Fine Gael And Labour Versus Fascists And The Irish ISIS

The Ladies of Fine Gael - old habits die hard

In most normal Western-style democracies men and women associated with environmental movements tend to be on the broad Left or Centre-Left of politics. Unfortunately Ireland is not a normal Western-style democracy. Which means that on our post-colonial basket case of an island nation quite a few folk one would normally class as liberals have in fact … Continue reading

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Plenty Of Sinister Fringes To Go Around

Britain's death squads in Ireland

From a report by the “Irish” Sunday People newspaper in July 2004: “At least three Garda officers in the scandal-hit force in Donegal were secret agents for British military intelligence, The Irish People can reveal. Garda Special Branch detectives have launched a secret probe into finding the to date un-named moles who supplied intelligence on IRA … Continue reading

The Return Of The Sinister State 

Armed and armoured officers of a Regional Support Unit in the Garda Síochána

  So an unpopular minster in an unpopular government implementing unpopular policies is given her marching orders by a community suffering above-average levels of deprivation and poverty, yet the right-wing media argue that she is the one we should have sympathy for? And for what? Recognising that voters actually exist and have opinions in the long … Continue reading

Joan Burton Burns Rubber

An officer of the Garda Public Order Unit or riot squad, An Garda Síochána, Ireland

Talking of unfinished revolutions we learn this evening that Joan Burton, Tánaiste, minster for social protection and Labour Party leader, was trapped in a Garda jeep during a visit to Tallaght with dozens of Gardaí – including members of the Public Order Unit or riot squad – standing between her and several hundred anti-water tax protesters. After two … Continue reading

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Photo of Mae Burke, Eithne Coyle and Linda Kearns, Cumann na mBan revolutionaries, taken shortly after they escaped from a British POW camp, in Carlow, Ireland 1921

I’m not quite sure if the political establishment in Ireland is embarrassed, ashamed or terrified by the 2016 centenary of the Irish Revolution but there is definitely something amiss in the way they are reacting to the approaching anniversary of the Easter Rising of 1916. After four years of stonewalling from various representatives of the Fine Gael-Labour coalition the … Continue reading

The Irish Slave Mind

Native African workers in the Belgian Congo, men, women and children with their hands cut off by their European masters

Given some recent conversations on ASF I thought this article might be of interest to a number of readers. It discusses the much vexed issue of the Irish “slave mentality”, the aberrant mindset found in a significant number of people on this island nation who place no value in their own linguistic, cultural or national identity but who instead wish to emulate the identity … Continue reading

Defenders And Defilers Of The Irish State

No Home Rule. Still the view of the British-apologists and Neo-Unionists in the Irish media

Apparently Gerry Adams TD, leader of the political party the polls declare the most popular in the country, has issued a death-threat to the editor of the Irish Independent newspaper. At least that is how the more self-entitled sections of the media establishment are framing reports of a speech and blog post he made in recent … Continue reading

Sinn Féin’s Bluff And Bluster On Irish Rights

Sinn Féin's Irish language policies

Sinn Féin, and to a lesser extent the SDLP, are still throwing all sorts of shapes in the regional assembly at Stormont protesting the sub-racist banter of the DUP’s Gregory Campbell, regressive Unionism’s long-standing agent provocateur for all things Irish, including our language. His bigotry towards Irish-speaking communities and citizens is nothing new. Like many British … Continue reading

Same As It Ever Was

The British Occupied North of Ireland

The thousands protesting against the imposition of unwarranted taxes and iniquitous government policies are crypto-terrorists. The Gardaí are being unfairly vilified and intimidated. The two parties in the coalition government are being undermined by subversive political rivals who are barely democratic let alone worthy of office. And some elements of the press – not controlled by … Continue reading

Princes And Princesses Of The Continuity State

Corruption or patronage

100,000 marchers on the streets of our capital city, gangs of Gardaí shuttling contractors for Uisce Éireann around suburban housing estates to deter would-be protesters, the dominant political parties being hammered in by-elections as voters turn to avowedly anti-establishment candidates, the Taoiseach being hemmed into a sports-centre by crowds of angry citizens while his minders push men … Continue reading

The Acceptable Form Of Racism In Ireland

Scary Eire

Do Irish-speaking communities and citizens in Ireland enjoy full equality with their English-speaking peers when it comes to the institutions of the state? I have long argued that they do not and the events of the last three years have provided plenty of evidence of that. We have witnessed law-abiding people being arrested by the … Continue reading

The Irish Famine Of 1925

The buildings of the Four Courts devastated by the British-supplied artillery used by the Irish National Army (Free State Army), the Battle of Dublin, 1922

These are the people, the right-wing Nationalist forces, that initiated and won the counter-revolutionary civil war of 1921-23 and this is the conservative Irish Free State they replaced the liberal Irish Republic with. From an article by Fin Dwyer of the excellent Irish History Podcast: “In the early 1920s Ireland was in a ruinous state. … Continue reading

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