Paddy Ashdown, IRA Volunteer

Paddy Ashdown is a former British marine commando and intelligence officer with MI5, the ex-leader of the Liberal-Democrat party (which is now the minority partner in Britain’s coalition government), and a senior European and UN diplomat. So his view on the conflict in the British Occupied North of Ireland and how it relates to his … Continue reading

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Britain’s Very Own Own Crimea In Ireland

Military jeeps driven by masked men wearing combat fatigues drive through the darkened streets of a city while hysterical crowds scream “Bring out the guns!” before confronting local paramilitary police. A week later over a hundred masked and uniformed men invade a local community, ransack homes, setting some on fire, driving people onto the streets … Continue reading

Time For Truth, An Fhírinne Anois

With thanks to the Mirror, a powerful video from the Irish victims support organisation “Relatives for Justice” which campaigns for truth and openess in relation to the former conflict in the north-east of Ireland. Though focused on those who suffered at the hands of the British Forces and their terrorist allies the pain and suffering on display … Continue reading

British War Hysteria – The Hibernoban!

So to another round of Fantasy Troubles as the news media in Britain, with a nod and a wink from domestic “security sources”, launch a febrile attempt to whip up some old fashioned anti-Irish hysteria in the lead up to Christmas. And how are they doing that, you ask? Why, by claiming that Irish insurgent … Continue reading

Death Squad Britain – The Past That Won’t Stay Hidden

Regular readers of An Sionnach Fionn will know how many times we have examined in detail the activities of Britain’s various official and unofficial forces participating in its thirty year long counter-insurgency war against the Irish Republican Army and others in Ireland. Of the official forces perhaps the most infamous have been the covert units … Continue reading

From Drogue Grenades To IRAMs

There are a couple of recent articles in the At War blog of the New York Times that are quite interesting. The first examines the use of conventional weapons and explosives by the various Iraqi insurgency groups fighting against the United States and other foreign militaries in the country from 2003 to the present time (in particular … Continue reading

British Terrorism In Ireland – A Return To War?

At the start of the summer rumours began to circulate in media and political circles that factions of the British terror gangs in Ireland, principally within the UVF and UDA-UFF, were agitating for a series of “one-off strikes” on Irish civilian communities in the north-east of the country if those communities succeeded in halting some … Continue reading

The North-East Of Ireland: Convergence

The Irish blogger “Endgame In Ulster” asks why is the political establishment of the British Unionist community in the north-east of Ireland in crisis? The answers make it obvious.

Ireland’s 800 Year Culture War

Recently a trilingual Danish acquaintance of mine, somewhat familiar with Ireland, asked me why is it that most of the political leaders of the British Unionist minority in the north-east of the country are so vociferous in their antipathy to the Irish language and equal rights for Irish-speaking men, women and children in the region. … Continue reading

NI21 – Or NI1921?

People are speculating that the newest “moderate” British Unionist party to be announced on Thursday by Basil McCrea and John McAllister will be named “NI21”. This is taken as a reference to “Northern Ireland 21st Century” and the Unionist-leaning media in the north-east of the country (and elsewhere) is going all weak at the knees … Continue reading

A Fake Economy In A Fake State

The benefits of Britain’s continued colonial rule over the north-east of Ireland? Fake shops for a fake economy. From the BBC: “Fermanagh is having a £1m makeover as it prepares to host the G8 summit and the world’s media in June. For the last month shoppers have had to dodge ladders and scaffolding as dozens … Continue reading

Ireland’s British Troubles

Interesting revelation from court documents released in Belfast (via the Detail), where Ciarán Martin, the former Security and Intelligence adviser to British prime minister David Cameron, admits that British terrorist groupings operating in Ireland during the conflict in the north-east of the country did so with the backing and support of Britain, perhaps up to … Continue reading

Margaret Thatcher – She Came, She Saw, She Failed

As a citizen of Ireland there is only one Margaret Thatcher that I remember. From the archives of the Guardian newspaper: “Margaret Thatcher horrified her advisers when she recommended that the government should revive the memory of Oliver Cromwell – dubbed the butcher of Ireland – and encourage tens of thousands of Catholics to leave … Continue reading

More Accounts Of Death Squad Britain

Veteran Irish journalist and author Ed Moloney and his colleague Bob Mitchell continue their investigations into the Military Reaction Force (MRF), a British Army death squad that operated in the north-east of Ireland during the early 1970s. Its notoriety and reckless nature (with carloads of heavily armed undercover soldiers carrying out random drive-by shootings of the civilian populace in the city … Continue reading

Unionism Closes Ranks

Interesting to note that the DUP leader Peter Robinson and UUP leader Mike Nesbitt have agreed a joint “Unionist Unity” candidate, Nigel Lutton, for the Mid-Ulster by-election, and the furore that has emerged around it. Lutton is a former liaison-officer with the Northern Ireland Police Fund, a former volunteer with the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and … Continue reading

Britain’s War In Ireland – Learning The Lessons

The Irish journalist and author Finian Cunningham examines the conflict in the north-east of Ireland during the late 1960s and early ‘70s and draws some lessons in relation to France’s present military intervention in Mali. His description of the origins and early years of the Northern War are particularly noteworthy: “This week sees the anniversary … Continue reading

The McGurk Bar Massacre – British Bombers In Irish Cities

Two reviews of the ground-breaking investigative book “The McGurk’s Bar Bombing: Collusion, Cover-Up and a Campaign for Truth” by the Irish author and campaigner Ciarán Mac Airt. The first is from the news and current affairs blog Its A Political World and the second is from the journalist and screenwriter Viv Young in The New York Journal of Books. For more on the … Continue reading

Counter-Gangs – The Origins Of British Terrorism In Ireland

I’ve devoted considerable space on An Sionnach Fionn to cataloguing Britain’s dirty war in Ireland highlighting a wide range of evidence gathered over the last forty years by human rights organisations, journalists and historians. Now the independent news and current affairs site Spinwatch has worked with the Pat Finucane Centre to publish a new study, “COUNTER-GANGS: A history of undercover military units in Northern … Continue reading

The Ballot-Box And Petrol-Bomb – Unionism In Action

The best of British – in Ireland.

“Northern Ireland” 48% Protestant, 47% British – So Why Is Ireland Still Partitioned?

Several weeks ago the elected members of Belfast City Council voted by a majority to end the year-round flying of the British national flag from the rooftop of the city hall. Councillors agreed instead to reduce the number of days the flag was flown to certain “designated days”; essentially those periods during the year held to be of special significance to the British Unionist … Continue reading

Fantasy Troubles Part 4

In the aftermath of the publication of the de Silva report into the assassination of the Irish civil rights lawyer Pat Finucane by terrorists from the British-run UDA the journalist and author Paul Larkin has an excellent summing up on his blog of the career of the British “super-spy” Ian Hurst (also known by his … Continue reading

Death Squad Britain

Two weeks ago the British prime minister, David Cameron, apologised in the UK parliament on behalf of the British nation for the assassination of the Irish civil rights lawyer Pat Finucane by gunmen from the UDA-UFF, a British terrorist organisation in the North of Ireland under the control of Britain’s paramilitary, military and intelligence services. An official report into Pat Finucane’s murder by the former UN war crimes’ investigator Desmond … Continue reading

People Power – Taking Back The North

Sometimes the sheer two-faced hypocrisy of the average Unionist media sympathiser leaves one dumbfounded. And none more so than the ever-so flexible opinions of the Neo-Unionist apologist-writer Ruth Dudley-Edwards. As a “commentator” Dudley-Edwards has spent decades excoriating Irish Nationalism and Republicanism throughout the British and Irish media with repetitive allegations of tribalism, sectarianism, fascism and half-a-dozen other … Continue reading

Named And Shamed – The Faces Of Britain’s Death Squads In Ireland

Following the report by the former UN war crimes investigator, Sir Desmond da Silva, into the 1989 assassination of the Irish human rights lawyer Pat Finucane by British terrorists under the control of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, the former British paramilitary police force in the North of Ireland, a greater focus in now on those behind Britain’s “Dirty War” in Ireland. The veteran Irish journalist Ed Moloney, with his colleague … Continue reading

Pat Finucane – A Victim Of Britain’s State-Sponsored Terrorism In Ireland

On the 12th of Februaray 1989 the respected Irish civil rights lawyer Pat Finucane was sitting down to a Sunday dinner in his north Belfast home with his wife Geraldine and their three young children. Pat was a northern Roman Catholic from a large working-class Nationalist family and Geraldine a northern Protestant from a middle-class Unionist background both of whom had met and fallen in … Continue reading

Continuity IRA Prisoners End Dirty Protest In Maghaberry

Last week a significant number of the Irish political prisoners in the now notorious British-run Maghaberry Prison in the Occupied North of Ireland announced an end to their long-running “dirty protest”, a campaign to highlight the inhumane conditions they were being kept in. The prisoners were members of the Real Irish Republican Army or other … Continue reading

A Letter From John Paul Wootton

John Paul Wootton is a twenty year old Irishman who was arrested on the 10th of March 2009 at the age of seventeen by the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the British paramilitary police force in the North of Ireland. He was interrogated for two weeks by PSNI officers in the most appalling of circumstances … Continue reading

“New” IRA Prisoners End Their Dirty Protest In Maghaberry Prison

It’s been announced that a section of the Irish political prisoners engaged in a “Dirty Protest” in the notorious Maghaberry Prison near Lisburn in the Occupied North of Ireland are to end their campaign from today. According to media reports twenty-two prisoners who now form part of the “new” Irish Republican Army (a military coalition … Continue reading

Irish Political Prisoners And The Revolutionary Dynamic

Well there is no surprise in this tragic news. In fact observers have been predicting something along these lines for several months now. According to the news media a member of the British-run Northern Ireland Prison Service was killed in an ambush in County Armagh. So far reports are pointing towards an operation by Resistance Republicans, partly … Continue reading

British Supremacism In Ireland

The British separatist minority in Ireland doing what the British separatist minority does best: terrorising and intimidating other communities while expressing the supremacist attitudes of a colonial elite. From Chris Donnelly over on Slugger O’Toole: “1. Loyalist bands, along with Loyal Order representatives and unionist politicians –  including First Minister Peter Robinson – release a letter to the newspapers condemning the Parades Commission for action … Continue reading


Following on from my article about the claimed merger of several Republican Resistance groups to form a new Irish Republican Army comes the latest analysis from Suzanne Breen in the Belfast Telegraph: “An announcement that dissident groups have formed a single, new version of the IRA has been dismissed as a publicity stunt. Sources in … Continue reading

A New IRA?

Well, given the rumours and rumblings, and perhaps not unrelated to the recent shooting of a (former?) prominent member of the 32 County Sovereignty Committee (32CSM) in Derry, we have a claim that a majority of Resistance Republicans have come together to form a new or united Irish Republican Army with the current membership and organisation of the Real IRA at its core. Henry McDonald in the … Continue reading

The Orange Order – Bringing Fear And Intimidation To A Community Near You

To their members and supporters (not to mention sympathisers) the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland is a purely “cultural organisation” that “peacefully celebrates” British and Protestant ethnicity and identity in Ireland. To pretty much everyone else on the planet they are a militant Christian fundamentalist organisation that wraps up anti-Catholic sectarianism and anti-Irish racism with the more extreme strands of British Nationalism. What it “celebrates” is British colonial … Continue reading

Ardoyne Residents Respond To Orange Order Intimidation

In response to the annual violence sparked by a handful of intimidating marches through Irish communities in the British Occupied North of Ireland by the militant British nationalist and Christian fundamentalist organisation, the Orange Order, one community group has released a statement reflecting the views of local residents in their area. (via The Five Demands): “Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective Statement – 12th July 2012 “GARC is a non party-political residents’ group that is there … Continue reading

From The Five Demands – Tensions In Ardoyne


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