An Sionnach Fionn or “The White Fox” is an independent media website featuring Irish Republican commentary on national and international news, politics, history and culture. Since 2011 it has promoted progressive opinion and analysis on the island nation of Ireland, advocating the social-democratic and secular principle that its citizens should serve, in the words of the Fenian maxim, ní bóna ná coróin (“neither crown nor collar). ASF supports the restoration of Ireland’s indigenous language and culture through the establishment of a pluralist, all-island Gaelic Republic. The website also features reports on Irish Geek culture, from books to movies, comics to television.

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Bíodh an Ghaeilge ag stiúra na réabhlóide, ar an gcaoi seo bíodh an Ghaeilge ar na smaointí is forásaí in Éirinn: is ionann sin agus slánú na Gaeilge. ’Sí an Ghaeilge Athghabháil na hÉireann agus is í Athghabháil na hÉireann slánú na Gaeilge. ’Sí teanga na muintire a shlánós an mhuintir. Mar sin, an áit is tréine an agóid bíodh an póstaer Gaeilge le feiceáil agus an gháir Ghaeilge le cloisteáil.

“Let Irish direct the revolution, in this way let Irish be among the most progressive ideas in Ireland: and that will be the saving of Irish. Irish is the Retaking of Ireland and the Retaking of Ireland is the saving of Ireland. The language of the people will save the people. Therefore, let the Irish poster be seen and the Irish cheer heard at the greatest protests.”

Máirtín Ó Cadhain (Gluaiseacht na Gaeilge. Gluaiseacht ar Strae; 1970)


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  1. This is the first time I’ve actually gone to your site. I usually just catch little parts on facebook. This is BEYOND insightful for an UNinformed person such as myself. Thank you. I’ll shall be reading FREQUENTLY.

  2. Dia Dhuit a chara,

    Is mise Riarthóir ag Fóram na Gaeilge. Táim an-tógtha le do chuid blaganna, caithfidh mé a rá, leis an méid alt atá scríofa agat agus a gcáilíocht. Aontaím le cuid de na blaganna siúd, agus tá cinn ní aontaím le, – sin an saol. Ach, ba mhaith liom cuireadh a thabhairt duit chun a bheith linn ag Fóram na Gaeilge – http://www.foramnagaeilge.com.

    Tá súil agam go gcláróidh tú agus déan plé linn, ná déan dearmad – Beatha an Teanga Í a Labhairt.

    Mise Le Meas,


    1. Interesting, your comments about Margaret Thatcher! My column in the July issue of the IAN names the sinister club and its members that direct both US and UK war policies. The club included Thatcher and still includes Kissinger and Bill Flynn. Upon Flynn’s achieving the GFA (which freed up Britain’s military for use in Iraq) he was made Club President and Margaret Thatcher got him a CBE. In turn, Flynn passed credit on to Gerry Adams by making him a member of that club, by paying for his dentures and a $30,000 prostate operation.

  3. Hi there, I’m just wondering what your background is (i.e. are you a published author/journalist, or a social commentator, etc…)- your answer on ‘One skilled scientist is worth an army’ was intriguing. I need to give a brief background for that website for a uni assignment- your help would be appreciated 🙂

    1. Hi Catherine, for (relative) anonymity’s sake I won’t say that much about my background but I work in the IT industry, would be politically active in terms of supporting various Irish language civil rights causes, as well as more general Irish Republican ones.

      The blogging or commenting on sites of interest is just another expression of that. I’ve a few articles published around various Irish current affairs or history-orientated sites and some Sci-Fi and cult ones too.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  4. Bonjour / latha math/ kwe

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    I was actually reblogging a university professor *blushes* and added a little sauce of my own.

  5. I GOGGLED Eunan Professor Eunan O’Halpin after watching “In the Name of the Republic” and came across this blog. I thought the documentary was credible and well presented and felt the professor was very brave to give his account of the history of the period he spoke about as I would imagine there will be a certain amount of animosity created within his family, given their background.

    However, reading your version of events and seeing the pictures you referred to has made me doubt the documentary so much that I believe you must make your views known by making a complaint to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland,

    The truth must be made known and the lies challenged, for all of us to know what our history actually is.

    1. Well I’m not one to censor opinions or prevent others from expressing them, however much I disagree with those opinions. History should be under continuous revision as new facts and theories come to light. In that context it is entirely appropriate that the darker aspects of the War of Independence are investigated. Off the top of my head I could suggest several incidents that require new research. The struggle against the British between 1916-1923 bore a close comparison to the WWII struggle in France against the Vichy regime and the German Occupation.

      However what we witnessed last night on TV3 was far from serious history. It was demonstrably selective, one-sided, and wholly anti-historical tone to it. Even the smallest of things, like the references to “IRA courts” taking over justice in Ireland during the revolutionary period and serving as judge, jury and executioner were completely at odds with the known facts of the era. How could O’Halpin be unaware of the Dáil/Sinn Féin courts and the role they played? They are perhaps amongst the best documented and researched facets of the undermining of administrative British rule by the Irish Republic and the means by which it won wide-scale support. Yet he deliberately mischaracterized them as “IRA courts”.

      One is reminded of the fringe “documentaries” produced by the “9/11 Truthers” or the Tea Party-inspired “Birthers” in the United States. The use of conspiracy theories, misrepresented or selective facts and information, slanted opinions and prejudicial images or film footage (especially when associated with voice-overs implying that the pictures or film represent something completely different from what they actually do represent). It is astonishing that this got made. Yet in the end it produced not a single fact to back up its supposed “executions”. No graves, no bodies, no identities, no missing persons, no records, no nothing. Yet the whole basis of the program was the three “murdered” men found by a farmer on his lands in the 1920s. If they never existed then what of the rest of the allegations made in the documentary?

      I would rather take those who produced the sensationalist (and in my opinion anti-historical) documentary to task by analyzing their words and actions than take any other courses of action.

      It is actually quite sad and depressing that 90 years on some people are still fighting the War of Independence – but on behalf of the British.

      1. Hi,
        You say “I would rather take those who produced the sensationalist (and in my opinion anti-historical) documentary to task by analyzing their words and actions than take any other courses of action”.
        However, I believe that a complaint to the BAI would have a better chance of correcting matters than analyzing their words and actions here, a blog that hasn’t a very large readership. For one, it would be open to public scrutiny to a much larger audience. Unfortunately, I don’t have the required knowledge in history to do so myself.

      2. See the book “Coolacrease” for an elegant refutation of RTE’s history falsifiers. Is RTE Ireland’s main enemy; keeping the people disinformed for Britain?

        Also, it is surprising that your site has no link to my http://www.irishholocaust.org. It has forced “famine” writers (after magazine interviews) to abandon some 90% of their falsehoods and to fabricate a replacement one. Having failed to completely silence them I have a far more comprehensive book ready for publication that ought to so educate the public as to make further “famine” books unsellable.

  6. Séamus – writing an article on Tolkien – you seem to be the expert – can I do an email interview with yourself?

  7. i saw that painting as a 20 year old in a galery in cork city in the early 1970s always liked liked it as i liked CORK IN THE 70S I LIKED THIS SITE full of history i bought a few books in eastons i think one by tom barry i read it all thru the other by dan breen brothers maybe in arms

  8. HI AN SIONNACH…i just found your web site,love it….and I like the cut of your gib…my irish is not great but passable (though the leaving cert board didn’t think so he he he)…I agree with your outlook, but not on all major ones but still not enough difference to fight a civil war over….IRELAND FOR EVER

  9. I literally stumbled on this site at 01:00 in the morning , it’s now 02:35 I have work in the morning and I can’t stop reading, it’s nice to see most of my political views wrote down in a way that i could never explain, although I wouldnt say I’m as anti british as some of your posts have felt I do enjoy reading your work and looking forward to digging through this site.

    1. Well I’m not anti-British, I hope, just aware of the need for historical truth rather than myths or apologisms on behalf of British colonial rule in Ireland. Unfortunately the need for honesty can come across with too much force, sometimes. Which is my fault 🙂 Glad you like some of what you’ve seen. Hopefully you’ll stick with us!

  10. Hello from San Francisco. I work with the Irish American Crossroads festival as a events producer and sometime public speaker. The larger I/A community is gearing up for next year’s Easter Uprising centenary, and I’m already giving most of my early spring away working on a few events. Glad I found your blog!
    (just shared the jack o’ lantern post on my Facebook page.)

  11. I am a long time supporter of Scottish independence and I followed a link to this blog from one of the Scottish ones. I am starting to read some Irish blogs (Northern or otherwise) and it reaffirmed my belief that Ireland will be united again. Like Scotland will be independent. It is only a matter of time. My personal belief is that once both Irelands are united economically the case for the Union will be loosened and eventually be lost. Till then, hope.

  12. love you page makes my own humble history page on facebook look quite feeble. I prefer to share your posts directly on to facebook, but because I my life is rather busy I find articles and have to schedule, but will always give acredditation that articles are sourced from you page if that is alright? (Maire) Ireland Long Held in Chains.

    1. I did! The huge increase of traffic over the last six months and constant reader queries (not to mention journos) made me try something more “professional” looking. I’ve had to up my game! 😉

  13. I just came across this site last night and have been navigating around the various articles and links, especially Mr Chris Fogarty’s coverage of the Irish Genocide. Very good stuff indeed. Thanks for your efforts.

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