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NI21 – Who Fears To Speak Of 1921?

British terrorist merchandise for sale, the Ulster Covenant centenary rally 2012 - finance a gunman near you (Photo: Squinter)
British terrorist merchandise for sale, the Ulster Covenant centenary rally 2012 – finance a gunman near you (Photo: Squinter)

Hmm. So we’re still waiting for ex-UUP politicos Basil McCrea and John McAllister to announce their new and allegedly “moderate” Unionist party, “NI21”. Up to now the lonesome twosome and their supporters had been playing coy with the media about the name of their proposed organisation but were happy enough for leaks to suggest that the “21” in the party name referred to the 21st century (“NI” obviously being the colonial anachronism that is “Northern Ireland”). Apparently it sounded upbeat and go-getting, and with an electoral appeal beyond the usual suspects of the British Unionist minority in the north-east of the country. Unfortunately someone (ahem…) pointed out that “21” can also refer to “1921” and the partition of the island of Ireland and the creation of the anti-democratic, apartheid state of “Northern Ireland”. Oh dear.

Queue some hurried media spinning today and the news that “21” definitely stands for “21st Century” (and not, repeat, not 1921). Of course by the 22nd century the name is going to look a bit silly and, er, so last century. But then maybe they aren’t expecting it to be needed for all that long (hint…)?

In another interesting development it has been confirmed that David Rose, a former leading member of the PUP (political wing of the British terror grouping the UVF), has been accepted into the NI21 party and is part of the launch team. Rose quit the PUP in August of 2010 following the assassination of UVF godfather Bobby Moffett in Belfast. Of course he was present and quite active in the leadership of the PUP from 1998 to 2010 when its terrorist wing killed 25 people. But shush, lets not spoil tonight’s champagne popping and caviar scoffing by mentioning the war…

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  1. The more Unionist parties the better. Hopefully they split the Unionist vote


    • Indeed, there is some logic to that and both the Alliance and UUP must be worrying. But the “pro-Union” (buzzword of the moment!) media is fairly falling over itself to present the NI21 as happy-go-lucky all-mates-together Unionists. That must be countered too. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc.


  2. hoboroad

    NILT survey:

    Irish not British. 24%
    More Irish than British 14%
    Equally Irish and British 17%
    More British than Irish 16%
    British not Irish. 23%
    Other description (please specify) 6%
    Don’t know 1%

    Hat Tip to BangorDub.


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