Anne Coulter – Close Encounters Of A Right-wing Kind

I’ve been asked by a couple of readers to offer some commentary on the current contest amongst the Republican Party in the United States as it decides who its next nominee for election to the White House will be. Santorum, Romney, Gingrich or Ron Paul? So here it is. Is it just me or does … Continue reading

One Man’s Terrorist – You Know The Rest…

Over the years I’ve always been amused by the strong, pro-British line taken by much of the mainstream US media when it came to reporting and editorialising on the conflict in the British Occupied North of Ireland. Invariably most US news organisations, especially the printed press, were anti-IRA and anti-Sinn Féin, with reportage that could … Continue reading

No Room For The Irish At The American Tea Party

I recently wrote about the new forms of anti-Irish propaganda circulating amongst right wing circles in the United States which have begun to filter from the fringe into mainstream American politics and journalism. Though the cutting edge of this campaign of misinformation has centred on Ireland’s alleged role as the chief ‘anti-Israeli’ state of the … Continue reading

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