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Crowd-Sourced Questions For Micheál Martin

Mick Fealty of the Irish news and current affairs blog Slugger O’Toole is looking for crowd-sourced questions to put to Micheál Martin, leader of Fianna Fáil, at this year’s Ard-Fheis. I’ve already offered one suggestion and I’d ask others interested in equal rights for Irish-speakers, FF standing for election in the north-east of the country, the economy north and south, and many other nationally important matters to offer their suggestions at the relevant Google Moderator page (sign in using Google/Gmail to leave a question). Try and keep them short and without obvious point-scoring, and hopefully a few of the tougher ones might get through.

Séamas Ó Sionnaigh: “If elected what policies would Fianna Fáil implement in relation to the rights of Irish-speaking citizens? Do you personally favour a fully bilingual Ireland along the lines of Québec or Catalonia? Will you legislate to create such a state?”

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6 comments on “Crowd-Sourced Questions For Micheál Martin

  1. brilliant question


  2. Here’s another:

    Why isn’t the Fianna Fáil website available in Irish as the Plaid Cymru website in Wales is in Welsh?
    Fianna Fáil

    Plaid Cymru


    • Add the question via the link above. The more questions we ask the better chance of some getting through! I navigated the “ga” FF site. A joke. 90% is in English!


  3. Peadar Ó Lorcáin

    Sionnach: FF’s website has always been a bad joke for Irish language readers – although fair play to the then 2009(?) vamped FF-er website in that it was bilingual: English and Polish! – Thanks, Peadar


    • Ah yes, I remember that along with the similar bilingual FG, Labour, the SP, the WP and the ULA websites too. They also all produced multilingual literature in Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and French for the local and national elections. Well, all the -linguals except Irish. We just had to make do with the odd Litir um Thoghchán to satisfy us. Second-class citizens with second-class rights. Or needs.


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