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Enda Kenny – Mister Ten Percent

Enda "Oirish" Kenny
Enda “Oirish” Kenny

From his state o’ chassis address, Enda Kenny TD, leader of Fine Gael and Taoiseach na hÉireann:

“Two years ago, the Irish people gave Fine Gael and the Labour Party a clear mandate to take the necessary decisions to achieve economic recovery and get Ireland working again.

Our plan is working.

People’s hard work and sacrifices are beginning to pay dividends. Ireland is rebuilding its reputation, restoring its confidence, laying the foundation for a better, brighter, more prosperous future.”

So who exactly are the people who have worked and sacrificed? You and me perhaps, along with the vast majority of the Irish people. However what of those who have been deliberately cushioned from the grim reality of life in modern Ireland? Those whose pampered lifestyles have continued through boom or bust? Those for whom personal hard work and sacrifice are laughable concepts? From the Irish Examiner:

“Austerity is filling the coffers of the country’s richest 10% and creating poverty among an increasing number of the general population, an EU-wide study has found.

Instead of Ireland being the poster child for austerity, what is happening in reality should be a warning to all about the dangers of such policies, the report states.

The report states income inequality in Ireland is now four times the OECD average, long-term unemployment had quadrupled in the four years to 2012, with record poverty rates. It says one in ten working households in Europe is now living in poverty and predicted it will take up to 25 years to reduce poverty to pre-2008 levels if current policies are not changed. 

The last Irish budget increased taxes by 1.3% on those earning €20,000 — seven times more than the 0.2% tax increase on those with €100,000 a year while those on €200,000 paid a mere 0.1% more. 

Oxfam estimates that of the €14.3 trillion held by individuals in 52 tax havens around the globe, almost 5%, or €707bn, is sitting in Irish accounts.”

7 comments on “Enda Kenny – Mister Ten Percent

  1. C’mon that is just whining.
    In Ireland:
    Someone who earns 200k is paying almost ~50% in taxes.
    While the one who earns 20k is paying only ~10%.

    In Latvia on the other hand – minimum wage (3,6k ) earner pays ~40% in taxes.


    • an lorcánach

      that’s really what it’s all about unfortunately, Jānis: a race to the bottom — — this is why this 26-county state of the European Union is looking at another 10-20 years of recession……. – ‘fáilte roimh cách’, a deir Enda lena leath-bhróig ghaelach ‘s a leath-bhróig ghallda! —


    • Interesting, but difficult to interpret without also knowing things like the average level of wages, cost of living, indirect taxes etc. Also whether the government spends its income on things that directly benefit the population at large or simply on paying off their party supporters.


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