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Donald Trump, Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know. But Especially Mad?

One of the more interesting aspects of watching American politics from afar is dipping in and out of MSNBC’s Morning Joe show, a popular breakfast programme among the press pundits of the Washington Beltway. The presenters, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, have become famous for their hot-and-cold relationship with Donald Trump, from his early political career as an incoherent critic of Barack Obama to his present incumbency of the White House. In the immediate lead up to the election the duo adopted a strong position against Trump’s candidacy, Brzezinski in particular condemning him in almost apocalyptic terms.

However his unexpected election caused a rapid change of tack, towards something closer to sycophancy. In recent months the pair have regaled their audiences and guests with stories illustrating their insider knowledge of the Manhattan millionaire and his family, derived from their membership of New York’s affluent overclass, while excusing his aberrant behaviour. However, even the most ambitious politicos have their limit and the pair seem to be lending a sympathetic ear to those now questioning the president’s mental fitness to govern. Which of course is tied to the slowly crystallising impeachment camp among the intertwined media and political establishment in the United States. Have a look at this clip below.

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  1. TurboFurbo

    “It seems to be among the most bizarre recent 24 hours in American Presidential History.
    It was all just surreal disarray and a confused mental state from the President.”
    – Douglas Brinkley, Presidential Historian

    “I’m not sure he’s (Donald Trump) OK” …….. – Mika Brzezinski

    …..” and it’s getting worse…..” – Joe Scarborough

    The short clip of Donald Trump being interviewed by John Dickerson (starting approx. 6 mins in) is truly astonishing, bewildering and made for uncomfortable viewing.

    I had not seen this before – thanks (but no thanks :- , Séamus) – but as the clip shows, these very experienced
    US political commentators expressing deep concerns about the mental state of their President.


    • There certainly seems to be a movement coalescing around the question of Trump’s sanity. Unfair, perhaps, and quite partisan, but if an impeachment happens this seems to be one of the grounds people are preparing for. A bit of kite-flying perhaps?


  2. ar an sliabh

    Sorry, but I just don’t see a reason for being this perplexed. It’s been the most bizarre election and the most bizarre 100 and some days. I don’t think anyone (except, perhaps for politically engaged Americans or American news people) would really expect the guy to go from the narcissistic reality TV star that cannot put two comprehensive sentences dealing with the same subject together in a single statement, to a dignified, prepared politician, or be truly shocked if he did not. This has been the status quo all along (at least for those that follow American news), and now, all of a sudden, it’s somehow different or unprecedented? The guy speaks off the cuff, does not research or verify anything, he does not prepare to meet with any interviewer, he has no talent for anything other than childish come-backs, and is not articulate to boot. On top of that, he is too full of himself to change these habits. If every time he utters some stupid response, childish comment, gibberish, or non-nonsensical explanation of a concept or process that he is unprepared for, along with “you know, you figure it out, I don’t need to explain that,” etc…, becomes the most bizarre 24 hour in presidential history of the U.S., it’s going to be a long four years. He might be just a little more on the defensive and a little flustered these days, as it must finally dawn even on him, that this strategy simply does not work in his favour. The real news at this point, would be for him to make an uttering that does not refute itself several times within the time it is made, that makes sense, and is in actual response to a real question or event, or what would be even more “breaking news,” he would give a prepared statement. At least thus far, the checks and balances are working as expected. Until now, I thought Bush was the thickest one they had…Should he somehow transition to being a responsible adult sometime during his presidency, I will consume that stale half-bottle of peppermint schnapps that I found in the back of my liquor cabinet earlier today (yuck). Chances are, it will get chucked out along with him.


  3. Even more bizarre is Hilary Clinton emerging to again blame every thing in Russia for her failure to get elected. An absolute liar and a fraud and a dangerous one at that. I will stand by my opinion that I am glad she never became president. Trump is what he is but as of yet he seems to have quietened the haters within the very powerful and influential media(worrying?). Anybody that denies that the media played a major part in getting eejits to vote for Clinton is a liar. Either the media has been given the nod not to slate him I.e he has bowed to the powerful warmongers in the c.i.a etc or Tump is playing a fly game I.e giving the warmongers what they but endeavouring to reach out to so called ‘rogue states’?
    Take a look at the same media cheerleaders of Clinton in Britain and you will find by and large, they are the same media that hate Corbyn. Strange.


    • Yes, I saw that performance by Clinton. Just awful, wasn’t it? And yes, the media love their left-wing politicos. But not TOO left. The liberal press have become – or always were – ideological Blairites and Clintonistas. Bernie Sanders or Corbyn are too “radical” for the mainstream press and political establishments, even if the mainstream electorate might like what they have to say if they got a chance of seeing it.


  4. Btw, i saw nothing truly shocking or concerning about the state of mind of Trump in the above video. All I saw were people opining their view about his state of mind but alas if we have learnt anything we should’ve learnt by now not to heed, too much, the views of msm news networks?
    Trump refused to elaborate on his views of Obama? Big deal. I would guess that is smart due to the mad libel/slander laws in the US or perhaps because he is the president he perhaps shouldn’t make allegations?
    What was more disturbing was your man pushing the North Korean issue I.e he was concerned that Trump was saying nice things about Kim. How he can sit there and pretend the US is holier than thou is bloody disturbing.
    P.s as for the historical teachings of the US civil war? Well again we in Ireland should know by now that a lot of what we were taught about our history is rubbish and conjecture so is it any stretch that the ‘winners’ wrote the history too in the US? Personally I find it a stretch that Eurocentric colonialists in the US decided to go to war over slavery because, and the evidence is there, they normally go to war over money and power. Btw, they may have ‘abolished slavery’ but they certainly didn’t abolish racism so that suggests the winners were not neccessarily good guys either? Just saying.


    • ar an sliabh

      Good points. I still think Trump is a narcissist a..hole. You are also correct about the civil war. Slavery was a side note at best, abolition perhaps only a ploy to attempt de-stabilisation of the enemy (it was the driving force of the economy). At the time, and almost a hundred years thereafter, farming, steel, and textiles were how the U.S. made their money. Couldn’t deal with over a third of the revenue going to rogue, seceding states. It was okay up to then to achieve it with slavery. Now they’ve pushed that population into obscurity and are using slaves overseas and locally illegal workers (those working under the table) and illegal immigrants to stoke their profits by saving labor cost (my, how little has changed). The real joke here is that you have the American champagne-socialists advocating for workers rights marching along with the advocates for unbridled immigration, when workers rights such as minimum wage, sick time, holiday time, vacation time, and social security are all undermined and undercut by illegal labor such as that provided by illegal immigrants (although in states such as California, the number of perfectly legal residents working illegally may actually outnumber those illegally in the country doing the same thing). The group most suffering: the same as that which comprised the former slaves. The only folks profiting are the so-called 1%. I am sure they are having a good laugh at that in the states.


    • I suspect a bit of kite-flying. Testing out how the sanity query might play with the general public and press corps. Or preparing the ground for impeachment down the line.


  5. the Phoenix

    I see you pushing msm fake news again,Seamy. I told u it will rot your brain. Trump is doing a fine job in restoring America from the damage done by the islamophile globalist obama. Trump keeps calling out the media cunts for being cunts. Good luck to him and good luck to LePen.


    • But this is coming from people who were on friendly terms, at the very least, with Trump. As I said elsewhere, this might well be a lobby testing out the future terms of impeachment, weighing how the general public reacts. But it is certainly worth noting.

      I don’t think Trump is insane. Just his policies 😉


  6. the Phoenix

    I notice you don’t question the mental health of Hillary Clinton who recently in the same breath said she took responsibility for losing the election then immediately went on to blame misogyny,Russia and the FBI. She also claimed to be part of the ‘resistance’ lol. Delusional lunatic.


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