The Human Centipede

No Home Rule. Still the view of the British-apologists and Neo-Unionists in the Irish media

So one of the principle figures in the incestuous gang-bang that is modern Irish journalism has handed over the reins to her successor as Anne Harris, current editor of the Sunday Independent newspaper, one-time deputy-editor and second wife of the late Sunday Independent editor Aengus Fanning (father of regular Sunday Independent writers Dion and Evan … Continue reading

Defenders And Defilers Of The Irish State

No Home Rule. Still the view of the British-apologists and Neo-Unionists in the Irish media

Apparently Gerry Adams TD, leader of the political party the polls declare the most popular in the country, has issued a death-threat to the editor of the Irish Independent newspaper. At least that is how the more self-entitled sections of the media establishment are framing reports of a speech and blog post he made in recent … Continue reading

The Downfall Of The Sindo Bunker

An officer of the Garda Public Order Unit or riot squad, An Garda Síochána, Ireland

Just a bit of fun – albeit with a bite ;-)

Tony O’Reilly, Entrepreneur Or Ideologue?

John Redmond The British Ventriloquist

For the last three decades the national press in Ireland has been dominated by the publications of the Independent News & Media group (INM), a corporation formerly ruled by the controversial businessman Tony O’Reilly (or “Sir Anthony O’Reilly” as his newspapers were allegedly instructed to describe him following his “knighthood” by the British head of state in 2001 for … Continue reading

Does He Mean Us? Yes, He Does

At the start of December last year I wrote a brief post marking the achievement of 400,000 views of An Sionnach Fionn in the two plus years of its existence. I also mentioned one other aspect of this website’s success, the apparent ire of newspaper columnist and former RTÉ producer Eoghan Harris at the online … Continue reading

Voting Fianna Fáil – Like A Dog Returning To Its Vomit

Another weekend, another poll, this time a telephone survey of 1000 voters by Millward Brown on behalf of the Sunday Independent newspaper. I’m always wary of examining polls in newspapers that fail to provide a link to the hard data of the survey and this one is no different. We are relying on the journalists and editors to provide us … Continue reading

The Sunday Independent Has An Article On Irish History – Which Favours The Irish!

Something truly strange must have happened in the offices of the Sunday Anglo Independent over the last few days. Why? Because someone has managed to smuggle an article into the newspaper examining a facet of Irish Republican history that isn’t the usual concoction of lies, propaganda and counter-factual fantasies. Unprecedented! “Armed only with a pot of pink chrysanthemums and a walkie-talkie, … Continue reading

Horrible Histories With The Sunday Independent

The Irish Independent’s pet “historian”, John Paul McCarthy, has written a lengthy article on some of the behind-the-scenes events relating to the 1981 Hunger Strikes documented in the Irish and British government papers released at the start of the year. As always he has his own very personal interpretation of Irish history. “The State Papers for 1981 deal with … Continue reading

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil – The Irish News Media And The Sam Smyth Scandal

As many regular readers may know (you are there, aren’t you?) I frequently bang on about the inequities of the “media establishment” in Ireland. In general I pretty much loathe ‘em, the whole right-wing, faux liberal, elitist Anglo shower. Bah! But for those of you who ask, “A Shionnach, but why?”, here, in several easily digestible paragraphs, … Continue reading

The Sunday Independent – The Real Threat To Irish Democracy

Today’s Sunday Independent newspaper makes for incredible reading. There is one subject and one subject only; Martin McGuinness. And one clear strategy: keeping him out of Áras an Uachtaráin by any means necessary. The vitriol directed towards McGuinness is simply astonishing. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything quite like it before, at least outside the pages … Continue reading

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