Vote For An Sionnach Fionn In The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

Another year, another nomination to the Blog Awards Ireland competition. This is the third time in a row for An Sionnach Fionn, though with no political or news categories this year, the site has been added to the Best Blog Post contest for the article, “The Battle of Pettigo and Belleek, May To June 1922“, published on the ninety-third anniversary of the… Read More Vote For An Sionnach Fionn In The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

Citizen Journalism And Bellingcat

If you are interested in what is commonly known as “citizen journalism“, the internet-invigorated tradition of independent news reporting and analyses coming from individuals and alternative media groups, can I recommend that you visit the website Bellingcat. Launched in 2014 by Elliot Higgins, the once anonymous writer behind the influential Brown Moses blog, Bellingcat focuses on the use of open source information, gathered primarily… Read More Citizen Journalism And Bellingcat

The Real and Fake Twitter Followers Of And George Hook

Back in March the social networking site Facebook insisted that I change my personal FB profile to a promotional Facebook Page on the spurious grounds that I was a product rather than a person (in the words of Frank Spencer, I’m a man!). Bizarrely this necessitated setting up a new personal profile on the website… Read More The Real and Fake Twitter Followers Of And George Hook

Here Be Dragons, Book Images Of The Internet Archive On Flickr

Susceptible as I am to the marriage of history with technology, being the original antiquarian-technophile, my love affair with the Internet Archive (a digital library offering free access to a legion of books, movies and music, not to mention some four billion cached web pages) grows ever deeper. If you haven’t browsed its files you really need to… Read More Here Be Dragons, Book Images Of The Internet Archive On Flickr

Google Ngram Viewer, Irish Republican Army, Fenian, Fenians

Judging by the positive reactions it seems that many of you have enjoyed my occasional posts highlighting the earliest occurrences of the term “Irish Republican Army” in the vast repositories of digitised and increasingly digital publications known as Google News and Google Books, so I thought I’d introduce you to another one of the online tools provided by the internet giant for would-be researchers. Using… Read More Google Ngram Viewer, Irish Republican Army, Fenian, Fenians

Chronology of Irish History 1919–1923

Over the last year I’ve been contacted by a few people enquiring if I knew anything about the disappearance of the web-based “Chronology of Irish History 1919 –1923”, an invaluable month-by-month account of significant events from the War of Independence and Civil War created by Séamus Fox of Dublin City University and maintained on the DCU servers… Read More Chronology of Irish History 1919–1923

Glenn Greenwald On War By Other Means

From Glenn Greenwald a must-read for Republican and progressive activists in Ireland and elsewhere examining how the internet is used and abused to manipulate individuals and groups in the interests of major nation-states. To defeat one’s enemy one must understand (or become?) one’s enemy. “One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the… Read More Glenn Greenwald On War By Other Means

Britnats Target SNP Website Through Avast!

Here’s a thing. The avast! Online Security and Web Reputation Plugin, a web browser extension bundled with one of the world’s most popular free security programs, rates the online homepage of the Scottish Nationalist Party as “bad”. That means the SNP’s website has been found by multiple avast! users to be a “dangerous” internet location to visit,… Read More Britnats Target SNP Website Through Avast!

From World Wide Web To World Wide Watch

The newspaper revelations by the Guardian and the Wall Street Journal in relation to the NSA’s positioning of itself as a global “Big Brother” seems to have surprised many but most people who have been observing the growing “intelligence-industrial complex” (to rephrase Eisenhower’s warning) will have been aware of the outline of these programs already.… Read More From World Wide Web To World Wide Watch

Words Of Wisdom

Just a quick post to note and recommend the wonderful, informative and always entertaining Irish Blog at Transparent Language. Its idiosyncratic nature is its joy. There are more Irish language online resources here and here. If you like languages (and just plain wisdom) then also have a look at the Omniglot Blog, which is part of the Omniglot website. Related articles Institutional… Read More Words Of Wisdom

A Native Place

The new Irish language social networking site Abair Leat!, which is primarily aimed at language learners, has been officially launched by the Irish-American comedian and Gaeilgeoir Des Bishop. From the Irish Times: “… Abair Leat! is the first user generated content application of its kind and allows users to create a personal profile, add friends and exchange… Read More A Native Place

Try Again 2012!

Talking of the Irish language online there is certainly a lot of speculation at the moment about the new website “Try Again 2012” and the associated high-profile advertising campaign around the country (not to mention on social networks like YouTube and at Twitter under the hashtag #tryagain). The Herald seems to have got to the truth behind the rumours:… Read More Try Again 2012!

Stop Censorship! Protect Internet Freedoms!

Thank you to everyone who contacted me over the last 24 hours as An Sionnach Fionn joined the global internet “blackout” protest against the SOPA/PIPA legislation currently before the United States Congress, and thanks for your patience and understanding. The dangerous nature of the proposed US bill is not just an American concern but an international one since it… Read More Stop Censorship! Protect Internet Freedoms!