Exploring The Genre Frontier In Joss Whedon’s 2005 Movie Serenity

I have a great deal of affection for Joss Whedon’s prematurely ended science-fiction series, “Firefly”, which aired on Fox Television in the United States in late 2002, and was viewable in Ireland via the old Sci Fi Channel in 2003. It was an odd but effective “space western” which initially baffled most audiences and critics,… Read More Exploring The Genre Frontier In Joss Whedon’s 2005 Movie Serenity

¡Viva Irlanda! I’m Irish – Speak Spanish!

In recent weeks the TG4 period drama, An Klondike, has garnered favourable reviews from across the Anglophone press and media in Ireland, gaining plaudits from even the most cynical critics of Irish language broadcasting. For a channel that has been underfunded and pilloried since its establishment, the Conamara-based television station has built up an enviable reputation for producing well-crafted dramas, comedies and documentaries that… Read More ¡Viva Irlanda! I’m Irish – Speak Spanish!

VHS Memories: Bedspring Bob

If you’re familiar with Irish TV broadcasts from the 1980s and early ’90s you’ll certainly remember the less-than-professional advertising that used to populate the commercial breaks of RTÉ and TG4 (or UTV). It wasn’t quite at the same level as local public access channels in the United States but at times it didn’t seem that far off, either. These days such things… Read More VHS Memories: Bedspring Bob

Irish Language Rights Are No Rights At All

Coincidental to the temporary silencing of a compliant Irish press by a billionaire businessman whose past dealings have become mired in controversy, the Irish Times reports on the Fine Gael-Labour coalition’s new rules on media ownership which will give: “…the Minister for Communications power to decide if a proposed media merger is in the public interest in terms of… Read More Irish Language Rights Are No Rights At All

Here Be Dragons, Book Images Of The Internet Archive On Flickr

Susceptible as I am to the marriage of history with technology, being the original antiquarian-technophile, my love affair with the Internet Archive (a digital library offering free access to a legion of books, movies and music, not to mention some four billion cached web pages) grows ever deeper. If you haven’t browsed its files you really need to… Read More Here Be Dragons, Book Images Of The Internet Archive On Flickr

Risking The Ire Of Outlander Fans

Scottish blogger Tocasaid has cast a cold eye over the Anglo-American television adaptation of the genre-defying Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon, and drawn the wrath of fans everywhere. Personally I like time-travelling tropes (Julian’s May quadrilogy, Saga of the Exiles, remains one of my favourite SF series) however what little I know of Outlander – the novel and TV show –… Read More Risking The Ire Of Outlander Fans

La Rebelle De Raqqa

From France 24, the story of Haya El Ali, a young Syrian woman who befriended female members of the Islamic State in her hometown of Raqqa. Using a camera hidden in her purse she filmed events in the city until she fell under the suspicion of the IS authorities and was forced to flee into exile in France.

Al Jadeed, Rima Karaki And Running The Show

Al Jadeed or الجديد‎ is a 24-hour news and current affairs television station based in the Lebanon and broadcasting across the Arab world. During a recent interview between popular presenter Rima Karaki and the London-based Islamist scholar Sheikh Hani Al-Siba’i things became somewhat heated. It is a useful reminder that there are numerous regional and national differences in the societies and cultures of the… Read More Al Jadeed, Rima Karaki And Running The Show

Those Leaked Al Jazeera Emails On Charlie Hebdo

The National Review Online, the web-version of the right-wing American current affairs magazine, has published a series of “leaked” emails from the Al Jazeera news network under the somewhat disingenuous headline “Leaked Newsroom Emails Reveal Al Jazeera Fury over Global Support for Charlie Hebdo“. In fact the emails don’t reveal any such “fury” but rather… Read More Those Leaked Al Jazeera Emails On Charlie Hebdo

Big Boost In Funding For Scottish Language Broadcasting

Some more good news for the Scottish language (Scottish Gaelic) with the announcement by Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister, that a further £2.1 million pounds (2.5 million euros) will be made available to MG Alba, the state-funded media organisation. The group funds Scottish language television and radio programmes in cooperation with the BBC and various… Read More Big Boost In Funding For Scottish Language Broadcasting

Irish TV? We Should Be So Lucky!

So, essentially a big fuck you to the Irish-speaking citizens and communities of Ireland from former Trotskyite rebel-without-a-cause Pat Rabbitte, the minister of communications, as he dismiss out of hand any rise in the tragic-comic budget of TG4, Ireland’s only Irish language television broadcaster. Meanwhile RTÉ, Ireland’s publicly-funded English language television broadcaster, will continue to… Read More Irish TV? We Should Be So Lucky!

No Second Troy

One of the last monolingual Irish-speakers in Ireland being interviewed by the British historian Michael Wood for his 1985 BBC documentary “In Search of the Trojan War”. Does he look like a member of an “affluent, Mercedes-driving, latté-sipping, urban, Gaelic-speaking elite”? Or the last survivor of a people driven to the point of near-extinction? A point, perhaps, for… Read More No Second Troy