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Settler Culture

The culture of the British Unionist minority in Ireland, a reflection of Britain's colonial military culture
The culture of the British Unionist minority in Ireland, a reflection of Britain’s colonial military culture

Some more displays of the British Unionist culture of the British Unionist minority in Ireland. Unrepresentative of the mainly Scots-Irish and Anglo-Irish pro-union population in the north-east of the country as a whole but symptomatic of the “settler politics” that permeates the outlook and attitudes of some in that community: embattled strangers in a strange land surrounded by a sea of hostile natives.

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    I think all things british are playing out their endgame. Harper reinstated “Royal” to the KKKlanadian military the year before a long term low-intesity Indigenous uprising broke out. It’s just the fundamentalism people cling to when they know their day is done. And despite the anti-british and republican nature of the 4th of July for those of us south of the colonial border (or north in Tlingit Aani) here in Raven’s Bioregion, it’s still a celebration of settler culture little better than this racist non-sense. At least, on principle, we can’t celebrate the overthrowing of a colonial government!


  2. Some don’t even know theyr’e descended from the natives mainly through conversion and intermarriage , It’s not really a native-settler conflict as made very clearly e.g. ‘castle catholics’ like John O’Gorman provide good examples, ditto protestant nationalists like ronnie bunting


    • Indeed, the British Unionist minority community in the north-east of Ireland is a mixture of (in order of importance) Anglo-Scots-Irish, Scots-Irish, Anglo-Irish, Native Irish and several other ancestral or migrant groupings. Not to mention different faiths. Of course if you believe the “pure faith” Scots-Irish academics who populate Wikipedia the Unionist community is 100% Protestant with no Papist impurities.

      “This is absolute rubbish. As a respectable academic, I can say that most of us agree that intermarriage between the Irish Catholics and the Protestant Community (Planters and Native Irish converts to Protestantism) just didn’t happen. Whoever wrote that piece of rubbish he or she calls an informative piece should be ashamed. It sounds like bloody Irish Republican propaganda.”


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