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Dominic Cummings: A Sinister Attack On Foreign Citizens In UK

Dominic Cummings, the leading Brexit campaigner and controversial Special Adviser to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has returned to his rather paranoid blog to publish what he has styled as a “Bat Signal” for Leave supporters in Britain calling upon them to turn out in droves for the governing Conservative Party in the country’s forthcoming general election. In a typical bit of conspiratorial thinking, the same thinking he perfected as one of the chief anti-EU strategists during the referendum of 2016, he has sought to stir up animosity and outrage among English voters by warning of a veritable fifth column of “foreign citizens” in the UK who could be used to thwart the isolationist demands of the Brexit movement.

…it’s clear that many of these powerful insiders who promised to respect the referendum will do absolutely anything to keep their grip on power and money. They will do anything to stop YOU, normal voters, from taking back control OF THEM.

How far will they go?

If Boris doesn’t get a majority, then Corbyn will take control of No10 on Friday 13th in alliance with Sturgeon plus the Liberal Democrats. And if this Corbyn-Sturgeon alliance takes control, their official policy is to give millions of EU citizens the vote in the second referendum. They don’t plan to lose again and they’ve literally written into their manifesto that they will cheat the second referendum — apart from giving millions of foreign citizens the vote, they will rig the question so the ‘choice’ is effectively ‘Remain or Remain’, they will cheat the rules, they will do anything, supported by the likes of Goldman Sachs writing the cheques like they did in 2016, to ensure Remain win.

This is pretty terrible stuff and the analogies with the toxic political culture that swept Europe and elsewhere in the 1930s, the culture of imaginary  victimization that was used to justify very real and very lethal victimization, are obvious. And this is from a person who works in the highest echelons of government in the United Kingdom and with a commanding presence at the decision tables in Downing Street and Whitehall. We live in dark times indeed.

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  1. Stephen Miller and Dominic Cummings are clones.

    Dom Cummings had a brief movie career in his college days, where he co-starred with Brock Landers.

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  2. As it was in 1930s Germany the state needs an internal enemy.

    And England already has it’s internal enemy upon which to focus mass resentment.

    We are only at the start of the Hostile Environment. The hatred has only just begun.

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  3. Why is the anti Semitic trope about Goldman Sachs writing cheques ignored.
    If Corbyn wrote that, he would be forced to resign.


    • I see nothing particularly “anti-Semitic”about criticism of what the American journalist Matt Taibbi described as,…” a giant vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity,relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” Is criticism of a privately owned financial institution such as Goldman Sachs,which has been involved in numerous controversial financial dealings globally, “off limits”? I recall a Hillary Clinton election rally during the US presidential campaign in 2016,during which many of the younger Democratic Party activists heckled Mrs Clinton with shouts of “Goldman-Sachs…Goldman-Sachs”!,on account of her having been seen as a paid shill for Wall Street. Quite a few of those young activists themselves would have been Jewish.


  4. Apologies, I was in a hurry when I posted the above earlier. It should read:

    “Nor can Ireland afford to be complacent. The crises around housing and health provision are ripe for exploitation by charismatic nationalist/fascist extremists. Already there are public stirrings of anti-immigrant and racist sentiment. How long before Irish right-wing extremists seek to create a link between “new arrivals” and the above mentioned crises? That Leo Varadkar endorsed instead of immediately dumping Verona Murphy from the Fine Gael ticket (in the Wexford by-election) after her outrageous comments is deeply troubling. Excusing, ignoring, or downplaying this sort of stuff helps legitimise and mainstream it. Another step on the road.

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  5. This is at least as much an attack on British citizens (subjects? nationals?) who don’t agree with them as it is on foreigners.

    There is a vague presumption that all EU citizens living in the UK are anti-Brexit – in reality many of them aren’t, as one article by a Dutchman who lived in the UK believes Britain to be so dysfunctional as to need some “tough love” and time out of the EU to get its act together. Also the fact they mentioned EU citizens at all would tend to mean they aren’t talking about Syrian refugees as most of those have not yet applied.

    Look closely. EU subjects are only mentioned in passive voice-being given the vote. Corbyn’s coalition is accused of doing something illegal-Unconstitutional (although that’s a slippery concept in the UK) by giving the vote. They are accusing the “Liberal Democrats” and “Labor” of having a “manifesto” saying they would perhaps rig an election. The THEM mentioned in capital letters here are their political rivals. The large majority of them would be British themselves.

    It’s a pretty classic game in divided societies. A sort of manipulation really. At one level some “outside” vaguely defined element (EU citizens) is labeled as the enemy. However most of the “charges” are against your own countrymen and also members of conventionally defined cultural/ethnic majorities. By invoking an outside element, you are partly demonizing that element, but also accusing your own of “treason”. They would find violence against EU citizens as an acceptable consequence. However, conflict against Remainers is the actual goal here. It’s 100% typical of that kind of division game.

    This isn’t the 1930’s. If Brexit hurts Britain badly enough economically, I don’t see them having the resources to turn any violence that far beyond their own borders. As for the prospect of a Second English Civil War, I don’t believe the fact “They haven’t done anything like this since the 1600’s”. They say Civil Wars in a nation’s history are a bit like hernias. They do become less likely to recur the longer they’ve remained stitched up, but they never 100% lose the risk of popping right back open again. And I am talking about a bloody violent Civil War with most of the belligerents on both sides and most “collateral damage” as English people-not some hyperbolic labeling of unrest as a Civil War. The Brexiteers have been remarkably stupid about this aspect of their country and have fanned the flames from the get-go. To the troll who said England could use another Ollie C………I’d say be careful what you wish for.

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    • Sorry. Part of that should have been: I don’t believe the fact that “They haven’t done such things since the 1600’s.” such an all-controlling factor here.


  6. As EU citizens have the right to vote in the UK’s local elections, it would be pretty easy to enable them to vote in a referendum. It would have been easy to allow them to vote in the firat referendum too, of course. The next question that would comre up would be: why should Irish EU citizens be allowed to vote in referendums too?
    On the other hand,it’s a pleasant sign of panic on Cummings’s part.- does Conservative head office have information that worries them?

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  7. The Tories are Fascists who would have thought so, Maggie had the war criminal General Pinochet of Chile as a weekend guest. He was the butcher who had people bound and dropped alive from helicopters into the Atlantic ocean, something Cummings would be interested in?


  8. Believe me, if the Tories win the election and their Brexit goes through, you’ll see much more of this. Irish citizens living in the UK beware.


    • And if the Tories don’t obtain an outright majority I’m confident we can rely on the LibDems and DUP to get them over the line again.

      Class solidarity.


    • Il postino

      Beware of what? Do you include Irish citizens living in the north of Irelanc?


      • Beware of what you a ask.

        Well the answer to that is quite simple. Anti Irish sentiment – that’s what.

        The UK’s hatred of foreigners is well known and as we know that has included the Irish.

        Indeed Thatcher specifically said you couldn’t trust the Irish.

        More recently Prime Minister Johnson’s father opined who cares if the Irish start shooting each other. Not exactly ringing endorsement from the heart of British government.

        So yes, out of Europe, the Irish could well be seen as troublesome foreigners and the focus of resentment – as they have been many times before.

        As Alf Garnet the icon of cultivated Great British resentment on behalf of her Majesty was want to say ……. ” It’s yet Paki’s innit! “


  9. Plod are paranoid, I had two of Harcourt Square’s finest drive cross country to have “a chat” with me. Seems that police corruption probes concerning The Met cause issues even if written in exile.


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