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The List Of DUP Demands Delaying The Backdoor Coalition With The Conservatives

Though the surprisingly prolonged talks between the Democratic Unionist Party and the Conservatives may give the appearance of inevitable failure, in reality the Tories are unlikely to walk away from their only sure path back to continued governance in the United Kingdom. Conversely the far-right and ultra-nationalist grouping from the UK-administered north-east of Ireland will almost certainly ensure that a deal is done. One which will further its own political and communal power in the disputed region. So what items are on the substantial list of demands being made by Arlene Foster and her ten Westminster MPs in return for propping up lame duck prime minister Theresa May? The Dupes might be offering hints and suggestions in public and private, and the Irish and British media might be making a series of educated guesses, however, much of the speculation is filled with deliberate chaff and confusion.

The Democratic Unionists want what they have always wanted: the political, legal and cultural supremacy of a British separatist minority within Britain’s reduced colonial territory on the island of Ireland. The specific details of the demands, the language and the terminology, the tactics and the strategies, may have changed but the overall objective is the same: no surrender. Using previous DUP discussion documents and election manifestos, taken with current information leaking from the backdoor coalition negotiations, we can outline the following items that may be on the regional party’s shopping list:

It remains to be seen how many of these DUP hardline demands will be brought to the talks’ table and how many the Tories will yield to.

10 comments on “The List Of DUP Demands Delaying The Backdoor Coalition With The Conservatives

  1. Sharon Douglas

    ”UK-administered north-east of Ireland”…I love this.

  2. Bring it on. If even half of this list comes to pass, the crocodiles will galvanise and bite back. The failure, that is NI, will be no more. 5 years – I’ll take it!

  3. If the dup wish to return the north to the past , then they can expect the nationalist to follow and this time there will be no going forward until the failed state of the north will be completly destroyed lock stock and barrel and the cancer of british rule in ireland is remob=ved for ever , over to you mrs may

    • If only the Loyalists could be persuaded to loyally defend some other part of the Queen’s Empire. Ideally somewhere far far away, with few if any natives and threatened with invasion by a Catholic army. How about West Falkland? If they refused to go, having been given their royal marching orders, then they’d no longer be loyal, lack all credibility and simply be a laughing stock … if they’re not already.
      TBH most Brits would happily tow NI out to the middle of the Atlantic and sink it, were that only possible 😉

    • The impression is of a DUP that feels itself to be in the driving seat, hence the prolonged talks to get it onboard. Things look bad for the immediate future.

  4. piaras mac einri

    “we can outline the following items that _may_ be on the regional party’s shopping list” This is a more speculative list than anything I’ve seen elsewhere. I don’t see a shred of evidence to support it.

    • Search the items yourself and you will find references aplenty in various news reports and articles, including those linked to in the text, and on social media by various journalists. We know that the DUP has gone into the talks with a shopping list of demands that is being whittled down to their core deal-breakers.

  5. As soon as the deal is announced it will be challenged in court. There will be another figure like Gina Millar for the splenetic press to vent about, perhaps fomenting more violence by people who ought to be in secure establishments.

  6. the Phoenix

    British soldiers already have an amnesty. None have been tried. Wouldn’t change under Corbyn. Hardening the border and bringing in troops would only radicalise nationalists and marginalise the Shinners,a win win. Restriction on shinners i don’t care about. Less money in their greedy paws. Who cares? Bring it!

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