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As a fighter for the indigenous language and culture of the island-nation of Ireland I sometimes have mixed feelings about the United States of America. First and foremost it is someone else’s country. The native peoples of North America who forcibly share their continent with and within three larger nation-states are the ones my natural empathy lies with. If the Native American peoples gained some form of genuine or actual sovereignty within their territorial boundaries I for one would be happy. More than happy.

Yet the United States is a nation that I also admire. After all the Irish people played a part in its creation and maintenance, and still do so. During the long centuries of the British Occupation the US was the home to countless Irish exiles and a source of hope and resistance. Too many Irish people gloss over the debt we owe Irish-America. Too many Irish people forget the thousands of graves across the United States (and Canada and Mexico) where lie the remains of Irish men and women who sacrificed all that they could so that Ireland may be free, that those they left behind may be finally unfettered from generations of serfdom. Their suffering (and they did suffer) is something official Ireland would rather be hidden away for it cannot accept that one can remember without the need to emulate, such is the petty imagination and lack of wit of our ruling Neo-Ascendancy classes. Or perhaps they fear that we will see something in times past that will hold up a mirror to these indentured times we live in now?

In any case I like the United States and I like its citizens. On one coast the north-eastern seaboard and the great stretch of lands running from New York City to the Canadian border (and well beyond) has always attracted me. On the farther coast the north-west woods and hills hold a particular fascination. However, like everywhere, the US has its extremes. In the States there are those who would make a Christian theocracy of their secular republic. They are mainly, perhaps all, on the political Right. Most are socially and economically conservative though a few libertarians add to the uneasy mix.

Many follow Fox News, that monstrous television, radio and online vehicle of biased newscasting filtered through the dark prism of Roger Ailes’ world-view.

However every now and again the prism so distorts the light it shines that it illuminates itself becoming in the process an object of scrutiny for all.


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Anne Coulter – Close Encounters Of A Right-wing Kind

I’ve been asked by a couple of readers to offer some commentary on the current contest amongst the Republican Party in the United States as it decides who its next nominee for election to the White House will be. Santorum, Romney, Gingrich or Ron Paul?

So here it is.

Is it just me or does rent-a-mouth Anne Coulter look suspiciously like the big, spindly alien from Sci-Fi classic “Close Encounters of a Third Kind”?


It’s positively disturbing!