An Sionnach Fionn or “The White Fox” is an independent media website featuring Irish Republican commentary on national and international news, politics, history and culture. Since 2011 it has promoted progressive opinion and analysis on the island nation of Ireland, advocating the social-democratic and secular principle that its citizens should serve, in the words of the Fenian maxim, ní bóna ná coróin (“neither crown nor collar). ASF supports the restoration of Ireland’s indigenous language and culture through the establishment of a pluralist, all-island Gaelic Republic. The website also features reports on Irish Geek culture, from books to movies, comics to television.

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Bíodh an Ghaeilge ag stiúra na réabhlóide, ar an gcaoi seo bíodh an Ghaeilge ar na smaointí is forásaí in Éirinn: is ionann sin agus slánú na Gaeilge. ’Sí an Ghaeilge Athghabháil na hÉireann agus is í Athghabháil na hÉireann slánú na Gaeilge. ’Sí teanga na muintire a shlánós an mhuintir. Mar sin, an áit is tréine an agóid bíodh an póstaer Gaeilge le feiceáil agus an gháir Ghaeilge le cloisteáil.

“Let Irish direct the revolution, in this way let Irish be among the most progressive ideas in Ireland: and that will be the saving of Irish. Irish is the Retaking of Ireland and the Retaking of Ireland is the saving of Ireland. The language of the people will save the people. Therefore, let the Irish poster be seen and the Irish cheer heard at the greatest protests.”

Máirtín Ó Cadhain (Gluaiseacht na Gaeilge. Gluaiseacht ar Strae; 1970)


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