Logan’s Run

Logan's Run - 1976

Logan’s Run – 1976

Logan’s Run (1976)

Jenny Agutter.

Jenny Agutter naked.

Jenny Agutter naked and wet.

For many a young Sci-Fi fanboy in the 1970s and ‘80s that pretty much sums up ‘Logan’s Run’.

But (surprise) there is actually much more to the 1976 release than that. Loosely based upon an earlier novel the movie is set in a seemingly utopian future, an enclosed city where everyone is young, healthy and happy. With one proviso. At the age of 30 each person must die, with the hope that some day they may be reborn.

However not everyone accepts the inevitability of their doomed fate and these individuals, the ‘runners’, try to escape death and the law by hiding out in the city or leaving it altogether. The city authorities try to prevent this by tasking a policing force, the ‘Sandmen’ (appropriately enough), to catch and kill the outlaws. The eponymous Logan of the title (a former Sandman) becomes one of the ‘runners’, along with the character played by Jenny Agutter, and they too also attempt to escape the city, taking them on a long odyssey through its innards and beyond.

The movie received a poor reaction upon release, from audiences and critics alike, but still shows up on TV on a regular basis (often edited down). Despite the negativity there are a few things to recommend (a naked Jenny Agutter aside). Admittedly Michael York, as Logan, is pretty awful, as is much of the rest of the acting. The city is poorly realised, the music and special effects often below par, and much of the culture of the film very dated. But some elements are quiet good, not least a wonderfully eccentric performance from the great Peter Ustinov.

And if none of that suffices you still get to look at Jenny Agutter with her kit off.

Jenny Agutter in Logan's Run - 1976

Jenny Agutter in Logan’s Run – 1976

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