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An Leabhar Beag Gorm, The Little Blue Book

An Leabhar Beag Gorm, the Scottish language version of the Little Blue Book (Íomhá: Wings Over Scotland)

Last week Wilson McLeod took to the website Bella Caledonia to criticise the glaring absence of the native Scottish (Gaelic) language from the referendum on independence in Scotland. In a well argued piece he attacked the off-hand treatment of Scottish-speaking communities and citizens by the SNP-led “Yes” campaign and the dismissal of their requests for a bilingual ballot and information materials. The response from the Unionist anti-sovereignty “No” side has been, if possible, even worse. So it is good to see that the independent activist website Wings Over Scotland has produced a new Scottish (Gaelic) version of its Little Blue Book, the influential guide to independence that has been causing such a stir in recent weeks. You can download your copy of An Leabhar Beag Gorm here (the first sentence I wrote in Irish as a school child was an leabhar beag gorm!).

5 comments on “An Leabhar Beag Gorm, The Little Blue Book

  1. Màrtainn Mac A Bhàillidh

    All official publications by Riaghaltas na h-Alba are available in Gàidhlig, including Am Pàipear Geal.

    Click to access 00457128.pdf


  2. Ged a tha mi airson a’ Ghàidhlig a bhrosnachadh … you have to realise that G. doesn’t have the same sort of political significance in Scotland as it does in Ireland. At this juncture keeping it largely out of the referendum debate is probably best for both the debate and for Gàidhlig. Pure pragmatism really, like e.g. the monarchy and various other issues. The key thing is to get a Yes, the rest we can argue about amongst ourselves once we have England off our back.


    • True though would it have really been a divisive issue if raised? Also heed the warning from the Irish revolution. Independence first, language second didn’t work out here. Sadly…


  3. an lorcánach

    ‘How The Inbetweeners Movie triggered a Gaelic film and TV new wave : Success as producer of The Inbetweeners has allowed Chris Young to energize the entire Gaelic-language moving-image industry’


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