The Gaelic Union

The Celtic Nations

A new website to strengthen ties between Gaelic-speaking communities in Ireland and Scotland, as well as encouraging cultural tourism by non-Gaels, has been launched in Inverness. From the Scotsman newspaper: “TurasG will build on the links between the Scottish Gaidhealtachd and Ireland’s Gaeltacht. World-renowned singer Julie Fowlis, fresh from the Scottish Music Awards, where she … Continue reading

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Scottish Gaelic And Glasgow University

Sign of Albain or Scotland

The University of Glasgow or Oilthigh Ghlaschu is celebrating its historic links with the Scottish-speaking communities of Scotland thanks to a project called Sgeul na Gàidhlig aig Oilthigh Ghlaschu, as reported by the Scotsman newspaper: “ONE OF Scotland’s oldest universities has had a continuous presence of Gaelic speakers for more than 500 years, a new study has found. Researchers … Continue reading

Samhain Shona Daoibh

Samhain - Feis Shamhna

The sun has set, the bonfires are being lit, and the Feis Shamhna is upon us: the nocturnal festival of Samhain marking the commencement of the new year in the Celtic calendars of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. This ancient celebration was partly assimilated by the Christian religions in the Medieval period as All Saints’ Day or All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween) and has been revived in recent … Continue reading

The Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic

The National Library of Scotland, Early Gaelic Book Collection

The first phase of Dachaigh airson Stòras na Gàidhlig or the Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic has been completed by Glasgow University with the launch of an online database featuring digitised versions of texts dating from the 12th to 21st centuries. It is planned that the finished project will include literary and vernacular examples of the language not just … Continue reading

Scottish Democracy Meets X Factor

Saor Albain - Saor Alba - Free Scotland

In the recent Scottish referendum 44% of voters said “Yes” to an independent Scotland. In contrast 56% of voters said “No” with the general understanding that this rejection of independence was conditional on further powers being devolved to the Edinburgh parliament and government from their London counterparts. The promise of so-called “devo-max” in return for … Continue reading

Catalonia’s Hesitant Nationalists

An Chatalóin (Catalonia)

“If anyone can the Catalans can” or so goes the saying amongst political activists in those minority communities of the European Union seeking greater autonomy or outright independence from Europe’s major nation-states. Unlike the recent independence referendum in Scotland where there were always doubts about the aspirations of the majority (and where appeals to people’s … Continue reading

Scottish Catholics, British Nationalism’s New Enemy Within

Anti-Scottish British unionist and nationalist extremists holding anti-independence signs while giving Nazi salutes

Last week, in the wake of the failed referendum on Scottish independence, we witnessed gangs of violent British nationalists (so-called unionists) taking to the streets of Glasgow to bask in the defeat of the pro-sovereignty “Yes” campaign led by the SNP, Scottish Green Party and others. British flags were waved, Scottish flags were torn down … Continue reading

Faraway Hills Are Ideologically Greener

Extreme British unionist and nationalist supporters holding Union Jacks and giving Nazi salutes in Glasgow, Scotland

Of all the moronic articles published over the last six days in relation to Scotland’s recent, unsuccessful independence referendum this American example must surely rank somewhere in the top twenty. If proof were needed that most journalists don’t have a clue about the far-away subjects they pontificate on this is it. Todd Brewster writing for Salon under … Continue reading

That Pre-Vote Pledge By The British Party Leaders

Saor Alba - Free Scotland

Taking about broken promises the above image is taken from today’s edition of Britain’s right-leaning Times newspaper. So much for all-party pledges in the wake of Scotland’s “No” vote. However in related news, via Newsweek: “The Scottish National Party (SNP) has doubled its membership since its independence campaign ended in a narrow defeat last Thursday, overtaking … Continue reading

British Nationalism, Sorry, Unionism

British Unionist or Neo-Fascist


The Night Of The Union Jacks

The British presence in Ireland - a faded and tattered thing

@alextomo 75,000 sign petition for re vote amid vote rigging scandal — deborah butler (@IWILLNOTGOAWAY) September 20, 2014 CCTV confirms an arson attack last might on a generator at the rear of the pro-independence Sunday Herald building in Glasgow #indyref — alex thomson (@alextomo) September 20, 2014 #British #Unionists #Nazi salutes, flares + mounted … Continue reading

Nazi-Saluting British Thugs Take To Streets Of Glasgow

British soldiers in Afghanistan give the Neo-Nazi-Red-Hand salute of the British terror factions in Ireland

Nazi-saluting British unionist and nationalist “No” supporters staging a rally in Glasgow this evening. Reports of violence and arrests already as “Yes” voters warned to stay away. The reality of Scotland rejecting Independence?

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