Corruption or patronage

Princes And Princesses Of The Continuity State

100,000 marchers on the streets of our capital city, gangs of Gardaí shuttling contractors for Uisce Éireann around suburban housing estates to deter would-be protesters, the dominant political parties being hammered in by-elections as voters turn to avowedly anti-establishment candidates, the Taoiseach being hemmed into a sports-centre by crowds of angry citizens while his minders push men … Continue reading

Stáit Aontaithe Mheiriceá - SAM - United States of America - USA

US Mid-Term Elections Deliver Big Shocks

The results of the mid-term elections in the United States have surpassed even some of the wilder speculations of the US media by handing the Republican Party not just solid majority control of the senate but also of state legislatures and governorships up and down the country (even in the electoral heartlands of the Democrat Party). This is all … Continue reading

An officer of the Garda Public Order Unit or riot squad, An Garda Síochána, Ireland
Ireland in chains

America Has The Tea Party, Ireland Has The DUP Party

Gregory Campbell is one of the better known members of the DUP in Ireland, the once fringe British Unionist party which has dominated one half of the power-sharing regional administration in the north-east of the country since 2007. He currently serves as an MP in the Westminster parliament in London and an MLA in the Stormont assembly in Belfast. In the latter capacity he has … Continue reading

Scary Eire

The Acceptable Form Of Racism In Ireland

Do Irish-speaking communities and citizens in Ireland enjoy full equality with their English-speaking peers when it comes to the institutions of the state? I have long argued that they do not and the events of the last three years have provided plenty of evidence of that. We have witnessed law-abiding people being arrested by the … Continue reading

Samhain - Feis Shamhna

Samhain Shona Daoibh

The sun has set, the bonfires are being lit, and the Feis Shamhna is upon us: the nocturnal festival of Samhain marking the commencement of the new year in the Celtic calendars of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. This ancient celebration was partly assimilated by the Christian religions in the Medieval period as All Saints’ Day or All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween) and has been revived in recent … Continue reading

The National Library of Scotland, Early Gaelic Book Collection

The Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic

The first phase of Dachaigh airson Stòras na Gàidhlig or the Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic has been completed by Glasgow University with the launch of an online database featuring digitised versions of texts dating from the 12th to 21st centuries. It is planned that the finished project will include literary and vernacular examples of the language not just … Continue reading

The buildings of the Four Courts devastated by the British-supplied artillery used by the Irish National Army (Free State Army), the Battle of Dublin, 1922

The Irish Famine Of 1925

These are the people, the right-wing Nationalist forces, that initiated and won the counter-revolutionary civil war of 1921-23 and this is the conservative Irish Free State they replaced the liberal Irish Republic with. From an article by Fin Dwyer of the excellent Irish History Podcast: “In the early 1920s Ireland was in a ruinous state. … Continue reading

The fake 1994 Gerry Adam's letter posted online by anti-republican activists alongside the original version

That Fake Letter From Gerry Adams

A quick piece on the ongoing Maíria Cahill controversy, in particular the sudden reactivation of a number of anonymous anti-republican blogs which are now collating and reposting press stories on the case, notably the Irish Observer, Dissident Watch and Father Murphy-Dissident Media Watch. On the 24th of October the latter website published the transcript of … Continue reading

A Republican honour guard fires a volley of shots over the coffin of Jim Gallagher, a prominent member of the Republican Network for Unity or RNU, 2010

Maíria Cahill And The Republican Network For Unity

Last Friday morning the journalist and writer Paul Larkin highlighted on Twitter some evidence that a “Mairia Cahill” from Belfast had formerly served as the chairperson of the RNU or Republican Network for Unity, a republican pressure group – and later political party – founded in 2007 by several former members of Sinn Féin in … Continue reading

Maíria Cahill at an anti-RUC demonstration organised by Ógra Shinn Féin in the 1990s

Slut-Shaming Maíria Cahill Is Not A Republican Response

So the controversy in relation to the allegations made by 33 year old Maíria Cahill, a former national secretary of Ógra Shinn Féin (SF’s youth wing), continues to rumble on. Understandably the general public has been shocked by Cahill’s forceful claims that from August of 1997, when she was 16 years of age, she was subject to … Continue reading

British troops pose with an Irish Tricolour captured from Pro-Treaty and Anti-Treaty Irish Republican Army units following the Battle of Pettigo and Belleek in late May and early June of 1922

Ireland’s Great Betrayal

What date marks the end of Ireland’s War of Independence? It is a question more debated than you might think (along with the commencement of the struggle itself, with both Cork and Donegal claiming the “first shots” of the conflict in 1918, well ahead of the usual date of January 1919). If you were to follow the conventional … Continue reading

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