Proclamation Of The Irish Republic, 1867

Proclamation Of The Irish Republic, 1867
Proclamation Of The Irish Republic, 1867


– Proclamation! –

The Irish People to the World

We have suffered centuries of outrage, enforced poverty, and bitter misery. Our rights and liberties have been trampled on by an alien aristocracy, who treating us as foes, usurped our lands, and drew away from our unfortunate country all material riches. The real owners of the soil were removed to make room for cattle, and driven across the ocean to seek the means of living, and the political rights denied to them at home, while our men of thought and action were condemned to loss of life and liberty. But we never lost the memory and hope of a national existence. We appealed in vain to the reason and sense of justice of the dominant powers. Our mildest remonstrance’s were met with sneers and contempt. Our appeals to arms were always unsuccessful.

Today, having no honourable alternative left, we again appeal to force as our last resource. We accept the conditions of appeal, manfully deeming it better to die in the struggle for freedom than to continue an existence of utter serfdom.

All men are born with equal rights, and in associating to protect one another and share public burdens, justice demands that such associations should rest upon a basis which maintains equality instead of destroying it.

We therefore declare that, unable longer to endure the curse of Monarchical Government, we aim at founding a Republic based on universal suffrage, which shall secure to all the intrinsic value of their labour.

The soil of Ireland, at present in the possession of an oligarchy, belongs to us, the Irish people, and to us it must be restored.

We declare, also, in favour of absolute liberty of conscience, and complete separation of Church and State.

We appeal to the Highest Tribunal for evidence of the justness of our cause. History bears testimony to the integrity of our sufferings, and we declare, in the face of our brethren, that we intend no war against the people of England – our war is against the aristocratic locusts, whether English or Irish, who have eaten the verdure of our fields – against the aristocratic leeches who drain alike our fields and theirs.

Republicans of the entire world, our cause is your cause. Our enemy is your enemy. Let your hearts be with us. As for you, workmen of England, it is not only your hearts we wish, but your arms. Remember the starvation and degradation brought to your firesides by the oppression of labour. Remember the past, look well to the future, and avenge yourselves by giving liberty to your children in the coming struggle for human liberty.

Herewith we proclaim the Irish Republic.


5th of March, 1867.

6 comments on “Proclamation Of The Irish Republic, 1867

  1. James McGettigan

    ……….and of course to state the obvious, nothing is ever over until it is over, which may very well be sooner than might have been anticipated before the last NI election results. Nine months or nine hundred years on, the Irish are still here with their vision of freedom and complete independence from Perfidious Albion.


  2. Josephine Mcbride

    Can you tell me which newspaper contained the proclamation of 1867. I .have been told it was written by a man from the North


  3. Graham Ennis

    Coincidentally, I saw this post today, and today is D-Day, for the North of Ireland. It is .Decision day, where the UK London government and its occupation administration in the North, , that has replaced the collapsed “Assembly”, is now in some desperation. It is trying to get an agreement between the Unionist and nationalist politicians in the North on basic policies and the setting of a Budget for the overblown “County Council” that was the sop thrown to the nationalist community in exchange for the cease-fire and peace treaty, and some form of local Government.
    It is worth considering then, what this actually means.
    The useless, hapless “Secretary of State for Northern Ireland”, a man who knows almost nothing about the history of that place, cares less, and behaves like a British Colonial Governor, is making yet another attempt to plaster over the mess that British imperialism has created in the North. On top of this, BREXIT looms, and will be the gravestone of the British occupation of the North.
    From the nationalist point of view, things could not be better. What we are witnessing is the last act of British Rule in Ireland. They are finally cornered, without recourse to anything credible to continue UK Rule.
    If the Nationalist Community reject, as they should do,any compromise agreement, and re-opening of the so-called “Assembly” on the usual terms of business, they will be doing the Irish nation a service. For failure by the UK Government and the local Unionist community to get what they want, on their terms, will expose the real truths of what a continued political and administrative occupation of the North means. Times have changed. the nationalist Community is now the majority community. it is growing, and it is finally catching glimpses of gaining dominant voting power in the North. What that means, as BREXIT rolls relentlessly forwards, and the North faces a grim future as part of an isolated, non-EU UK, sealed off behind a tariff and border frontier, is probably the best opportunity that Republicans are going to get to utilise BREXIT as the means of finally severing the North from the UK.,
    I think that after a final BREXIT agreement, or no agreement, emerges in April 2019, and the UK leaves the union, then the clause in the Treaty agreement allowing a referendum on reunification to be called in the North should be invoked. This should be the main task of the Irish government. Because of the utterly bleak future a North remaining in the UK will face, a section of Unionist opinion will face reality, and will decide for the South. It may not be enough, but it is to be worked for. The alternative is horrible to contemplate. Everyone should know that after BREXIT, a single bomb going off in the North, is enough to reignite the war, and there are enough dissident Republicans to do this. The other problem is that the carpetbagger who is the new Irish Prime Minister will sit there in Dublin, and do absolutely nothing, whatsoever, if he can avoid it, to ask for a referendum. He is spineless. Also, the window for moving the reunification issue away from potential violence and into constructive actions that might actually work, is going to close very quickly. We have, until 1st April, 2019, to get a workable solution for the North. After that, its game over, and the gap will be filled by some very harsh things. Also, I have posted on here before, about the issue of the Border. BREXIT now makes that, and the removal of any hard border, central. if this is what it takes, then mass civil disobedience, and a campaign of mass protest and actions, to make a border un-workable, plus action for a referendum, are the only realistic options, that are going to prevent a renewal of the War in the North. Or has anyone else got any ideas?


    • I think the Dublin chattering classes are terrified of that referendum clause being called. The only thing that might persuade them to look favourably on it would be an argument that reunification would be less politically and financially poisonous to their interests than Brexit. The latter is the one which has them annoyed and led to some reflexive flag waving (albeit of the insignificant Irish variety).


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