Blondie, Rapture – Rhythm Scholar Doomsday Deathmix

I must admit to being somewhat obsessed with this darkly atmospheric version of Blondie’s 1980 post-disco classic, “Rapture”, released by talented remixer, Rhythm Scholar, in October. The “Doomsday Deathmix”, with its echoes of cinematic horror music, has brought to the fore a previously unnoticed dark undertone in Debbie Harry’s voice, giving the truncated lyrics a… Read More Blondie, Rapture – Rhythm Scholar Doomsday Deathmix

2000 AD and Judge Dredd Quality Comics’ Collection

The problem with being a hopeless Teicógach (or Irish Geek) is the habit of collecting one’s interests – or obsessions – with a near fanatical devotion. So down through the years I’ve managed to assemble a massive, if pleasingly eclectic, collection of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror related materials. Of these the most problematic in terms of storage have… Read More 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Quality Comics’ Collection

Who Doesn’t Like Zombie Nazis? Or Killer Trolls?!

Norwegian cinema is unusual, sometimes very unusual, but fun. And none more so than its small, Indie scene. Here are two recent examples. Of course their Scandinavian cousins have also given us the brilliant TV thriller ‘The Killing‘ (Denmark) and the suitably dark and disturbing movie (given it’s source material) ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo‘ (Sweden). Enjoy!  

It’s Sci-Fi – Irish Sci-Fi!

I’ve written several articles about the long tradition of Irish language authors working in the Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror genres and will post them here soon. In the meantime here is some interesting essays which touch on the subject from the Celtic Cultural Studies journal. Interesting question: when does Mythology and Folklore cross over into literary… Read More It’s Sci-Fi – Irish Sci-Fi!