Irish Neutrality Versus The Anti-Islamist Armchair Generals

A bleak headline from a story in the Irish Independent, reporting the words of the Fine Gael minister of justice, Frances Fitzgerald: “Ireland is also under threat from terror and must prepare, says minister” Except that is not exactly what she said, as the rest of article makes clear: “There is no particular information that we… Read More Irish Neutrality Versus The Anti-Islamist Armchair Generals

1916 Is Over And The Good Guys Won

Every year, on the 11th of November, hundreds of far right and neo-fascist campaigners in France, including the former leader of the Front national, Jean-Marie Le Pen, make their way to the small island of Île d’Yeu, just off the coast of the western Pays de la Loire region, to lay flowers and wreaths at the grave of Philippe Pétain, the head… Read More 1916 Is Over And The Good Guys Won

Condemning Rebellion In Occupied France And Ireland

Today’s Irish Times newspaper carries a deeply offensive article examining the period of 1939-45 in France and what the author of the piece characterizes as the “armed rebellion” of the French Resistance against the mandated administration of the country by Nazi Germany and it’s collaborationist partners during World War II. In particular the journalist questions… Read More Condemning Rebellion In Occupied France And Ireland

Those Leaked Al Jazeera Emails On Charlie Hebdo

The National Review Online, the web-version of the right-wing American current affairs magazine, has published a series of “leaked” emails from the Al Jazeera news network under the somewhat disingenuous headline “Leaked Newsroom Emails Reveal Al Jazeera Fury over Global Support for Charlie Hebdo“. In fact the emails don’t reveal any such “fury” but rather… Read More Those Leaked Al Jazeera Emails On Charlie Hebdo

Support The Reunification Of Brittany!

Since the 1940s when the fascist government based in southern France partitioned Brittany into two separate administrative regions with the objective of countering Breton resistance to the Vichy regime the Celtic nation has been fighting to reunite its two halves. Now the crisis-ridden French president, François Hollande, has announced new plans which will further cement that… Read More Support The Reunification Of Brittany!

Some Basque Lessons

This article on the resilience of the indigenous language of the historic Basque nation in north-eastern Spain and neighbouring France is filled with the sort of optimism that one rarely hears in relation to the Irish language. From The Blue Review, a publication of Boise State University in the United States: “Steve Mendive is a history/government… Read More Some Basque Lessons

The French Elections 2012 – The Breton Connection

The Agence Bretagne Presse carries the results of the first round of votes to the French parliament from Brittany (in French, of course). Nationalist politics in Brittany is incredibly fractious and has been since the 1970s. The Unvaniezh Demokratel Breizh (UDB) remains the largest party but it is a regionalist one (à la Plaid Cymru) and largely competes as part of shifting… Read More The French Elections 2012 – The Breton Connection

No Peace For The Basque Country

Just a quick post to note the strange events in the Basque Country, both Spanish- and French-ruled, where despite the declared cessation of operations by ETA (the Basque guerilla organisation) authorities in Spain and France have in fact intensified their counter-insurgency efforts. This has been coupled with a refusal to enter into any meanigful negotiations with the Basque nationalist movement, despite several separatist parties making significant electoral gains… Read More No Peace For The Basque Country

Les Irlandais Autochtones

The Irish-based French blog Couleurs irlandaises has another look at the Irish language in contemporary Ireland, including a mention of your’s truly, un blogueur militant Le renard blond (actually, I do believe I am more Le renard blanc. But then again, a fox by any other name…). Though I don’t agree with all of its conclusions it remains challenging stuff and is well worth reading for any… Read More Les Irlandais Autochtones

Brittany And Cornwall – The Return Of The Celtic Nations

A late post on some news from December of last year as the Celtic League carries a story with major implications for the partitioned Celtic nation of Breizh (Brittany). “The French Parliament has voted in favour of a change in the law that could herald the reunification of Brittany. In the evening of Wednesday 21st December 2011 the… Read More Brittany And Cornwall – The Return Of The Celtic Nations