser: “The first Irish language ‘talkie’ ever made has premiered at a renowned Italian festival of rediscovered and restored film… Oidhche Sheanchais, an 11-minute film featuring Aran islanders from the Man of Aran cast listening to a story told by seanchaí Seáinín Tom Ó Dioráin, was the first ‘talkie’… Read More Oíche Sheanchais, The First Irish Language Sound Film

Cultus Obscuram – Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

The old cliché “…so bad it’s good” springs to mind when one watches the 1975 cinematic release “Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze”. Based upon the eponymous 1930s’ pulp magazine character primarily written by Lester Dent the film was intended to be the first in a series of purposefully old-fashioned adventure movies by legendary Sci-Fi entertainment… Read More Cultus Obscuram – Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

The Randomers

I’ve been asked to highlight a recently released independent Irish movie, “The Randomers”, the fourth feature-length film from writer-director Graham Jones. The free-to-view drama focuses on a love affair sparked by the actions of a young woman living on the west coast of Ireland who places an advertisement seeking a man for a relationship “without speaking”. What follows… Read More The Randomers

Jodorowsky’s Dune

Oh for the cinematic vision of “Dune” that could have been. From Salon and Andrew O’Hehir at the Cannes Festival: “According to “Drive” director Nicolas Winding Refn (who’s also here this year with the ultra-violent “Only God Forgives”), the legendary unmade mid-‘70s film version of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” by Chilean-born mad genius Alejandro Jodorowsky actually exists – and… Read More Jodorowsky’s Dune

Judge Minty – Taking The Law To The Lawless

After touring the convention circuit the Judge Dredd-inspired fan film “Judge Minty“, written and directed by Steven Sterlacchini, has finally been released online. While the acting may be less than inspiring the special effects on the other hand show just how far technology has moved on since the days of filming spray-painted plastic bottles on wires against a blue background.