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Leo Varadkar’s Fine Gael, The United Ireland Party

As was noted over on the Cedar Lounge Revolution, Brexit is not just causing chaos in the politics of Britain. It is having a decidedly odd effect on the politics of Ireland too. Apparently we are living in a post-post-Civil War era where Fine Gael is morphing into Fianna Fáil Nua and Fianna Fáil is changing into Sean-Fhine Gael. Or something approaching it. From the weekend Sunday Independent:

In an address to his party’s Presidential Dinner, Mr Varadkar also referred to Fine Gael as “the United Ireland Party”.

Last night, senior Fianna Fail sources dismissed Mr Varadkar’s “political” address, but also described his united Ireland comments as “wreckless and feckless”.

What the actual fuck…?

10 comments on “Leo Varadkar’s Fine Gael, The United Ireland Party

  1. If Leo somehow gets a decent backstop accepted, I’d guess he will be the most popular Nationalist politician not just in the South but in the North – that might suggest he is not only a ‘good Republican (as Gerry might say) but the best.

    The fact that his colleagues from the past liked to wear a blue shirt – will not then seem very relevant.

    Gwan Leo.


  2. We could find ourselves in the situation where there are two large UI parties – the neolib one (FG) and one would hope the social democrat (tending democratic socialist) one (SF).

    Bring it on.


    • That’s a thought. Even if I think FG’s new found patriotism is more about the threat that Brexit and a hard border poses to the prosperity and good order of “their” Free State. Or even Varadkar’s possible ambition to be the man who reunites the country(?).


  3. Eoin Ó Riain

    I enjoy your pithy command of the Queens English…. GBS would have approved and Joyce and Beckett, but I’m afraid Mr Yeats would not be amused…


  4. OfficalDUP

    Leo must of been watching “Michael Collins” in the last while, sees himself getting into the history books, as Gandhi Collins?


  5. I find the FF response in the above absolutely bizarre. It’s as if they believe only they and they alone have any right to define what a united Ireland is or how it should be presented. It’s simply incredible. I mean, okay, it’s also incredible how direct FG have become but in a way it’s an easy ask – they just have to stand four square beside the GFA, nothing more (though the rhetoric about not abandoning nationalists in the North is a welcome change from the previous business as usual). But FF…


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