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British Labour Party Majority Halved – SNP Vote Doubled – British Media Proclaim Labour Victory… Huh?!


I’m still trying not to laugh as the British Labour Party (and much of the British establishment press) eulogises Labour’s by-election victory in Inverclyde. According to the centre left, and very English, Guardian newspaper

‘The Scottish Labour party has welcomed its “stunning” victory in the Inverclyde byelection after it held the seat by an unexpectedly convincing margin.’ 

That would be stunning as in seeing your majority, in one of the safest Labour seats in Scotland, more than halved while your SNP opponents saw their vote doubled. That’s some convincing margin. 

As I predicted, with the forces of British Unionism Nationalism lined up behind the Labour party as the only hope of saving the ‘Union’ north of the border (knowing full-well that both the Conservatives and LibDems are effectively dead in the water), the rhetoric, spin and distortions are only going to get worse.

It’s going to be a turbulent couple of years until the referendum, a chairde.

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