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YouTuber Dave Cullen Discovers That Computing Is Not Forever

As regular readers know, I’m no great fan of banning online commentary, even the most egregious. On most topics I come closer to being a free speech absolutist than not, something that will likely get me into real trouble one day. However, even I need to draw a line somewhere. And that is why I will shed no tears at the permanent removal from YouTube of the Computing Forever channel, hosted by the Irish neo-right wannabe Dave Cullen. Popular with followers of the amorphous white nationalist movement in the United Kingdom and the United States while being virtually unknown at home, the channel peddled the usual online propaganda and conspiracy theories of the British and American alt-right. Everything from the Brexiting Brits fighting the sinister forces of globalisation to the racialist great replacement theory, with some absolutely crackpot views on the Covid-19 pandemic thrown in for good measure too.

Quite frankly, good riddance to bad rubbish. And if the removal of my own official channel by YouTube in 2019, apparently due to a concerted effort by online activists associated with a now defunct far-right identitarian group in Ireland and the UK, makes the disappearance of Computing Forever all the sweeter? Well then, so be it!


7 comments on “YouTuber Dave Cullen Discovers That Computing Is Not Forever

  1. Maith thú, a Shionnaigh! Good riddance to droch-bhruscair, as you say. We continue amidst threats from fascists, racists, religious fundamentalists — and from Google or Facebook.

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  2. Diarmuid Breatnach

    One less pile of defecation on the Internet!


  3. Good on you ASF! Didn’t that start out as a pretty vanilla computing thing originally?

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    • Yep. And some geekish reviews and fan stuff. It was actually ok. Then the politics crept in and ruined it all. Something I’m familiar with! 🤓 Unfortunately the politics began to drift rightwards as he started to name tick different alt-right figures and sites, beginning at the outer edge and then drifting into the hardcore as he became ever more wrapped in the kray-kray. Following the GO’D route.

      I suspect something of a feedback loop. The more he embraced the neo-right talking points on YouTube, the more affirmative attention and views he got from that audience, pushing him towards ever more extreme commentary to gain ever greater in-group acclaim.


      • I can readily imagine how it works. The affirmation and publicity begins to be its own reward. Doesn’t matter who is doing it. And on it goes from there. Moral compasses are a good thing.

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  4. As an update to this, the channel is now back up and running again. Chalk one up for free speech.


    • Chalk one for what is increasingly beginning to look like a temporary suspension that was hyped up into something it was not in order to get people to join fringe platforms to follow Cullen’s “banned” content, with a better fee structure to support his deranged postings. As stunts go, it was pretty clever.


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