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Irish War Graves Desecrated In Cork

Tomás Mac Curtain pictured with his wife and young family in March, 1920, just a few days before his murder by the RIC or British paramilitary police in Ireland
Tomás Mac Curtain pictured with his wife and young family in March, 1920, just a few days before his murder by the RIC or British paramilitary police in Ireland

In the wake of TV3’s much criticized drama-documentary “In the Name of the Republic”  I argued that the intent of the Neo-Unionist fringe in Ireland (and their apologists elsewhere) is to falsify and corrupt the Irish people’s understanding of their own history, in particular the period surrounding the War of Independence. This weekend that intent has been given physical form by the true-believers of the revisionist movement. On Saturday historic graves belonging to a number of prominent revolutionaries who fought or died during the 1916-1923 struggle for Irish freedom were desecrated at St Finbarr’s Cemetery in Cork. From the Irish Examiner newspaper:

“Graffiti was daubed on some of the headstones, with slogans including ‘IRA scumbags’ and ‘Fuck the IRA’ painted on others.

Local gardaí and members of the special branch are currently investigating.

Amongst those buried in the plot are former Lord Mayor Tomas MacCurtain, whose headstone was vandalised.

…Tom Barry’s headstone, which isn’t at the plot, was also vandalised – indicating that vandalism was deliberately carried out…”

For those who need reminding Tomás Mac Curtain was the elected Lord Mayor of Cork City who was assassinated in his home on the 20th March 1920 in front of his wife and son by members of the Royal Irish Constabulary. He was just 36 years of age.

So it begins…

13 comments on “Irish War Graves Desecrated In Cork

  1. I find this and many of your other posts around the hostility towards the Irish language deeply disturbing. What is happening/has happened to the Irish soul? Is it just outworkings of self-loathing so common in post-colonial societies? Is this behaviour some kind of deep legacy of partition?

    I don’t understand it at all and am outraged.


  2. Mr. Emmet

    (EmmetRising_1803 here). Extraordinary and disgusting desecration of the graves. Hopefully just a once-off random excursion of some gang of gobshites…


    • The fact that the graves of prominent revolutionaries were targeted, and not all in a single graveyard, indicates that this is more than random vandalism.


      • Agreed. The online and radio discussions in the aftermath of the acts of vandalism point to an organised attack and by more than one individual. The programme-makers and the British-owned television channel TV3 cannot, should not, be allowed to escape some culpability for what has happened. And this is not the first time it has happened.


    • Hopefully, but this is not the first time we have seen historical monuments attacked on the back of historically dubious TV programmes. Outside of TG4 many Irish TV-makers seem to take a Neo-Unionist or British-apologist line. Then again many also have their eyes on careers in the rich-pickings of British TV-land. Anti-Republican propaganda makes for a good bit of PR on any CV from Ireland.


  3. A.Tomás

    It is not TV3 but the historian behind it, same with RTÉ/BBC with their deliberately picked “historians” for the story of Ireland.
    Actual academic historians seem never to be approached. Remember it pays to be a revisionist, otherwise British people on Amazon are not going to buy your book!

    I googled graves desecrated and it would appear this story was kept out of the news.
    (In fact the first thing that came up was the British press on about WW2 graves desecrated, from the Daily Mail to the Guardian, compare that to the Irish media of our patriots).

    My money is on British loyalist fanatics. This was not random. One only has to look at the nutter who who wrote this letter to the Examiner a few days later.


    • Wow. That letter was something else. And a complete (and deliberate?) misreading of Irish history. The idea that Ireland was some sort of quasi-autonomous parliamentary democracy in 1916 is laughable. It was a British colonial possession within the UK and treated as such (and this was explicitly recognised by the British government a few months ago in its briefing document on Scotland and the UK’s constitutional make-up). The whole basis of the British administration, law and policing in Ireland was focused on colonial rule.

      What matter if the British soldiers who fought the Irish Revolutionaries in 1916 were Irish-born British soldiers? The Vichy police who fought the French Resistance were French-born. Does that make them heroes and the Resistance terrorists? Only the maddest of the mad Right Wing in France believe that. Jean-Marie Le Pen would find solace in such views.

      Are these people the Irish National Front?!


  4. Bob Wilson

    The people who have dishonoured the fighters for an independent Ireland are those who have continued to approve the destroying of Irish sovereignty by voting yes to the gradualist European super state. You can clean a head stone or replace a head stone, you will only get your country back from the EU with mass blood shed. The independence fighters would be so embarassed, they gave you a freedom and you threw it back in their faces. How on earth could it be the work of an Irish national front, if the attacks are fundamentally anti the Irish nation. British loyalist fanatics can hardly be the Irish national front. Plus the Marxist Labour party in Great Britain has destroyed Great Britain by something called devolution. If you want to know who runs the media in Ireland and the former GB then look no farther than the Jewish folks. Some of these people have a hidden agenda which involves stiring trouble between the “gentiles” who they by order of their “Talmud” want to enslave and rule. They did this in two big events known as the World wars which were gradualist steps towards setting up a fascist Talmudic world government.
    “we Jews regard ourselves as superior to all humanity and look forward…… our final triumph over them” (Prof. Goldwin Smith, 1981)
    “all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation which consequently is entitled to seize upon it” (Schulchan Aruch)
    “we will have a world government whether you like it or not” (James Warburg)
    “the ideals of Bolshevism are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism”(The Jewish Chronical 1919)
    “go out to the final war of the Golus, to conquer and purify all the Gentile countries” (Shabbos Parshas)
    “if Gentiles refuse to live a life of inferiority then this signals their rebellion and the unavoidable necessity of Jewish warfare against their very presence” (Mardechai Nisan)

    So fellow Golus are you prepared to keep arguing and fighting your fellow Gentiles until we kill each other off so that the Jews can inherit the Earth, just as they have been planning it. In case you are wondering Golus means cattle, the people who want your country are not British or English but rather Jewish. Some people claim they are Khazars which are half Turkish Mongolians who adopted the Talmud as their direction in life and believe as Baruch Levy wrote to Karl Marx, “the Talmud will be fulfilled, the promise that the Jews at the arrival of the messiah will possess the key to the wealth of all the people of Earth”. How many Talmudic people operate in Ireland? a lot more than you think, do not for a second think they are friendly towards you Golus, they hate and detest you, they want your country, they are going to get it. Have you seen the film 1984? “if you want to immagine the future, immagine a boot stamping on a human face forever”. Sweet dreams my fellow Gentile buddies.


    • Thanks for the Comment, Bob. Frankly it is complete and utter nonsense with not a shred of validity. Nevertheless I will let it stand so others may judge it or offer their own opinion.


    • Jewish people have been part of the social fabric of Ireland for centuries if not millenia. A republican viewpoint is one that is inclusive and tolerant of all faiths; your views are offensive to those who share the political philosophy of republicanism but also to decent humans everywhere.

      As for the destruction of GB/UK, I would argue that it is because of the failure of the southern English to pay attention to their fringes, to believe that what is good for the home counties is good for the other countries and regions of the UK. Have a look at Vanished Kingdoms by Norman Davies, there he argues that the start of the break up of the UK began with the creation of the Irish Free State in 1922. Devolution and possible Scottish independence is just a slow continuation of those same forces.


      • Derek, as far as I can make out from his other Comments Bob is a British national, not Irish. And certainly not an Irish Republican.

        At least one certainly hopes so! 🙂

        “Vanished Kingdoms” is indeed highly recommended. An excellent and informative read.


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