Scotland Votes No, Scotland Gets Tory/UKIP (DUP/UUP/TUV) Rule?

Scotland's First Minister and SNP leader Alex Salmond adresses independence rally, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2012 (Photo: Wings Over Scotland)

Some interesting polling in Britain which shows that the centre-left Labour Party is still in the lead over the governing centre-right Conservatives and right-left Lib-Dems. However despite all the adverse publicity of recent weeks and concerted media criticism the right-wing England-centred UKIP movement under Nigel Farage is not just holding its own with potential voters … Continue reading

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Equal In Any Language

We Are 42% - Gaeilge Anois!

In yesterday’s Guardian newspaper the journalist and political activist Ellie Mae O’Hagan argues that the Welsh language should be part of the school curriculum not just in Wales but in other parts of the island of Britain too. Since “England and Wales” are essentially treated as one constitutional and legal entity under British law it … Continue reading

A Message To Scotland

When the children’s author JK Rowling announced her financial support for the anti-sovereignty side in Scotland’s forthcoming referendum on independence she lamented the alleged online campaign of abuse against British Unionist supporters by their Scottish Nationalist rivals. While using her own troll-like language to mischaracterise some of those who believe in a free and self-governing … Continue reading

Harry Potter To The Rescue!

It says much for the fantasy politics of British nationalism that a decision by the English-born children’s author JK Rowling to boost the already hefty warchest of the Unionist “No” campaign with a donation of one million pounds is being heralded by the right-wing press in Britain as “the most significant” celebrity intervention in the referendum … Continue reading

Bye-Bye Peace Process! Hello Orange World Order!

A terrifying report from the Guardian newspaper for anyone who knows anything about the history of modern Ireland: “David Cameron hosted a lavish reception in the Downing Street garden for Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionists last week, prompting senior party figures to say the prime minister is wooing its MPs ahead of a possible hung parliament … Continue reading

The Forces Of Darkness Gather

There is truly nothing more astonishing in this world than a British nationalist politician who is completely oblivious of his own nation’s history of imperial misdeeds and crimes around the globe. Or worse, actually believes that such things are worthy of veneration because they were committed by the nation of Britain and are therefore above approach … Continue reading

Welsh, A Foreign Language In Britain

Substitute “Ireland” for “Wales” and “Irish” for “Welsh” and the discrimination revealed below would be pretty much the same. From a report in the Daily Post newspaper: “After receiving a form in English from National Savings and Investments, 72-year-old Arfon Rhys sent it back and requested either a Welsh or bilingual form. The letter he then received from … Continue reading

Rising Poll Numbers For Yes Vote In Scotland

Another poll, another rise in support for Scottish independence (and the SNP) with this year’s momentous referendum half-a-year away. From the Scotsman newspaper: “SUPPORT for Scottish independence has reached its highest level for more than six months, according to a new opinion poll. When asked how they would vote if the referendum was held today, … Continue reading

The Peace Process Elicits Irish Pride But British Shame?

So suddenly the news media around the globe have become aware of one the most widely-known secrets in Irish and British politics. As part of the Peace Process of the late 1990s and early 2000s dozens of former Volunteers of the (Provisional) Irish Republican Army sought by the British authorities were recognised as having de facto … Continue reading

Letter Bombs In Britain. A Failure Of Vision

This is not 1884 nor is it 1974. So what on earth is the military or revolutionary rationale for sending letter-bombs to local recruitment offices of the British Army in towns and cities across Britain? How does that in any way shape or form represent an act of military resistance to the continued British Occupation … Continue reading

Death Squad Killers In The Land Down Under

An update on the revelations late last year by a BBC news documentary examining the murderous activities of the British Army’s covert Military Reaction Force (MRF) during the early days of the conflict in the north-east of Ireland. From 1971 to 1973 the unit carried out a series of terrorist attacks against the civilian population … Continue reading

England, Wales And Southern Scotland

Not so long ago I set a rather large cat loose amongst some red, white and blue pigeons when I drew attention to the whispering campaign being engaged in by some Unionist politicos favouring a “partition of Scotland” should this year’s referendum on Scottish independence go against the authorities in Britain. So far a number … Continue reading

Scotland: Latest Poll Records Rising Yes Vote

For the last two years members of the SNP government in Edinburgh have been claiming that in the lead-up to the referendum on Scotland’s independence there would be a significant shift in polling as voters finally decided on their constitutional future – Scottish rule or British rule. Well it seems that they may have been … Continue reading

British Unionism In Ireland – Anyone But The Irish!

Lord Megabucks Kilclooney, also known as former Ulster Unionist Party bigwig John Taylor, has jumped once again feet first into the referendum on Scottish independence. Not content with suggesting last year that an independent Scotland should be “partitioned” with the Borders region up to and including parts of the city of Glasgow retained under London … Continue reading

Scottish Independence, 35% Yes, 43% No

The latest Panelbase poll from Wings Over Scotland, the headline figures say it all: Should Scotland Be An Independent Country?  35% Yes 43% No 20% Undecided Closer and closer…

British Soldiers, Nazi Salutes – The Story We Had First

The newspapers in Britain are currently debating the significance of images from the conflict in Afghanistan showing serving British soldiers posing in front of the British national flag and the now discarded “Northern Ireland” banner while making stiff-armed Nazi salutes. The Mail on Sunday broke the story which has been taken up by the Guardian … Continue reading

Education In Britain – Cultural Conditioning?

In the 2011 census on the island of Britain large numbers of people living in Scotland, Wales and England rejected the nationality of “British”, a majority in all three countries preferring to describe themselves instead as solely Scottish (62.4%), Welsh (57.5%) or English (60.4%). Which makes the BBC News article claim that Britishness is “…an … Continue reading

21st Century British

From the website “Welsh Not British” the 2011 census on the island of Britain summed up in one easy graph. Say’s it all really. Some more excellent analysis can be found on Syniadau examining the figures in Wales, Scotland and England.

A Return To London Rule Through A No Vote?

There is a general view abroad in Scotland that a “no” vote in the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence would represent a political win-win situation for the country. Even if voters were to register a ballot-box rejection of full sovereignty many believe that the British government would still be obliged to yield more authority to … Continue reading

The Guardian Enters GUBU Territory

From the Guardian newspaper: “Guardian editors on Tuesday revealed why and how the newspaper destroyed computer hard drives containing copies of some of the NSA and GCHQ secret files leaked by Edward Snowden. The decision was taken after a threat of legal action by the government that could have stopped reporting on the extent of American and British government surveillance revealed … Continue reading

Scottish Voters Split On Independence Question

The Panelbase voter questionnaire commissioned by Wings Over Scotland has thrown a spanner in the works of the usual media polls on the question of Scottish independence showing that the Scots are almost evenly divided in their opinions with 36% favouring a No vote, 34% a Yes vote and 30% undecided. “36% of Scots voters … Continue reading

Britain First – Ein Volk, Ein Reich!

The Protestant Coalition, that fundamentalist bastion of British and Protestant militancy, isn’t just worried about uppity Papists and Paddies in Ireland. They also have their watchful eye on the threat from the East – the Middle-east that is. Helpfully they link to some lovely chaps at Britain First. Britain First returns the favour by supporting … Continue reading

Catalonia, Scotland And Québec

Couple of articles looking at the faltering fortunes of the sovereignty movements in Scotland and Québec when compared to the dynamism readily observable in their Catalan equivalents. The first comes from Patrick West in the contrarian Spiked and reflects a broadly British Unionist Nationalist viewpoint: “On the face of it, Spain and the United Kingdom … Continue reading

Thoughtcrime Does Not Entail Death – Just Surveillance

Thanks to the big splash in today’s Guardian newspaper we now have more evidence of just how far we have travelled into an Orwellian present (not future). “Britain’s spy agency GCHQ has secretly gained access to the network of cables which carry the world’s phone calls and internet traffic and has started to process vast streams … Continue reading

From World Wide Web To World Wide Watch

The newspaper revelations by the Guardian and the Wall Street Journal in relation to the NSA’s positioning of itself as a global “Big Brother” seems to have surprised many but most people who have been observing the growing “intelligence-industrial complex” (to rephrase Eisenhower’s warning) will have been aware of the outline of these programs already. … Continue reading

Paul Theroux And The Boston Bombing

On the 16th of May 2013 the Daily Beast published an article by the Massachusetts-born travel writer and author Paul Theroux where he expressed his views on the terrorist attack in the city of Boston on April 15th. “For several decades, starting in the early 1970s, I traveled regularly from London, where I lived as a resident … Continue reading

Ireland’s British Troubles

Interesting revelation from court documents released in Belfast (via the Detail), where Ciarán Martin, the former Security and Intelligence adviser to British prime minister David Cameron, admits that British terrorist groupings operating in Ireland during the conflict in the north-east of the country did so with the backing and support of Britain, perhaps up to … Continue reading

Nigel, Nigel, Nigel – Out, Out, Out

Scottish blogger James Kelly calls it right as he examines the ignoble retreat of the UKIP leader Nigel Farage from his expedition to Scotland. From the International Business Times: “Farage thought it would be a great line to say that his tormentors want the “Union Jack… to be extinguished from Scotland forever”. Now I dare say that … Continue reading

Margaret Thatcher – She Came, She Saw, She Failed

As a citizen of Ireland there is only one Margaret Thatcher that I remember. From the archives of the Guardian newspaper: “Margaret Thatcher horrified her advisers when she recommended that the government should revive the memory of Oliver Cromwell – dubbed the butcher of Ireland – and encourage tens of thousands of Catholics to leave … Continue reading

Truth Is The First Casualty Of War

Last Monday I watched the second part of TV3’s drama-documentary series, “In the Name of the Republic”, where once again Eunan O’Halpin claimed to offer an analysis of the alleged actions of the Irish Republican Army during the Revolution of 1916-1923. Despite a few days of thinking it over and trying to see some historical value in the whole exercise it is hard to escape … Continue reading

British Separatism In Scotland

So Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, has finally unveiled the long-promised date for the Scottish independence referendum: Thursday the 18th of September 2014. Good news for the broad Nationalist movement in Scotland which now has a target date to aim for (along with the encouraging – if slight – rise in the polls for the potential pro-independence vote seen recently). However the political war over Scotland’s … Continue reading

National Self-Determination – British Need Apply Only

Well there’s no surprise in the news that the vast majority of the people living on the Islas Malvinas/Falkland Islands have voted to remain under British rule in a referendum held yesterday. Apparently the British government believes that this act of democratic self-determination by the inhabitants of the territory will be central to Britain’s case under … Continue reading

Ireland – Poster Child Of The Stockholm Syndrome

Andrew S. Loveland has an interesting post over on The Frumious Bandersnatch examining the famous (if exceptional) psychological condition known as the Stockholm Syndrome: “In 1973, Jan-Erik Olsson and Clark Olofsson entered the Kreditbanken premises in Stockholm fully intending to relieve the bank of it’s coffers. The heist failed miserably and the men subsequently took three females and … Continue reading

Mixed Results For Plaid Cymru In New Poll

A new poll of 1007 voters from across Wales by ITV Cymru / YouGov continues to reflect the so-so fortunes of Plaid Cymru, the Welsh Nationalist party. After a decade of mediocre election results, and an unexpectedly dire performance at the 2011 polls under charismatic new leader Leanne Wood, the Welsh Nationalists were seen as … Continue reading

HMG Official Statement – Britain Is England

Did you know that Scotland ceased to exist as a nation after the so-called Act of Union between the Kingdoms of Scotland and England in 1707 that formed the United Kingdom of Great Britain? Maybe, yes, though people’s views differ but did you know that England continued to exist as a nation? In fact, England … Continue reading

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