Ominous Portents For The Baltic States?

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia

Last week I had a quick look at the purchase by Latvia of surplus armoured vehicles from Britain as part of the Baltic nation’s commitments to its NATO membership. The questionable utility of the decades-old armour for modern battlefield conditions was obvious, even in the operational deployments planned for by the strategists in Brussels. However, … Continue reading

Playing With The Big Boys

Merkava IV Main Battle Tank, Israeli Defence Forces

The things the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation encourages its aspirant member states to do in order to play with the big boys. In the case of Latvia, with its tiny, largely part-time military, its the purchase of second-hand armoured vehicles from Britain, the first to be delivered by 2016. Why? Well ostensibly so the Latvians can … Continue reading

The Age Of Wars

ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

Couple of things caught my eye over the weekend. One is the low key presence of the regular Iraqi Armed Forces in the recent fighting against armed contingents of the Islamic State in northern and western Iraq. Instead the push-back against the Islamic militants is being spearheaded by a number of paramilitary groupings, the various … Continue reading

From Irish Ireland To English Ireland

There’s been something of a surprise result from Latvia where a national referendum has rejected moves to make Russian the second official language of the small Baltic nation along with Latvian. In an unusually high turnout which saw 70% of registered voters going to the polls, a majority of 75% voted against the proposal, much … Continue reading

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