A Lúghnasa-time tree at Binn Éadair

It’s a rather overcast and muggy day in BÁC but I’ve still followed my own little traditions for Lúghnasa, the festival of Lúgh that marks the harvest time in the Irish and Celtic calendars. A climb to the summit of Binn Éadair to watch yesterday’s sunset over the capital that marks the commencement of the feast-day followed by a Thai takeaway (ok the food is hardly traditional but the eating is. And I like Thai. Though I love Japanese!). It will end tonight with another sunset so I’m out in the garden doing various green-fingered things and enjoying the day I took off from work (thanks to Lúgh Lámhfhada!).

Ah the life of a Gaelic atheist 😉

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  1. Happy Lughnasadh to you, Sionnach! And may the harvest in whatever form it takes be good with you! I think Lugh, like the rest of the Tuatha Dé Danann, are happy with being remembered whether or not the people doing the remembering are of Celtic origin, and regardless of religion or the absence of it. Beannachtaí­ na sinsear ort. 🙂


  2. Lúghnasa or Luanasa? – This is the question 😉 Happy ‘Harvest Moon’, Sionnach <"O~


    • Indeed. Lúnasa and Lú would be correct given modern orthography. However both loose something by too strict an adherence to spelling reforms. So Lúgh and Lúghnasa for god and the festival of the god, with Lúnasa for the month. Others might prefer different 😉


      • Oh, aye – that’d be the Manx, yissa! No Lugh here – just Caillagh Berrey and Manannan Beg. But, we do call the festival ‘Laa Luanys’, and used to celebrate its three great moons 🙂 You only have Cormac’s say-so for the Lugh connection – MM didn’t find all too much evidence of him, did she?


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