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An Sionnach Fionn – An Anniversary Of Sorts


Well my first ever Post on An Sionnach Fionn went up on the 15th of May 2011 (back when it was still a “” site). Since then there have been 464 more, along with quite a few permanent Pages. At the end of May we passed the 100,000 Views mark, so to celebrate this modest milestone a big thanks to one and all: the causal readers and the regulars. Special thanks in particular to all those who Comment, email, tweet or otherwise message. It is much appreciated, as are the re-postings to other blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg, Redditt, Tumblr, Pinterest and all the rest.

It’s you who drive this site, idiosyncratic Gaelic Republican, Übergeek, amalgam that it is. And without you and your contributions it would be a far lesser, and far less fun, venture.

Go raibh míle maith agat…

An Sionnach Fionn.

13 comments on “An Sionnach Fionn – An Anniversary Of Sorts

  1. Congratulations!


  2. Anraí O'Cathain

    Keep it goin’ ya boy ye!! Eire abu!


  3. Congratulations from your many and growing number of followers in Wales!


  4. Gearaidh mac Griogair, Scottish Republican & artist congratulates you on a good fight well won! (Not unlike Clonakilty’s sponsorship of the great and good Cork City!)


  5. Niall O'Donnell

    Please keep up the good work, your blog is a breath of fresh air!
    Go raibh maith agat!


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