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Ireland – The First And Last Of The Pax Britannica

It has been said that for the British Ireland was too close to to be ignored but too far away to be absorbed, which not only sums up much of Britain’s unwanted intrusion into our island nation but British attitudes to the present day. The people of Britain (for which read England) only pay attention to what happens in Ireland or to Irish matters when forced to. This is no more clearly expressed than in the British media whose ignorance of all things Irish goes from the laughable to the simply depressing.

Of course even the most myopic can sometimes have a moment of insight, as is ably illustrated in this Daily Mail article by Peter Hitchens (Christopher’s younger, less talented brother). On a visit to the North of Ireland to view the lifestyles and curious customs of the local natives who live in this last gasp colony of the Pax Britannica (mainly the July 12th triumphalism of the British colonial minority on the island), Hitchens’ observes what most of us already know: that ‘Northern Ireland’ is a place in transition, a region moving from its unnatural home in an unnatural entity (the United Kingdom) to its natural home within the larger Irish nation. Patronising, post-Imperial, Middle England nonsense aside the article is actually worth reading for what most English and British nationalists now recognise as the inevitable.

By the by, should it not be ‘Peter Hitchens’ Blog‘ not ‘Peter Hitchens’s Blog‘?

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