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The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

The Blog Awards Ireland 2015
The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

I’ve received several messages from attentive readers in relation to the Blog Awards Ireland 2015, which are now open for nominations, asking whether An Sionnach Fionn will be participating in the competition. As some of you may know, ASF was previously nominated in the categories dedicated to politics, news and current affairs – as well as best blog post – in 2013 and 2014 (thanks to the support of some proactive Sionnacha). Unfortunately no political categories exist in the awards this time around, as far as I can see, and the whole nomination process looks a bit intrusive. For instance, as the owner of the website, to nominate my own blog for consideration I have to give an email address (which is ok), my phone number (which is not ok) and agree to attend the awards’ ceremony itself (which is a bit much for the publicity-shy or otherwise committed. If you are up to win a category and you decline to attend the event does someone else take your place purely on the basis that they wish to bask in the limelight – or can get the day off from work?). I suspect those requirements will discourage only the most fame-seeking authors out there. Those and the larger, commercial websites looking for a PR bump (most of which, as in previous years, certainly don’t qualify as a “blog”).

However if you wish to put forward ASF for consideration in the general competition for 2015 please do so by nominating An Sionnach Fionn (the full web address for easy copy-and-paste is, through the link here. Only a name and email is required from the nominator (which I presume can be real or invented). For the category of best blog post, which can be nominated here, can I suggest my brief article, “Irish Is Not Dying, Irish Is Being Killed”? (the full web address for copy-and-paste is, I’m sure others will have their favourites from the last year. In any case, good luck to all who enter the competition, and thank you to anyone who takes the time to nominate me.

5 comments on “The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

  1. My vote has gone in for your article
    the Battle of Pettigo….”
    You can quite see a lot of effort/work went into that one.
    And it is an interesting read.

    Like you have mentioned..there are very narrow categories for these Blog awards.
    No political..which is odd in this Grexit world we find ourselves in.
    Maybe St Edna O’ Amdhan banned them all..

    Speaking of interesting reading.
    Found this badly edited article in the Irish Times.

    Where this phrase crops up at least 3 x Times
    “Mr Gillespie said there must be consideration as to whether a British exit from the European Union would place the issue of Irish unity higher up the agenda than would be possibly “expected” or “desired”.

    The Free staters are getting nervous…You can tell by how badly composed the article is.


    • Thanks, Oz. That was perhaps a better suggestion.

      Wow, that IT article was dreadful. Nerves or some very poor copy-and-pasting. Where is a good editor/proofreader when you need one? Oh yes, the IT like the rest of the press have pretty much fired them all.


  2. It’s unfortunate that awards can’t be handed out simply based on merit, rather than one’s willingness to bask in the limelight. I respect the fact that you do what you do not for accolades but because you’re interesting in highlighting that which often needs have a light shined on it.


    • I think the companies sponsoring the whole event get more bang for their buck with PR-friendly categories and faces to put with them. Hence dropping the politics and news sections in favour of fashion and beauty, etc. Och well.


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