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Two Women Travel, Illustrating The Moral Case For Repealing The Eight

On Saturday the 20th of August, two Irish woman, citizens of this Republic, travelled to the United Kingdom where one of them sought an abortion in a clinic approved by the UK’s National Health Service; a medical procedure that is illegal, and thus unavailable, in Ireland. They chronicled their journey via Twitter in a series of messages directed to Enda Kenny TD, Taoiseach na hÉireann, gathering considerable publicity and sympathy for their plight (#twowomentravel). Their actions highlighted once again the reality for thousands of woman on this island nation who are forced to travel overseas to avail of something that most reasonable people recognise should be available here at home. Both individuals have my respect and admiration.

The same cannot be said of the vile, misogynist troglodytes who form the activist body of the anti-abortion lobby. I am not referring here to ordinary decent “pro-life” people, with their understandable concerns. I’m speaking instead of the militant fundamentalists on Facebook, Twitter and right-wing news websites like the so-called “Liberal”, whose hate-filled fulminations can be compared to those of the most intolerant strands of radical Islam. Last weekend showed the beliefs and attitudes of these people at their rawest, their ignorance, paranoia and contempt.

Judge not, that ye be not judged?

7 comments on “Two Women Travel, Illustrating The Moral Case For Repealing The Eight

  1. neither church nor state has any right to decide what women do with their own bodies. What you or I or any other person answers to questions about the “unborn/unwanted child” is of absolutely no relevance as we will not be involved in any way in the decision the woman has to make. Neither will anyone else who objects to or supports abortion.

    Furthermore, if a woman is totally against abortion for moral, ethical or religious reasons, she will never have one.But neither she nor anyone else has the right to make that decision on behalf of anyone else.
    If only one woman in the country wants to have an abortion, shouldn’t she have that right?Why shouldn’t the Govt legislate to suit all its citizens?


  2. the Phoenix

    Uh i would say uh no. Bullshit. Find some other fights to fight


  3. the Phoenix

    Pictures of a woman on a plane going to murder her baby is not socialism.


    • That’s a very harsh description, Phoenix, even from a “pro-life” stance. If what they are doing is murder, then they and those that carry out the operation are murderers too, or at least complicit in murder. Which is illegal. That takes you down Trump’s initial reasoning on the matter when quizzed by Chris Matthews. Should they be arrested, prosecuted, go to prison? Surely that would make a bad situation much worse.


  4. Abortion is not a right.


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