Jack Vance
Jack Vance

Thanks to WorldbyStorm for highlighting the passing of that elder statesman of American Sci-Fi and Fantasy literature, Jack Vance. While his politics sometimes left a little bit to be desired one could never say the same about his imagination or his writing. From a report in the Guardian:

“Tributes from the great and the good of the science fictional universe have been pouring in following news of the death of author Jack Vance late on Wednesday.

Vance died in his sleep, aged 96, at home in California on Sunday, his family announced yesterday. He leaves behind more than 50 novels and 100 short stories. Perhaps best known for his Dying Earth stories, set far in the future where “the sun is feeble and red. The continents have sunk and risen. A million cities have lifted towers, have fallen to dust”, and “in the place of the old peoples a few thousand strange souls live”, Vance is counted as an influence by many of today’s authors, from Ursula K Le Guin to George RR Martin.

Hundreds of tributes from fans have also been posted overnight on the website Foreverness, dedicated to the author, where his family also left a message for readers.”

The New York Times has a great interview from 2009. And here is my (too) short review of Vance’s seminal High Fantasy series “The Lyonesse Trilogy”, originally published on Prog464.

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