Three Irish Tales

Labhair Gaeilge

As Sinn Féin accuses the lacklustre Fine Gael-Labour Party coalition of abandoning key government demands during the recent talks between Ireland, Britain and regional parties in the north-east of the country, the BBC takes a look at one of the touchstone issues for northern nationalists and many others on this island nation: the Irish language. … Continue reading

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Rallies, Demonstrations And The Numbers War

Missiles thrown at police lines as up to 100,000 protesters bring Dublin to a standstill over imposition of water charges

  30,000 or 100,000? That is the politically crucial question in relation to the numbers of people who attended yesterday’s massive demonstrations in Dublin against the government-imposition of water taxes (at the behest of the EU, ECB and IMF, of course, as well as some rather influential commercial interests at home). The Garda Síochána stopped issuing official crowd-estimates for public events some … Continue reading

Ireland Facilitated CIA’s Torture Porn Program

Troops from the United States Army on patrol in Iraq

For several centuries the physical and psychological abuse of captives, male and female, old and young was something experienced by almost every generation of Irish people during our island nation’s long struggle against colonial occupation. Even in the modern industrial era it was common for military and political prisoners in Ireland to be subject to inhumane and abusive treatment during periods … Continue reading

Ireland Third Most Deprived Nation On EU 15 List

Enda Kenny, the great leader of the Irish nation

The Irish news media has spent much of the last week focusing on the issue of homelessness following the dreadfully sad passing of Jonathan Corrie, a forty-three year man found dead in a doorway just meters away from Leinster House, the building housing Oireachtas na hÉireann. Unfortunately much of the reporting has been at the shallow end of the analytical … Continue reading

Sinn Féin And Fianna Fáil 2016

Fianna Fáil, back from the dead ( (Photo: Séamas Ó Sionnaigh, Binn Éadair, Cúige Laighean, Éire, Meitheamh 2012)

    Today’s Irish Times Ipsos MRBI poll makes for some interesting reading, not least with the dramatic surge in support for the category of Independents and Others (the latter term covering several small parties who are unfairly clumped together by the pollsters and news media, a common practice which actively weighs against such parties … Continue reading

Waterboarding Made In Britain

John Hume, Irish political statesman and later winner of the Nobel Peace prize, is siezed by British troops, Occupied North of Ireland

Back in June of this year Ireland’s public service broadcaster RTÉ finally got around to examining the long history of Britain’s use of physical and psychological torture against Irish men, women and children in a television documentary called “The Torture Files”. It caused a minor furore in the country before the news media hurriedly moved … Continue reading

Irish Belongs To Everyone On This Island Nation

Scary Eire

  An alternative view on the Irish language and Irish-speakers in modern Ireland from the viewpoint of a member of the British Unionist minority in the north-east of the country, albeit an unusually sympathetic and supportive one. Journalist and academic Ian Malcolm writing for the Belfast Telegraph: “On Remembrance Sunday I wore my poppy and … Continue reading

Irish Native Reservations

An Ceathrú Gaeltachta, Béal Feirste

Another great analysis from Diaga Language on the growing challenges facing the Irish-speaking population of Ireland, particularly as they relate to the slow destruction of the Gaeltachtaí. These are regions of the country officially recognised by various governments in the 1920s and ‘30s as majority Irish-speaking and pretty much ignored thereafter. The frequent jibe that … Continue reading

Shitting On The Irish Since 1169

Labhair Gaeilge

While the rest of Europe is getting on with the 21st century in the north-eastern corner of our island nation the final redoubt of the British colony in Ireland continues to behave as if it were the 19th century. At the annual conference of the DUP, the largest political party representing the Unionist minority community … Continue reading

Fine Gael And Labour Versus Fascists And The Irish ISIS

The Ladies of Fine Gael - old habits die hard

In most normal Western-style democracies men and women associated with environmental movements tend to be on the broad Left or Centre-Left of politics. Unfortunately Ireland is not a normal Western-style democracy. Which means that on our post-colonial basket case of an island nation quite a few folk one would normally class as liberals have in fact … Continue reading

Plenty Of Sinister Fringes To Go Around

Britain's death squads in Ireland

From a report by the “Irish” Sunday People newspaper in July 2004: “At least three Garda officers in the scandal-hit force in Donegal were secret agents for British military intelligence, The Irish People can reveal. Garda Special Branch detectives have launched a secret probe into finding the to date un-named moles who supplied intelligence on IRA … Continue reading

The Return Of The Sinister State 

Armed and armoured officers of a Regional Support Unit in the Garda Síochána

  So an unpopular minster in an unpopular government implementing unpopular policies is given her marching orders by a community suffering above-average levels of deprivation and poverty, yet the right-wing media argue that she is the one we should have sympathy for? And for what? Recognising that voters actually exist and have opinions in the long … Continue reading

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