Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

The latest electoral poll shows Sinn Féin on 21%, just a handful of points behind Fianna Fáil’s 25% and Fine Gael’s 27%. So are we detecting signs of a slow panic taking seed amongst the Britanophile Randinistas at the all-powerful Independent stable of newspapers? Judging by the headline above and more importantly the picture chosen … Continue reading

Revisionism Or War By Other Means

There is huge controversy in France at the moment after it was revealed in a local newspaper that a monument to be erected at the site of a famous WWII clash between the French Resistance and the Waffen SS (part of the German Occupation Forces) was to commemorate the sacrifices of both the Resistance fighters … Continue reading

Ian O’Doherty – The Answer To A Question Nobody Asked

The latest noxious brain-fart from the Daily Mail wannabe in today’s Irish Independent newspaper: “Despite RTÉ’s incessant efforts to make the rest of us care about the North, most people have far more interesting things on their minds. Grass growing. Paint drying. Studying theology. That sort of thing. Frankly, most of us look at this … Continue reading

The Empire Strike Back!

The results from the 2011 Census of Ireland published last week revealed continued growth in the Irish-speaking communities of the nation and the raised social standing and acceptance of our indigenous language and culture. 1,777,437 million people or 41.4% of the population stated in the census that they were able to speak Irish, an increase of 7.1% since the 2006 results. Of that number 801,063 … Continue reading

Colum Kenny, The Irish Independent And Some Media Spin

Colum Kenny is a regular columnist for the Oirish Independent newspaper, popular amongst right-wing types and other motley conservatives. Here’s his bio from Dublin City University (DCU): “Professor Colum Kenny, B.C.L., Barrister-at-Law, Ph.D, School of Communications. Areas of special interest include broadcasting, journalism, media, culture and society. He is the author of, among other titles, The Power of Silence: Silent Communication in Daily Life … Continue reading

A Native Place

The new Irish language social networking site Abair Leat!, which is primarily aimed at language learners, has been officially launched by the Irish-American comedian and Gaeilgeoir Des Bishop. From the Irish Times: “… Abair Leat! is the first user generated content application of its kind and allows users to create a personal profile, add friends and exchange … Continue reading

Discrimination Dressed As Reasonableness… Isn’t It Always?

An article in the Irish Times decries the alleged “preferential” treatment given to Irish-speaking children in the education system because some students receive higher grades for successfully completing their study and examinations solely through the medium of the Irish language. No matter that Irish-speaking children are otherwise discriminated against in Ireland through the lack of Irish-medium schools, education services … Continue reading

Have You Seen The Size Of My Gun?!

The “Oirish” Daily Mirror carries an eye-grabbing headline: “We could have killed the Queen on Ireland visit, claim Real IRA” Well of course they would claim that but is there any more to this report than a mere headline? “THE Real IRA last night claimed they planned to kill the Queen when she visited Ireland. … Continue reading

Horrible Histories With The Sunday Independent

The Irish Independent’s pet “historian”, John Paul McCarthy, has written a lengthy article on some of the behind-the-scenes events relating to the 1981 Hunger Strikes documented in the Irish and British government papers released at the start of the year. As always he has his own very personal interpretation of Irish history. “The State Papers for 1981 deal with … Continue reading

An Anti-Irish Free State?

I’ve written several pieces here about the shock and dismay felt by many Irish-speaking citizens across Ireland at the decision by the current Fine Gael-Labour coalition government to abolish the office of An Coimisinéir Teanga or the Language Commissioner; a decision justified as a necessary requirement of the hack and burn austerity measures dictated by the IMF-ECB. However … Continue reading

Second Class Citizens With Second Class Rights

Two weeks ago I predicted that the Fine Gael led coalition government would use a review of the Official Languages Act of 2003 to reverse a decade’s worth of progress on equal rights for Ireland’s Irish speaking communities. And, hey, guess what news was announced today? The Irish Times carries the story: “The decision to close the office of the Irish Language Commissioner has led … Continue reading

Scary Éire?

In the debate over the relative values of the Irish and English languages in contemporary Ireland one of the arguments being put forward by a small but powerful minority of anti-Irish zealots in the Anglophone community is that we should be learning another non-English language instead of Irish for “economic” reasons. The one picked from … Continue reading

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