Military Secrets And Scandals

Volunteers of the Derry Brigade of the Irish Republican Army armed with American-supplied weapons, an M60 general-purpose machine gun and an AR-15 assault rifle, British Occupied North of Ireland,

For those of you interested in the performance of the United States Armed Forces over the last two decades, especially combating the invasion-born insurgent movements of Afghanistan and Iraq (and the many-headed hydra of militant political Islam that US and Coalition operations accelerated in growth and influence) the journalist James Fallows has a provocative opinion … Continue reading

Ireland Facilitated CIA’s Torture Porn Program

Troops from the United States Army on patrol in Iraq

For several centuries the physical and psychological abuse of captives, male and female, old and young was something experienced by almost every generation of Irish people during our island nation’s long struggle against colonial occupation. Even in the modern industrial era it was common for military and political prisoners in Ireland to be subject to inhumane and abusive treatment during periods … Continue reading

Britain’s Armed Shame

In Ireland the British separatist terrorists of the state-controlled UVF faction pose for the cameras Some time ago I published photos on An Sionnach Fionn featuring British soldiers serving in Afghanistan making Nazi salutes while posing in front of a British terrorist flag. Last week it was taken up by the news media in Britain, … Continue reading

British Soldiers, Nazi Salutes – The Story We Had First

The newspapers in Britain are currently debating the significance of images from the conflict in Afghanistan showing serving British soldiers posing in front of the British national flag and the now discarded “Northern Ireland” banner while making stiff-armed Nazi salutes. The Mail on Sunday broke the story which has been taken up by the Guardian … Continue reading

Patterns Of War

With all the media focus on the rise of a global Big Brother via the Orwellian ambitions of the United States’ NSA (and its smaller British siblings) it is worth noting that other intelligence gathering systems exist, especially those that apply to counter-insurgency operations. The New Republic recently featured an article by Robert Draper focusing … Continue reading

Afghanistan – The Self-Defeating War

In Afghanistan the United States and its international allies have staged a formal handover of military and security control in the country to the beleaguered Kabul government led by the president Hamid Karzai. Almost immediately the Afghan leader – infamous for being propped up through “bags of cash” supplied by the CIA – announced that … Continue reading

Lessons From The First Chechen War

For military analysts like myself the two most interesting conflicts of the last twenty years have been the First Chechen War of 1994-1996 and the Second Lebanese War of 2006. In the former conflict the tiny Chechen Republic of Ichkeria found itself taking on the decaying colossus of the Russian Federation in the aftermath of the collapse of the old Soviet Union. Despite the received wisdom of popular myth guerrilla armies do not always defeat regular armies, … Continue reading

Guns For Hire – From RIC To RUC

In the 1920s, following the British defeat in Ireland’s War of Independence, many serving members of Britain’ paramilitary police force in Ireland, the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC), went on to become “guns-for-hire” throughout the waning British Empire. What they failed to do in Ireland, the defeat of an anti-colonial revolution, they attempted to do in … Continue reading

An Irish-American Story

From the Irish Independent a story on Séamus Ó Fianghusa, an Irish-American soldier who is now the subject of a new documentary on TG4: “A SERVING US soldier who learned Irish from the internet is the subject of the first ever warzone documentary to be produced as Gaeilge. Sergeant Séamus ‘Na Gaeilge’ Ó Fianghusa was asked to take … Continue reading

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