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Video: A British Left-Wing Review Of Brexit And Ireland

The video below, from Novara Media in Britain, examines the potential impact of Brexit on Ireland, with contributions by Chris Hazzard, the Sinn Féin MP for South Down, and Daniel Finn, the deputy-editor of the New Left Review. Interestingly Finn touches upon one of the rarely discussed influences on the Brexit movement in the UK, certainly for some senior members of the governing Conservative Party and their allies in the Democratic Unionist Party, and that is British antipathy towards the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.

4 comments on “Video: A British Left-Wing Review Of Brexit And Ireland

  1. very interesting indeed – thanks for finding this video Séamas


  2. Daniel Finn is a good guy. Wouldn’t be exactly 100% with all his politics but he’s straightforward.

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  3. That was better than I expected. Thanks for the link.


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