The Origins Of The Halloween Jack-O’-Lantern

There are many customs surrounding the annual October holiday of Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve, the quasi-Christian festival incorporating significant elements of the traditional Irish and Celtic celebration of Samhain or Feis Shamhna, the mythologically-important date marking the transition between the winter and summer halves of the year in the Gaelic calendar. One of the… Read More The Origins Of The Halloween Jack-O’-Lantern

JK Rowling, In Defence Of Greater England

Sometimes an individual should simply stick to doing what he or she does best. In the case of the British author J.K. Rowling her “best” is continuing her spectacularly successful career of writing fantasy books for children; and not becoming an online agent provocateur for Greater England: a veritable troll-baiting champion of its hegemony over the island of… Read More JK Rowling, In Defence Of Greater England

Michael White, The Debonair Greater Englander

Michael White, the parliamentary correspondent of the nominally centre-left Guardian newspaper in the UK, has gained an unenviable reputation over the last decade as one of the more odiously patronising Greater England supremacists of the London commentariat. His barely concealed disdain for the “Celtic fringe” is carefully couched in a pseudo-liberal façade of Anglo-Leftist “anti-tribal” rhetoric. Of… Read More Michael White, The Debonair Greater Englander

Scottish Democracy Meets X Factor

In the recent Scottish referendum 44% of voters said “Yes” to an independent Scotland. In contrast 56% of voters said “No” with the general understanding that this rejection of independence was conditional on further powers being devolved to the Edinburgh parliament and government from their London counterparts. The promise of so-called “devo-max” in return for… Read More Scottish Democracy Meets X Factor

That Pre-Vote Pledge By The British Party Leaders

Taking about broken promises the above image is taken from today’s edition of Britain’s right-leaning Times newspaper. So much for all-party pledges in the wake of Scotland’s “No” vote. However in related news, via Newsweek: “The Scottish National Party (SNP) has doubled its membership since its independence campaign ended in a narrow defeat last Thursday, overtaking… Read More That Pre-Vote Pledge By The British Party Leaders

Tweeting For #VoteYes In The #IndyRef #Scotland

Some recent tweets by @ansionnachfionn on the #IndyRef #BritNats so desperate they referencing #DadsArmy in #IndyRef so #VoteYes for #Scottish FUTURE not #British PAST — An Sionnach Fionn (@AnSionnachFionn) September 17, 2014 If #UK is a “family” of nations #Ireland was the kidnapped girl chained in the basement! We escaped + so can #Scotland… Read More Tweeting For #VoteYes In The #IndyRef #Scotland

John Prescott, A Metaphor For Failed Britain

As the referendum campaign on Scottish independence enters its closing days Lord John Prescott, the former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, holder of half-a-dozen senior cabinet posts and deputy leader of the British Labour Party, visited Scotland to drum up support for the Unionist cause. On the back of his hand was written the… Read More John Prescott, A Metaphor For Failed Britain

Scotland Votes No, Scotland Gets Tory/UKIP (DUP/UUP/TUV) Rule?

Some interesting polling in Britain which shows that the centre-left Labour Party is still in the lead over the governing centre-right Conservatives and right-left Lib-Dems. However despite all the adverse publicity of recent weeks and concerted media criticism the right-wing England-centred UKIP movement under Nigel Farage is not just holding its own with potential voters… Read More Scotland Votes No, Scotland Gets Tory/UKIP (DUP/UUP/TUV) Rule?

A Message To Scotland

When the children’s author JK Rowling announced her financial support for the anti-sovereignty side in Scotland’s forthcoming referendum on independence she lamented the alleged online campaign of abuse against British Unionist supporters by their Scottish Nationalist rivals. While using her own troll-like language to mischaracterise some of those who believe in a free and self-governing… Read More A Message To Scotland

Bye-Bye Peace Process! Hello Orange World Order!

A terrifying report from the Guardian newspaper for anyone who knows anything about the history of modern Ireland: “David Cameron hosted a lavish reception in the Downing Street garden for Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionists last week, prompting senior party figures to say the prime minister is wooing its MPs ahead of a possible hung parliament… Read More Bye-Bye Peace Process! Hello Orange World Order!