Britain's death squads in Ireland

No Human Rights, No Belfast Agreement, No Peace Process

The Lallands Peat Worrier has written a lengthy post excoriating the Conservative Party in Britain following prime minister David Cameron’s suggestion that a future Tory administration in London might withdraw the country from the remit of the European Convention on Human Rights or ECHR.  This international judicial treaty is enormously unpopular on the right-wing of British politics and media … Continue reading

American soldiers prepare to storm a building in Iraq

Iraq, The Graveyard Of Western Journalism

With all due caution given the source this recent Q&A with Andrew MacGregor Marshall, a former senior correspondent with Reuters, featured on Russia Today deserves a far wider audience than it has got. Yes, it is RT, yes everything they say or write should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt, however…: “Andre Vitchek: Andrew, as the former head … Continue reading

Uisce Éireann Irish Water

Right2Water Demonstration, Saturday 11th October 2014

Last week I touched upon the new Troika-imposed water-tax that it is being rolled out across the country by the Fine Oibre coalition, despite considerable public opposition and criticism. This article by Kathleen Lynch, professor of equality at UCD’s School of Social Justice, from the Right2Water campaign highlights the iniquitous basis of the water-charges: “The existence of water is not owed to … Continue reading

An officer of the Garda Public Order Unit or riot squad, An Garda Síochána, Ireland

The Imposition Of Water Taxes Goes International

The imposition of the new Troika-dictated water tax on Irish households by the Fine Oibre coalition government has started to make international headlines, particularly as protests around the country get more voluble. From BBC News: “The Emerald Isle can thank a damp climate for its greenery, with plenty of rain and no shortage of water. … Continue reading

Enda Kenny, the great leader of the Irish nation

The Irish Neo-Ascendancy: You Pay So We Don’t Have To

Just when you believe that resigned familiarity has made one desensitized to the arrogance of Ireland’s Neo-Ascendancy class along comes a revelation that reminds one of the truly iniquitous divisions that define modern Irish society. The privileges of the 10% “haves” versus the servility of the 90% “have-nots” via the “Irish” Mirror: “Pampered politicians will … Continue reading

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia

Ominous Portents For The Baltic States?

Last week I had a quick look at the purchase by Latvia of surplus armoured vehicles from Britain as part of the Baltic nation’s commitments to its NATO membership. The questionable utility of the decades-old armour for modern battlefield conditions was obvious, even in the operational deployments planned for by the strategists in Brussels. However, … Continue reading

Saor Albain - Saor Alba - Free Scotland

Scottish Democracy Meets X Factor

In the recent Scottish referendum 44% of voters said “Yes” to an independent Scotland. In contrast 56% of voters said “No” with the general understanding that this rejection of independence was conditional on further powers being devolved to the Edinburgh parliament and government from their London counterparts. The promise of so-called “devo-max” in return for … Continue reading

Corruption or patronage

Irish Politics Or Looking After Your Own

  When the coalition government of Fine Gael and Labour took power in 2011 they did so on a wave of voter unrest and promises of a “democratic revolution” in Irish politics. Corruption and cronyism were no longer to be the hallmarks of Ireland’s political classes. Instead the Fine Oibre alliance promised an era of … Continue reading

An Chatalóin (Catalonia)

Catalonia’s Hesitant Nationalists

“If anyone can the Catalans can” or so goes the saying amongst political activists in those minority communities of the European Union seeking greater autonomy or outright independence from Europe’s major nation-states. Unlike the recent independence referendum in Scotland where there were always doubts about the aspirations of the majority (and where appeals to people’s … Continue reading

Brass button from the uniform a Fenian volunteer inscribed with the letters IRA or Irish Republican Army, Canada, 1870

The Origins Of The Name Irish Republican Army Or IRA

Back in 2011 I wrote a short piece on the history of the terms “Irish Republican Army” and “IRA“ by conducting a simple internet search through Google News to highlight some of their earliest printed occurrences. To the surprise of quite a few of my readers many of these dated to publications from the mid-1800s when the name was used by the … Continue reading

Labhair Gaeilge

The Problem With Irish? Not Enough Politics!

There is a great article over on Diaga on the importance of persecuted communities with distinct languages and cultures achieving some form of political autonomy if their identities are to survive. I recommend that you read the whole thing but here are some highlights: “Mulling over the Scottish ‘no’ vote last week, it occurred to me just … Continue reading

The Native American Nations In The United States - Trapped In The USA

Victory For Navajo Nation In US Settlement

With good news an all too precious commodity this is very welcome indeed. From the Independent newspaper: “When senior figures from the US Government sit down with the President of the Navajo Nation in Window Rock, Arizona on Friday, their meeting will mark an historic moment in the relationship between native Americans and the country … Continue reading

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