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ASF YouTube Suspension

Just to let readers know, An Sionnach Fionn is experiencing yet another wave of vexatious complaints against its presence on the internet. The ASF YouTube account has been suspended (for up to three months, though I’ve appealed the suspension) and similar actions may take place with the Facebook and Twitter accounts. WordPress, which hosts the website itself, has been unaffected. So if you are following ASF on those platforms and you want to keep up with things directly you can:

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10 comments on “ASF YouTube Suspension

  1. Sharon Douglas

    What the actual fuck?! How can we help?

    • It’s being appealed, so don’t worry about it. It happens quite a bit but I usually don’t bother to mention it. People get annoyed with ASF for whatever reason, or object to it, and hit the complaint buttons on various online platforms. When it happens all at the same time you kinda know that it has been orchestrated by one or more individuals. Ah, it will blow over. I don’t get any money from doing this, quite the contrary, so it ain’t hurting anything but getting the message out.

  2. What have we done exactly to justify suaspensions?

    • Supposedly, a video of IRA volunteers published on the ASF YouTube channel a few years ago, originally dating back to the 1980s. One that has been widely broadcast on network TV news and was being used to illustrate a very specific story on ASF related to the video itself. Usually these complaints come in waves. Someone or several someones get the hump and hit the complaint buttons on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in rapid succession to try and lower the ASF profile. Could be politically-motivated, could be just someone(s) personally offended. Might be related to discussing some of the wannabe Irish alt-rightists in recent posts. Who knows? Not a major hassle just an inconvenience. Under appeal at the moment.

  3. Suspensions

  4. I am definitely subscribed to this blog. Hope this blows over fast.

    • Ah, just another bump in the road. If he/she/they came after my hosting service it would be something to worry about. YouTube, etc. are just adjuncts to the website. Thankfully WordPress/Automattic is very good with knocking back nuisance complaints.

  5. Alan Gordon

    Mmmm, I was wondering when I read about your suspension if it might have had something to do with your last post on the apparent expansion of the far right in Ireland.
    Incidentally there was a sudden yellow vest campaign started here in Scotland. As soon as they started to recruit for their day of action they were called out and named for their right wing, unionist, and orange order connections.
    I believe you also had a yellow vest protest at docks against immigration.

    • Yep, we had a few “yellow vests” playacting at protesting, several of them associated with the would-be far-right. Most of whom are in “franchised” operations from the UK.

  6. A simple search on YouTube brings up a plethora of IRA, UDF etc videos with no connection to ASF. Will all of those sources be targets for suspension also?

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