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NAMA Wine Lake Closes – Irish Elites Breathe Easier

NAMA Wine Lake is no more. And so goes another keen observer of government and establishment misdoings while the craven media continues to serve up its diet of bread and circuses. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

4 comments on “NAMA Wine Lake Closes – Irish Elites Breathe Easier

  1. Peadar Ó Lorcáin

    Sionnach: You’re dead right of course but it can’t have been a surprise – as a state we’re totally screwed where few give a rat’s ass about anyone (your post on casual street violence illustrates just that…. unaccountable-common law justice system) — With a quarter-of-a-million long-term unemployed, the imaginative would say: “Here’s the thing!” – outsourcing of public services will stop (after PRSI contributions are spent, 12+mnth unemployed will become part-time state employees at E200wkly) – cap government pay at E100k including non commercial semi’s with trasparent governance – FOI etc (RTE, CIE etc) ……. jettison the banks (we have “high-street” lending in credit unions and post offices)……. reign in duplicitous public sector vulture capitalists like barry o’leary of IDA and ditch the evils of FDI tax-debauchery…… and mean’s test everything (child benefit, free primary/secondary education) and introduce maximum E10k university fees…….. none of that will happen, naturally – but should it? – no way! – who’ll stop it: the libertarian-left and the middling classes – those whom Labour chased in the early 90s with free third level (Niamh B. TD was punished for it) – and sinn féin for last decade chasing after same bourgeoisie…… all hope is lost! – Peadar


  2. Peadar Ó Lorcáin

    Sorry SIonnach – had a headache writing that last posting…..uncalled for! Head’s cleared a bit but otherwise….. pé scéal é – Peadar


  3. Peadar Ó Lorcáin

    thanks very much for that sionnach – walked passed barry o’leary last summer in rathmines: a generalisation but seemed like a shifty-boll*x! :p – beri bua, peadar –


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