Kurdish Factionalism Gives Turkey And IS The Advantage

Western journalism loves to simplify things for readers and audiences at home which is why so much nonsense gets written or broadcast about faraway events in faraway places. The tripartite (quadripartite? octopartite?) conflict in Syria is a prime example, especially now that it has expanded into an already fractious Iraq. If one or more chunks … Continue reading

An Chatalóin (Catalonia)

Catalan Politics Enters New Phase

As always one must treat news reports from Russia Today (RT) with a certain degree of scepticism given the avowed political nature of the media organisation (though as we saw in Scotland’s recent independence referendum debates even the most self-proclaimed of “non-partisan” media companies have their loyalties – or know which side their bread is … Continue reading

The Native American Nations In The United States - Trapped In The USA

Native American Day

Yesterday was Columbus Day in the United States, the latterly Italian-American festival commemorating the “discovery” of the Americas by the speculative expeditions of Christopher Columbus in the 1490s. Of course for many others in the US the second Monday in October is Indigenous Peoples’ Day (or Native American Day) which marks the moment when European … Continue reading

Scary Eire


A busy weekend behind me and an even busier week ahead so I haven’t had much time to discuss Tuairisc, the newly launched Irish language current affairs website which is publicly funded by Foras na Gaeilge. It’s early days for the news service – a private company contracted for four years to the tune of … Continue reading

Uisce Éireann Irish Water

Over 50,000 Protest Water Taxes

Last Wednesday I suggested that the imposition of water charges at the behest of the IMF-EU-ECB could do for the present Fine Gael – Labour coalition in Ireland what the introduction of the “poll tax” did for the ruling Conservative Party in Britain during the 1980s and ‘90s. Sure enough that prediction seems to be … Continue reading

The Roman Catholic hierarchy with John Redmond MP, the leader of the Irish Nationalist establishment, 1912

John Redmond, From Gun-Running To Civil War

In recent years the historical figure of John Redmond MP, the head of the Irish Parliamentary Party (IPP) and self-declared “leader of Nationalist Ireland” during the early stages of the 1916-23 revolution, has been elevated to the status of a contra-republican icon by the Neo-Unionist tendency of Irish journalism and politics. In the run-up to … Continue reading

Water taxation in Ireland, via Uisce Éireann or Irish Water

Water Charges, The Irish Poll Tax

In 1989 the Conservative Party government in Britain, under the premiership of Margaret Thatcher, introduced the officially regarded “community charge” or popularly despised “poll tax” into Scotland, the first step in a planned nationwide imposition. This flat-rate charge was designed to fund local government authorities across the country with the taxation set and collected locally. … Continue reading

The GPO, Dublin, Destroyed By The British Occupation Forces, 1916

The Scandal Of The 1916 Battlefield Quarter

As Dublin City Council continues to debate and prevaricate over saving what is left of the capital’s 1916 Battlefield Quarter below is a timely reminder of the background to the ongoing scandal. Would the French ponder the preservation of the Bastille or the Americans the safeguarding of Bunker Hill? Of course not but here in … Continue reading

Britain's death squads in Ireland

No Human Rights, No Belfast Agreement, No Peace Process

The Lallands Peat Worrier has written a lengthy post excoriating the Conservative Party in Britain following prime minister David Cameron’s suggestion that a future Tory administration in London might withdraw the country from the remit of the European Convention on Human Rights or ECHR.  This international judicial treaty is enormously unpopular on the right-wing of British politics and media … Continue reading

American soldiers prepare to storm a building in Iraq

Iraq, The Graveyard Of Western Journalism

With all due caution given the source this recent Q&A with Andrew MacGregor Marshall, a former senior correspondent with Reuters, featured on Russia Today deserves a far wider audience than it has got. Yes, it is RT, yes everything they say or write should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt, however…: “Andre Vitchek: Andrew, as the former head … Continue reading

Uisce Éireann Irish Water

Right2Water Demonstration, Saturday 11th October 2014

Last week I touched upon the new Troika-imposed water-tax that it is being rolled out across the country by the Fine Oibre coalition, despite considerable public opposition and criticism. This article by Kathleen Lynch, professor of equality at UCD’s School of Social Justice, from the Right2Water campaign highlights the iniquitous basis of the water-charges: “The existence of water is not owed to … Continue reading

An officer of the Garda Public Order Unit or riot squad, An Garda Síochána, Ireland

The Imposition Of Water Taxes Goes International

The imposition of the new Troika-dictated water tax on Irish households by the Fine Oibre coalition government has started to make international headlines, particularly as protests around the country get more voluble. From BBC News: “The Emerald Isle can thank a damp climate for its greenery, with plenty of rain and no shortage of water. … Continue reading

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