A Volunteer of the (New) Irish Republican Army holding a (N)IRA-manufactured grenade-launcher just before an attack on the British Forces in Belfast, 2014

Improvised Weapons Of The New IRA Modernise Old Designs

  On the 16th of November 2014 an armoured jeep of the PSNI, the paramilitary police force in the British-administrated north-east of Ireland, was parked on a street in the Ardoyne district of north Belfast when it was hit by an explosive projectile that penetrated the vehicle’s exterior “skin” before being deflected by the thicker plating underneath (we do not know if the … Continue reading

An Idirlíon

Secrets Of The NSA And GCHQ War On Internet Security

Just before Christmas the German news and current affairs magazine Der Spiegel published a detailed article examining the covert campaign by the United States and its principle intelligence-gathering allies (Britain and to a lesser extent Canada, Australia and New Zealand) to gain access to some of the key protocols and technologies governing global internet security. I have selected some … Continue reading

Scary Eire

No Gaels, Queers, Dykes Or Trannies

Is it just me or have you noticed that racists and homophobes tend to share the same political and ideological fixations? I mean, you rarely find a racist who is not a homophobe, or a homophobe who is not a racist. It seems that prejudicial views attract bigots like excrement attracts flies. The flies aren’t terribly concerned about the specific origin … Continue reading


Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise Daoibh

A quick post for the night that’s in it to thank everyone who has read, followed, shared or contributed to An Sionnach Fionn over the last twelve months. It’s been a busy year with 431 articles or pieces posted on the website and your support, observations and pointers have been greatly appreciated. With over 300,000 … Continue reading

The De Móinbhíol or Mansfield family of Skerries, Ireland, with a monument mentioning two former Confederate officers of the American Civil War

Celebrating The Irish Who Fought Against Slavery

As Ireland’s plutocratic old guard grinds its teeth in anxiety at the approaching 2016 centenary of the Easter Rising, the insurrection that heralded the Irish Revolution in 1916, some from the Neo-Ascendancy class have sought solace in rival historical commemorations where they can express their true ideological loyalties (and perhaps true political identity too). Dismissing the remembrance of a risen people they have plunged into the records of the industrial-scale … Continue reading

No Irish Need Apply

The Irish Struggle

Twenty-eight years ago officials from the government of Ireland tasked with managing Dublin’s interests in the north-east of the country asked their British counterparts to address the long-standing need for full equality between Irish- and English-speakers in the UK-administrated region. From the BBC: “The efforts of the Irish Government under the Anglo-Irish Agreement to achieve greater recognition for … Continue reading

Nollaig shona duit ó Shionnach Fionn
Members of the Cumann na mBan (CnamB), the womens' wing of the Irish Republican Army, armed with American-supplied M16 assault rifles, 1975

Girl Power Is Taken, Not Given

Sometimes, after glancing through news reports from around the world, I have to ask myself why one half of the human race is not secretly contemplating the extermination of the other half given the horrors the latter regularly and unremittingly inflicts on the former. Three articles from today’s British Independent newspaper may perhaps illustrate my point. First we … Continue reading

An Chatalóin (Catalonia)

Prosecutions In Catalonia, Political Revolution In Scotland

The newly authoritarian tone of politics and government in Spain becomes more evident with every passing week. Following a range of laws passed by Madrid banning many forms of public protest we now have reports that the regional government in Barcelona may be prosecuted by the Spanish state following the recent ad hoc independence referendum for Catalonia … Continue reading

No Home Rule. Still the view of the British-apologists and Neo-Unionists in the Irish media

The Human Centipede

So one of the principle figures in the incestuous gang-bang that is modern Irish journalism has handed over the reins to her successor as Anne Harris, current editor of the Sunday Independent newspaper, one-time deputy-editor and second wife of the late Sunday Independent editor Aengus Fanning (father of regular Sunday Independent writers Dion and Evan … Continue reading

Troops from the United States Army on patrol in Iraq

The CIA’s 2009 High-Value Targeting Report From Wikileaks

“Making High-Value Targeting Operations an Effective Counterinsurgency Tool (C//NF)” is the latest confidential government document to be released through Wikileaks, the first for some while. It reveals that in 2009 some analysts for the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency or CIA were arguing for a more selective use of armed-drones in the US’ self-declared “War … Continue reading

Labhair Gaeilge

Three Irish Tales

As Sinn Féin accuses the lacklustre Fine Gael-Labour Party coalition of abandoning key government demands during the recent talks between Ireland, Britain and regional parties in the north-east of the country, the BBC takes a look at one of the touchstone issues for northern nationalists and many others on this island nation: the Irish language. … Continue reading

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