Yes To Equality

Tá. Comhionannas. LADT - Yes. Equality. LGBT

There are many fair and progressive reasons to vote yes in the expected referendum on marriage equality later this year and I agree with most of them. However there is a less immediately obvious reason to support the constitutional amendment on same-sex relationships. A positive vote in the plebiscite will send out from Ireland a message of … Continue reading

Ireland’s Supreme Court, Rights Of Irish-Speaking Citizens Are Conditional

Several writers and activists have protested recently at my characterization of Irish-speakers in Ireland as second-class citizens with second-class rights. They say it goes too far and misrepresents the true political and legal situation for Hibernophones in this country. So, in answer, from a report today by RTÉ: “A native Irish speaker who is due … Continue reading

How Can The Irish State Ignore The Wishes Of 41% Of Its Citizens?

An article in the Irish Times by Seán Tadgh Ó Gairbhí examining the reaction of people in Ireland to the texting in the Irish language by the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is well worth reading. As are the many Comments underneath. Some are positive. Some are simply depressing. “On Monday night, Chris Hadfield became the … Continue reading

Where’s The Irish At The Irish Constitutional Convention?

As I have noted many times before there is a certain desire in the body politic (and its media acolytes) to reduce even further the legal status of the Irish-speaking citizens and communities of Ireland and that of the Irish language in general. We have seen it demonstrated recently in the drive by the Fine Gael-Labour coalition to rip apart the Official Languages Act of 2003, … Continue reading

What About Our Irish Rights?

The much heralded Constitutional Convention is finally on the horizon after many a false dawn. According to the Irish Times: “The Taoiseach and the Tánaiste are to brief Opposition leaders Micheál Martin and Gerry Adams as well as the Dáil’s Technical Group this evening on the Government’s plans for the proposed Constitutional Convention. Mr Kenny and … Continue reading

From Irish Ireland To English Ireland

There’s been something of a surprise result from Latvia where a national referendum has rejected moves to make Russian the second official language of the small Baltic nation along with Latvian. In an unusually high turnout which saw 70% of registered voters going to the polls, a majority of 75% voted against the proposal, much … Continue reading

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