Native American Day

The Native American Nations In The United States - Trapped In The USA

Yesterday was Columbus Day in the United States, the latterly Italian-American festival commemorating the “discovery” of the Americas by the speculative expeditions of Christopher Columbus in the 1490s. Of course for many others in the US the second Monday in October is Indigenous Peoples’ Day (or Native American Day) which marks the moment when European … Continue reading

Victory For Navajo Nation In US Settlement

The Native American Nations In The United States - Trapped In The USA

With good news an all too precious commodity this is very welcome indeed. From the Independent newspaper: “When senior figures from the US Government sit down with the President of the Navajo Nation in Window Rock, Arizona on Friday, their meeting will mark an historic moment in the relationship between native Americans and the country … Continue reading

The Irish Revolution And Native America

In June 1919 Éamon de Valera, the American-born president of Ireland’s revolutionary government, was smuggled out of a war-torn country on an ocean liner and into the United States of America where he launched on a whirlwind, coast-to-coast tour that brought crowds numbering in the hundreds of thousands onto the streets of several major American … Continue reading

The War On The Indigenous Peoples Of Chile

From the London Independent newspaper a report on the continued persecution of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, this time in Chile: “Jaime Huenchullan, 35, lives in a wooden shack on a plot of land outside the rural town’s limits. He grows his own vegetables in a small orchard and milks his sheep every morning … Continue reading

Land Restitution – More News From The Occupied Territories

An excellent article in the Guardian by Dana Lone Hill of the Oglala Lakota Sioux people outlining the campaign by her nation for the return of their ancestral lands in Pahá Sápa or the Black Hills country of South Dakota: “The Fort Laramie Treaty granted the Black Hills to the Sioux Nation, and prohibited white … Continue reading

The Young Ancestors

Excellent article over on Indian Country Today on a new documentary, The Young Ancestors, which examines the efforts of Native American students in New Mexico to learn their indigenous Tewa language. “When producer/director Aimée Broustra heard about it she decided to make a documentary. “The teenagers in The Young Ancestors are motivated and enthusiastic about learning because … Continue reading

Native Americans – Life As Usual In The Occupied Territories

When I was growing up in Ireland and it came to playing that age old game of “Cowboys and Indians” it was always noticeable to me that no one wanted to play a cowboy. All of us, instinctively as it must have then been, wanted to be Indians. Why is that? Were we the exception? … Continue reading

Bad Blood In The Massachusetts Senate Race?

There is a minor firestorm in US politics at the moment (and no, I don’t mean the jaw-droppingly medieval law passed by Christian fundamentalist voters in the state of North Carolina). This particular controversy is swirling around the contest for a US Senate seat in Massachusetts between incumbent Republican Scott Brown and Democratic candidate Elizabeth … Continue reading

Native Americans – Trapped In The USA

Unexpected but welcome news in the Guardian as a United Nations (UN) committee is about to carry out an investigation into the treatment of the citizens of the Native American nations within the United States of America. “The human rights inquiry led by James Anaya, the UN special rapporteur on indigenous peoples, is scheduled to begin on … Continue reading

The United States And The Native American Nations – Progressing Towards True Equality

Some welcome news for dozens of Native American nations as the US government has announced that it is to pay more than 1 billion dollars (around 760 million euros) in settlements to end a series of long-running legal battles with a number of indigenous peoples in the United States. From a report by the Indian Country Today Media Network : “The Obama administration announced April 11 its … Continue reading

Native Americans – Second Class Americans

There is a disgraceful story of discrimination towards Native American schoolchildren at a local high school in the United States, highlighted by the Indian Country Today: “On January 19, a Menominee Indian seventh grader named Miranda Washinawatok was benched and suspended from a Catholic School in Shawano, Wisconsin, for speaking her Native Menominee language with two other girls from the Menominee … Continue reading

Native America, Native Ireland And The Culture Of Anti-Colonial Conflict

Interesting article by Native American activist Lawrence Sampson on Ireland, the United States and the culture of anti-colonial conflict – and the influences it leaves behind. “Most American Indians can tell you first hand of the litany of violent campaigns conducted on Indian land over the course of the last generation. While mainstream America and the … Continue reading

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