Cultus Obscuram – Nightmare Cafe

Another entry in the Cultus Obscuram and this time it is Wes Craven’s TV show “Nightmare Café“, a short-lived supernatural drama from the early 1990s played mainly for dark laughs. At the time the two lead actors, Jack Coleman and Lindsay Frost, were minor US television celebs though the headline billing went to co-star and Craven … Continue reading

Cultus Obscuram – Knightriders

In the oft-played Geek game of “Cultus Obscuram” I’ve yet to be beaten, whether it is in the arena of movies, TV programmes, books or comics. Undoubtedly my winning hand when it comes to contesting a knowledge of cult films is the truly obscure 1981 George A. Romero effort “Knightriders” (note the plural) notable for … Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Like Zombie Nazis? Or Killer Trolls?!

Norwegian cinema is unusual, sometimes very unusual, but fun. And none more so than its small, Indie scene. Here are two recent examples. Of course their Scandinavian cousins have also given us the brilliant TV thriller ‘The Killing‘ (Denmark) and the suitably dark and disturbing movie (given it’s source material) ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo‘ (Sweden). Enjoy!  

An Fomhórach – The Fomorian

It’s Sci-Fi – Irish Sci-Fi!

I’ve written several articles about the long tradition of Irish language authors working in the Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror genres and will post them here soon. In the meantime here is some interesting essays which touch on the subject from the Celtic Cultural Studies journal. Interesting question: when does Mythology and Folklore cross over into literary … Continue reading

Irish comic Róisín Dubh

Interview with Irish writer Maura McHugh, author of the Róisín Dubh comic, over at Bad Reputation…

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